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Flag bludgun.png
Capital Blod
Population 1,293,008: Common: (Arvek Nar, Oruch, Ogres, Gobbers), Uncommon: (Humans, Half-Orcs)
Government Dictatorship governing loose tribal leaders and shamans.
Religion (Caracoroth, Gunahkar, Maugrim, Taara, Kor, assorted tribal faiths and cults.)
Imports Artifice, books, magic items, manufactured goods, spices, wine, meat, slaves
Exports Armor, furs, mercenaries, precious metals, ores, weapons
Alignment NE, LE, CE, CN, LN
Affiliated Characters Bludguni

The Empire of Bludgun is one of several lands that represent danger to the peace and stability of the lands of western Arcania. Bludgun was formed when monster hordes swept out of the Sky Curtain Mountains and nearby areas and through magical portals to assail Myrddion at the beginning of the Crown Wars. Led by ogre warlords and orc war-masters, they seized hold of several Myrrish strongholds and cut a territorial swath into the Holy Kingdom that has yet to be fully recovered. Their borders also take them into parts of The Greatwood, causing skirmishes with elven outriders and skirmishers to be an ongoing thing. At the end of the Crown Wars, Myrddion was able to retake several regions but Bludgun had begun to expand over the mountains to the east as well and had snatched up several adjacent human and dwarven realms.

The flag of Bludgun features the cockitrace, a great yet monstrous bird of prey. It's depicted on an orange background, with a crown in each corner, reminiscent of the Council of the Fireborn. There is one crown for each council member.

Life and Society

Bludgun is a land of goblinoids and savagery

Few lands in the western regions of Arcania are as malignant as Bludgun and it has been a fiercely growing nexus of hostility for many years now. Slavery is common place, if not rampant, and the common races are considered second class citizens here. Agents of various criminal guilds, evil religions and underground communities travel and conduct activities in the open here without fear. There is no true anarchy and the land is held together by local Warchiefs and shamans who themselves are kept under control by the political power that exists in Blod. Hobgoblins (Arvek Nar) are the most populous here but the ruling authority has largely been in the hand of an Ogre Magi that was placed into leadership after a series of succession conflicts. Under Dornag, as well as training, resources and experience in The Crown Wars, these lands retain a degree of structure not always afforded to gatherings of savage species. This merely adds to reasons as to why they are so dangerous. While true forces of chaos and evil have a strong sway here, the nation itself is not prone to falling apart internally. Infighting occurs now and again but only rarely. Recently, Arvek Nar established their own sovereign realm centered around the city of Blar. This originally created infighting and turmoil within Bludgun itself as the goblins and others who localize around this city attempted to remove themselves from the Ogre Magi rule.

Major Geographical Features

Bludgun sprawls across the southern portions of the Sky Curtain Mountains. In the past it used to be much larger. Bludgun's territorial holdings include former lands associated with Myrddion and portions of the northern Great Plains: The Vast. Through The Vast they have been able to make contact with several chaotic and dark realms that exist within the northern enfolds of The Desolation. Raids on caravans moving through The Vast and along these mountain routes are common and routine and cause merchant associations to constantly seek high-class protection. Until recently, there were some rumors that the folk in Bludgun were developing or had succeeded in making crude and rudimentary airships as well; now it's known that airships are being manufactured on a large scale in Bludgun and are being used in the current war against Myrddion.

The capital city of Blod is a towering stone stronghold that is testament to what monstrous folk can do when motivated and with the right resources. Originally of Myrrish design, Blod was captured and renamed during the early days of the land. Other strongholds such as Lockmaar and Stone Talon are known for their slavery, gladiatorial pits and swarming breeding grounds for goblinoids and oruchs. Jagged temples to the dark gods also dot the landscape and send a pall of darkness over the deepest portions of this land. The climate is hardly gentle. It rarely rains and winters are long and harsh here. The landscape is rugged and sparsely touched with things of true greenery.

Recently Bludgun has begun extreme hostilities towards the lands of Alexandros located just to the south. Claiming that Alexandros holds territories rightfully theirs, diplomatic and military aggressions have been ongoing and this is just one other sign of instability in this region. This conflict eventually escalated into a full-blown war with Myrddion; Alexandros is lending aid to Myrddion but has not officially declared war on Bludgun.

Other areas of Bludgun have little allegiance to the ogre warlords but they still exhibit signs of instability and danger. Human tribes loyal to deities such as Caracoroth or independent hobgoblin strongholds such as in the city of Blar are elements of concern.

Important Sites

Blod (Large City, 21,389): This walled fortress city has expanded to become the major cosmopolitan power in Bludgun. Formerly a Myrddion stronghold and city, it was captured in the early years of The Crown Wars and went on to be transformed into a fortress-city of surpassing power. Chief Dornag rules from this stronghold and maintains a standing army of mercenaries and loyal clansmen. Also located here is a temple-fort devoted to Kosomoth.

Stone Talon (Large Town, 4,991): Stone Talon is probably most known for its gladiatorial arenas which were converted from old Myrddion amphitheaters and arenas. Savage races and rugged common races make their way here in search of exposure and rank through open conflict with others. Slaves are also often forced to fight in gladiatorial contests and it is used as a means of punishment for those who run afoul of people in positions of power.

Raven's Eye(Small Town, 1,324): This small settlement is home to the Ogre Magus Kinnevack, daughter of Vellwar, also an Ogre Magus. Carved from the territories of other warlords and in part from Alexandros thanks to a skirmish after the Illuminated Order War, the settlement recently sent an ambassador named Ranfing, a stone giant, to Alexandria for the International Summit. Ranfing ruined what should have been a joyous moment by taunting Alexandrians, telling them that their government was not powerful enough to protect them, nor were they willing to give up a bit of land to free slaves taken in the skirmish.

Recent Events

For years, Bludgun raged in war with Myrddion after seizing the kingdom of Sendor. Kinnevack claimed Sendor for herself, with Bludgun's support until Myrrish and Alexandrian forces combined in one final push to drive out the enslaved city and return it to freedom. This resulted in Bludgun and Myrddion entering into peace discussions.

Supposedly, when the Myrrish King and the king of Bludgun met, they found they had some things in common; namely, that both were older monarchs, and were, the bards say, marked by the grace of wisdom and a concurrent wish for peace. Bludgun especially was tired after the war, and negotiations were supposedly progressing until the sudden disappearance of Alexandria--and the Myrrish king.

In the resulting chaos, a Council stepped forward, formed by mighty fire giants. The giants have closed the Bludguni borders and stand now to welcome only trade. They claim the measures are needed in order to focus on "internal development and restructuring." Of course, beyond the iron wall of the Council, Bludgun is a different place--seething in chaos as chieftans fight one another for positions within the new system.