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Deity serriel.gif
Position Lesser Deity
Symbol Two Gladius' and a Spear laid across a round steel shield
Colors Gold and Grey
Celestial Symbol The Constellation 'The Guiding Sentinel'
Alignment Lawful Good
Home Plane The Dome of Heaven
Portfolio Righteous Warfare, Civilization, Honor, Evolution
Worshippers Soldiers, bureaucrats, good politicians, lawmakers, knights
Domains & Inquisitions Good, Law, War, Protection

Order, Tactics, True Death, Spellkiller

Cleric Alignment LG, LN, NG
Favored Weapon The Soldier's Force (lance)
Other Names The Golden Soldier, The Coming Dawn, Our Lady of Guardianship, The Guiding Star, Maiden of Battles
Commonly Associated Organizations Temple of Serriel, Hunters of the Dead, Skyguard, Order of the Crown, Order of the Hymn, Order of Peace
Some IC Hangouts Alexandrian Grid: A10: Temple District, A15: Alexandrian Catacombs, A16: Castellum Alexandrae

A mighty martial goddess who is a beacon of stability, hope and the advancement and betterment of society, Serriel is the goddess of righteous warfare, orderly conduct and the growth of civilization. Those who look to her find comfort in her guiding principles which promote the welfare of the many and the construction of and vigorous defense of lasting methods of peace and government in the civilized world. Chosen as the arms bearer among the gods of good, her banner summons all who would stand stalwart against the corrupting influences of chaos and the growth of societies that spread a corrupting influence over the world.

Likewise, she is diligent in her spread of the teachings of law and justice and encourages her followers to travel to the uttermost ends of the earth to spread her message and to uplift cultures that are to strongly tied to traditions of the past and unable to embrace the future.

Serriel's origins are mysterious and a point of vigorous debate. Some believe she emerged from The Source at the summons of Daeus and others believe her to be a celestial being or a mortal augmented by aspects of Daeus and Navos that were shed in the turmoil around Animus' death, the rise of Heth and rumored tears in the Seal of the Void. Her appearance was timely, bolstering the powers of the armies of light and driving back the encroaching celestial chaos that sought to take advantage of the turmoil in the heavens.

Serriel is a new goddess, appearing only after, or slightly before, the Vanishing of Alexandria (1008). When Animus fell, she was a name unknown who appeared to fill the ranks and take on the assault of the Dark who had renewed their efforts. In response to these events, Navos moved towards the Faiths of Twilight, to preserve the balance overall and in the process, losing his Compassion.

Serriel's faith is still establishing itself within the world, and there are those who are unaware of Her. The Arvek Nar, however, have taken to her most easily, to the point that some of them regard Her as something of a patron to their race, as they work to cast off the chains of their old ways and "craft a new dawn." She also appears inclined to work with the followers of Reos, the two gods having in common an appreciation for development and the cleverness of minds. A particular note should be made of her friendship with Vardama. She even lends Lancers to guard the crypts.


Serriel's followers are encouraged to uphold the virtues of civilized living and regimented thinking. They are taught to stand in defense of the civilized world and to seek out and change societies that are corrupted or that have not been introduced to forward thinking and stronger methods of government. They are called upon to mete out justice to those who violate the principles of life and structure and to be diligent in pursuit of evil and chaos in all of its forms.

Temples and the Faithful

Cleric Vanguard
Paladin Lancer
Inquisitor ...coming soon!

Serriel is strongest in human lands though her temples are few. Currently, she is mostly followed by scattered sects that have yet to unify under a single guiding chosen priest or prophet, though it's expected that this may come over time. Until then, they find allies among the light, as well as other faiths who favor invention and cleverness, such as that of Reos.

Serriel's missionaries can be found in all manner of uncivilized lands and in regions where outmoded thinking or barbaric ways are the norm, which has caused tensions among some cultures, and upliftment in others. In these places they are tasked with bringing knowledge, protection and guidance to these lands even though they risk much and expose themselves to great dangers by their attempts to change the status quo. That said, they follow no one definition of 'civilization' save that laws exist for the protection of good and betterment of the whole. Therefore, they can afford to and are expected to be adaptable.

Critics of the church see their efforts to change other civilizations for the better as an attempt to impose their belief systems on those who simply have a different way of thinking but this is not the common method of the church. Serriel's people abhor such conduct and seek to lead by example and by the distribution of knowledge and the promotion of good and righteous thinking.

Those of Serriel have a particular relation with Vardama: the Dawn sometimes lends her Lancers to the protection of tombs and other sites, as protection against their desecration.

Serrielite Cleric Traditions: Serriel's clerics are a new face among Ea's denizens. Like their goddess, they tend to focus on the beauty of civilization and the progress of mankind, whatever race they may be.

Serrielite Paladin Traditions: Serriel's paladins are a new face among Ea's denizens. Like their goddess, they tend to focus on the beauty of civilization and the progress of mankind, whatever race they may be. Given Vardama's scarcity of paladins, they've begun to form a partnership where they assist in guardianship of the more dangerous crypts and graveyards.

Clerical Vestments

Serriel's battle priests, chaplains and missionaries tend to favor colors of varying shades of grey contrasted with gold colors tinted with the gradient hues of the dawn. Their gear is practical but elegant and usually worn beneath sturdy armor often emblazoned with artistic motifs of the goddess in her defense of the civilized world and as the champion warrior goddess of the gods of good. Her knightly order, The Guardian Fathers, favors high plumed helms with long robes of grey and gold and great shields emblazoned wit the symbol of the goddess.


Serriel's most common manifestation is as the Maiden of Battle and the Lady of Victory. Here she is an angelic six winged, battle armored and helmed, long robed woman with hair of burnished gold, carrying a sword and shield or sword and spear. Her other manifestations are usually variants on this theme and she favors human and dwarven aspects the most. In recent days it is said that hobgoblins have become increasingly aware of her and they gravitate well towards her tenets and as such their view of the goddess in art and various motifs favors their cultural point of view.