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Deity daeus.gif
Position Greater Deity
Symbol A Sunburst (Solis) or a Platinum Dragon
Colors Gold, White, Platinum
Celestial Symbol The Sun
Alignment Lawful Good
Home Plane The Dome of Heaven
Portfolio Justice, Steadfastness, Sovereignty, Virtue, Good Dragons
Domains & Inquisitions Glory, Good, Law, Sun, Nobility

Truth, Valor, Banishment, Order, Spellkiller

Cleric Alignment LG, LN, NG
Favored Weapon Righteous Dawn (longsword)
Other Names The Sun Lord, The Platinum Dragon, Rising One, Draco Solis (Myrddion), The Shining Knight, Morning Lord, The Supreme, Master of Law, (Stormgarde) The Highest One, Eli (sildanyar), Dragonfather (dragons, sith'makar), The Dragon Lord (Dragonier), Brilliant One, True Metal (khazad), Rising Sun, Ignis Divine
Commonly Associated Organizations Temple of Daeus, Skyguard, Iron Book, Truthsayers, Order of the Crown, Order of the Hymn, Order of Peace, Order of the Seal
Some IC Hangouts Alexandrian Grid: A10: Temple District, A06: The Soldier's Defense, A16: Castellum Alexandrae, A01: Watch Constables' Lodge

Main Grid: H02: The Felwood

The Shining Knight, the Platinum Dragon, Daeus bears the fury of the Sun against evil's onslaught. He and Maugrim were born of Elhim during the beginning of time. Two warrior brothers, they ruled in peace until Maugrim's betrayal. Maugrim was whispered to by the Void, and began to see mortal will as arrogance--why did they not grind beneath His boot? Why did they not serve, slovenly to his whispers?

It is said at that time that the Platinum Dragon first donned his shining armor, and became the Knight, guarding against his brother's corruption and seeking to protect those harmed in his wake.

Today, Daeus represents the steadfastness of Good. With his shield, he protects those who cannot protect themselves, and with his sword he strikes at Evil who would harm them. In this way, he represents Justice.

Daeus and his wife Althea are the rulers of heaven, just as Maugrim and Taara are viewed as rulers of the Hells. One day, he hopes his brother might stand beside him as he was meant to be. Daeus and Maugrim are, nevertheless, irrevocably linked by their origins and their natures and will forever be at odds.

It is this nature also, that pairs him with Althea. Where she seeks the protection and uplifting of the poor, he would make her efforts everlasting, and bring compassion to laws and society. He would see a better, more ideal world and is perhaps unrealistic in this way.

The Platinum Dragon is the figure for which he is most known and the visage of this mighty dragon adorns artwork, stained glass and more all across Gaea. During the Third Age, his manifestations included the Celestial Paladin, a tall bronze-skinned, deep-chested knight in platinum armor and white robes. Today, Daeus works through his clergy and other willing and destined souls. Of recent years, he is fond of less obvious manifestations such as in the form of an overweight but keenly sharp elderly scholar or an aged Templar of the Holy Sword or Dragon Knight, accompanied by an senile gold dragon, with surprising vigor despite his appearance.

Daeus is the devoted husband to Althea and their love for one another is well-known and seen as one of the steadfast measures of the universe. Their children are Gilead, Eluna, and Tarien.


Daeus is depicted often as a knight with shield raised against evil's onslaught, and his dogma reflects this in part. He asks his followers to seek justice for those who cannot seek it themselves, and stand against evil's encroachment. To them, he gives the might of the Sun.

Daeus holds the belief that a good and just society is necessary. The farmer cannot produce if bandits steal her crops, the child cannot grow if not given food, and so on. His justice is based upon Compassion. He encourages his followers to constantly seek what is good and right, and if a law is unjust, to change it that it is just. The poor and meek must be protected and uplifted. Criminals must be punished as fits the crime, and justice should be sought on behalf of those who are unable to do so.

Among his followers are the ranks of judges, advisers, soldiers, and advocates. He urges them to uphold justice, honor, and compassion. He asks rulers to be both noble and humble, and teaches that it is the duty of those in power to seek the betterment of those below them.

His temples are often found alongside those of Althea, and in opposition to his fallen brother, Maugrim. When facing the fruits of injustice, Daeus is not to be underestimated: he is capable of becoming the fire of the Sun, and is one of the strongest gods in the cosmos. In this way, his righteous fury is terrifying to behold, and he is often seen in a leadership position among the gods.

Artifacts of the Temple

The main Temples have access to documents such as the Canon of the High Law, which is a work of writings inspired by the gods, and based upon the original text from books known as the Aegenean Gospels. It is said that only those of a pure heart may gaze upon their pages, or go blind (neutral and evil characters must make a save). Mortal law is seen as an imperfect reflection of these works, and therefore in need of constant wisdom, reflection, and correction.

Temples and the Faithful

Cleric Sunguard
Paladin Sunblade
Inquisitor Redeemer or Corona

Daeus encourages his followers to balance justice with compassion, and to advocate peace in the world. Where Althea lays the Foundation, his faithful build upon it, moving outward to make roadways safe and civilization just for the common man.

The Temples of Daeus tend to be organized, and at least loosely connected across national borders. It is strongest in Myrddion and similar nations, where his Temples are given state prominence. Rulers will often pay at least lip service to Daeus, even if they do not follow through.

In general, the Temples of Daeus advocate peace. Yet, in the face of Maugrim and other true Evils, Daeus is unafraid of action. He recognizes that warfare is sometimes necessary and that not all disputes are settled with words. During times of war, His temples work to ensure that wars are fought honorably, with as little loss to civilian life as possible.

Daeusite Clerical Traditions: Daeus' priests are expected to provide spiritual guidance to the people of Gaea as well as defend the world from evil. They often act as advisors to rulers of a region, sit as judges in their communities and work to heal the wounded spirits and provide shelters for those who are wrongly accused and have been abused by misuses of law and also work to change those misuses. Where law is unjust, they work to change it to better reflect the ideals of Goodness and Compassion.

Daeusite Paladin Traditions: Paladins of Daeus are are typically warriors for justice and what is good in the world. The martial arm of the faith, they often partner with Altheans and other servitors of the Gods of Light. They stand at the forefront in the world's fight against evil and oppression.

Clerical Vestments

Clerical vestments for the priesthood of Daeus tend to follow a motif of white or platinum with silver and gold trimmings. White robes are favored; for traveling priests overtop these are worn ornate platinum and gold breastplates emblazoned with the symbol of a sunburst or a platinum dragon. Among warrior-priests, full plate is often worn overtop the white robes with high plumed helms and mighty tower shields with the symbol of the platinum dragon upon it. The Sunguard, temple knights and war priests derived from the Templar of the Holy Sword sect, are known for their draconic armor motif, large imposing pauldrons and great sweeping curtain-like robes and capes. Maces are common among the clergy but those trained to expect battle often carry ceremonial longswords in homage to Daeus' own blade.


Daeus is traditionally depicted in one of two ways. As a humanoid, he often appears as an armored knight, deep and thick-chested, broad shouldered, sometimes bearded and with shining eyes and platinum colored hair that is often long. A slender crown is upon his brow and his armor is extravagant, brilliant but also the armor of one that is preparing for war with golden and argent robes beneath. His sword, Righteous Dawn, is at his side and he also carries with him The Canon of the High Law, which is said to contain within it the laws of the gods. Daeus’s second form he takes when he deals with dragons and that form is of the great platinum dragon. As the platinum dragon he is wise, great to look upon, and bears the spiritual guidance and wisdom of all the good dragons of the world.

It is said his palace is as majestic as it is serene, bathed in pure, platinum light.