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Capital Pacifica
Population Approx 3,560,756 Common: (humans), Uncommon: (khazad, lucht siuil)
Government Socialist-Oligarchy
Religion Unknown, though it was speculated Reos and (formerly) Animus are/were the deities of choice.
Imports Base Metals
Exports Artifice, Weapons, Artwork, Ideas.
Alignment TN, LG, NG, NE
Naming Ideas Some players have used succinct names with hard consonants, or names with a German-sounding feel to them
Affiliated Characters Gustavan

Not much is known about Gustav compared to other nations. Their distance from the rest of the civilized world and their tendency towards isolationism leads to a lack of specifc information. What is known is that they are led by a Council not unlike that of Alexandria called the Circle of the Enlightened and their people absorbed in the research of magic and artifice making them a rival of Rune when it comes to wizardry and unparalleled when it comes to artificers. Claiming neutrality in all conflicts, their artifice is sought after by every nation in the world and weaponry is their main export.

Life and Society

Rumored to be the ultimate Utopian society, the life of the everyday people is seen by some to be boring compared to their neighbors across the sea. The main city of Pacifica is dotted with libraries and universities, workshops and open aired amphitheaters and forums where ideas and new inventions can be presented and discussed. Most every family here has a hand in artifice, whether it be researching the magic necessary for new spells or designing the latest in siege weaponry. Intelligence is valued over brute strength and from birth children are taught to never stop

Gustav is known for its dedication to industry

learning or expanding on things their fathers and forefathers have brought to being. Knowledge is seen to be more important than wealth and as such the wealth of the community is shared. The Circle maintains all matters financial which allows the common man to focus more on their studies and their own path to Enlightenment.

Base agricultural needs are met by a number of complex devices of artifice that have been developed over the years to cultivate fruit and grain with little to no human involvement. Meat and dairy are not part of the usual Gustavian diet as violence is mostly shunned in the community and thought to be a baser instinct reserved for those that live across the sea. As such, cows, sheep and other animals are not kept within the city.

The Gustavians are not known for superstition nor for entertainment. The one ritual they are said to take part in is The Introduction. A Gustavian child is not named until they learn to speak, known only as Kore (Girl) or Kouros (Boy) until that time. Once those first words are uttered, The Initiation takes place. The parents bring the child to the attention of the Circle and a name is bestowed upon them by a member of the Enlightened acting as the embodiment of All Knowledge--thus ensuring the child will grow up to be a productive and intelligent member of the community.


The nation of Gustav is led by the Circle of the Enlightened, a council of seven elders elected from the community. A member of the Enlightened is elected for life and new elections are held only when a member dies. As most citizens do not involve themselves in politics, it is not uncommon for a deceased member to be replaced by a son, daughter or other family member due to their good standing and reputation while in office.

The Circle oversees every aspect of Law and Order within Gustav: they maintain the treasury, settle disputes, sustain diplomatic relations with other nations, maintain trade and ensure that every capable citizen serves their time within the Gustavian Guard. They are the ultimate authority within the borders of Gustav.

Each citizen upon their thirteenth birthday must enlist to serve in the Gustavian Guard. From the ages of thirteen to sixteen the members are put through rigorous training to ensure they are fit and able to serve should the nation be challenged. Standard weapons training with a focus on magic and of course, weapons of artifice are enstilled at this time and a person is considered valid for duty until their fifty-second birthday.

Gustav has never been known to take part in any wars, minor or major. They have in fact expressed a complete lack of interest in taking any side of any conflict, instead acting as a neutral party that trades in artifice with anyone who expresses an interest. Their defense of such an action in the past has been that they refuse to deny knowledge or enlightenment to anyone that expresses the need for it (and has the money to pay). Despite this stance, visitors are not encouraged to venture to Gustavian shores. While this view is not often expressed, there are no taverns or inns within Gustav, only one worn down hostel kept near the docks to allow sailors who have large cargos to unload a nights rest. It is also commonly thought that they refuse to participate in conflicts due to a pacifistic lifestyle. As it is, they have a lucrative trade network with just about every nation dealing mostly in cutting-edge weaponry.


No state religion is realized within Gustav, though most speculate that a devotion to Reos is likely.

Sites and Settlements

The majority of the population of Gustav resides within the capital city of Pacifica. Pacifica in fact is a combination of three towns: Soliene (the old capital), Carasca and Pacoss whose size and borders were encroaching upon each other as population swelled to the point that making them one city was deemed not only necessary but logical. Due to the rocky outcroppings that made for plentiful mines but not so easy commutes, all the cities within the borders of Gustav are artfully terraced and kept sparklingly clean, a vision to inspire those that live there day by day.

General Plot Information

Common Story Themes

  • Extreme industrialization

Local Bestiary

  • Automations, golems, etc.

DM Descriptions

The air has the everpresent smell of smoke, great plumes of which can be seen pouring from smokestacks towering above buildings in almost every direction. Everything here looks a little more advanced than in Alexandria. Carts move along rails in the street, powered by their own engines belching smoke. The street is lit with brightly burning mana bulbs atop lamp posts. Almost everyone seems to carry clockwork and artifice devices which Alexandrians would only regularly see in the Engineer's Enclave. Most people dress in a drab grey or brown, and many have clothes dusted with soot.

Current Events

The nation of Gustav appears largely unchanged--its quiet life continues, with...nothing for adventurous bards to sing of. No strife, no upheaval marks the nation, and scholars continue to describe it as a quiet utopia.