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Deity maugrim.gif
Position Greater Deity
Symbol A shattered black disc
Colors Black
Celestial Symbol The Constellation 'The Furious Emperor'
Alignment Lawful Evil
Home Plane The Iron Hells
Portfolio Fighters, Barbarians, Tyranny, Evil Outsiders
Domains & Inquisitions Evil, Law, War, Strength, Destruction

Order, Heresy, Imprisonment, Banishment, Spellkiller

Cleric Alignment LE, NE, LN, CE
Favored Weapon The Sword of Destruction (greatsword)
Other Names Dragon Father (evil dragons), Bauglir (Myrddion), Lord of the Hells (Dran) The Tormentor, The Lord of Darkness, The Forbidden One, The Unutterable Name, The Mountain of the Void (khazad), The Five-Fold Serpent, The Tyrant
Commonly Associated Organizations Temple of Maugrim, Order of the Single Chord, Ebon Syndicate, Order of the Seal

Tyranny, pride, darkness, cruelty and oppression are but one of many vices that Maugrim Bauglir represents. The eternal foe of his brother Daeus, Maugrim is the chief god of darkness and the master of the fates of many who claim allegiance with evil. The depths of the Temple of Darkness in Charn echo with the malign invocations chanted in the hearts of shrines and temples through all of Gaea.

Along with the other gods of evil, Maugrim strives to exert greater influence over the world, but is limited by the seal upon the gods of darkness. Yet, even though his true power remains contained in The Iron Hells, his presence moves across the world, giving dark inspiration to a thousand intrigues, fomenting fear and hatred and reassuring the common mortal that tyranny, and though it may suffer occasional defeats, will never die.

A restless god, he seeks nothing but absolute domination of Gaea and the will of its people. He works towards the day when his servants sit upon every throne, at every place of power and in every land both above and below the earth and that things are returned to what he sees as the proper order, when free will is removed and all mortals mere slaves. He is the dark dragon god, representing primal darkness itself. As such, he ranks among the mightiest of gods. His own clergy of course, claim him the strongest of all...were he not bound.

Despite his supposed leadership, the Hells and similar areas are places of betrayal. His relationship with his wife, Taara is a mirrored mockery of Daeus and Althea. Where their love is steadfast, he and Taara exist in conflict and betrayal.

Taara, ever hungry for power as he is for control, has used the numerous setbacks suffered by Maugrim to her advantage to obtain greater power and to hedge the Tyrant of Tyrants into a corner, harried by her own forces and betrayed by those once loyal to him. Theirs is a continual war of wretched love and antagonism.

As a cause of their recent wars, he lately moved to consolidate his power and devoured the essence of a god born of his own self, Kosomoth. He absorbed into his being that god's strength and hunger for war and survival, but it was still not enough and nor did he show remorse--for to Maugrim, he desires all beings to be beneath his conquesting boot. Today, Maugrim bides his time in the depths of the Iron Hells, allowing Taara her moment of ascension, and waiting for the time to properly attend to the wayward actions of his queen and as always, the destruction of his brother, Daeus and the removal of the free will of mortals from Ea.

Aside from his brother, few things cause him such rage, that mortals be allowed to think and act on their own. For to him, their (and everyone else's) place is beneath the Conquerer's booted heel.


The dogma of Maugrim is self-focused, teaching all those who align themselves with him that their ultimate purpose is to serve him and to oppress others into serving him. Because of this, his teachings appeal to conquerors, tyrants and oppressors who seek the power to bring others into their clutches and grips.

Maugrim seeks domination of your heart, mind and soul. Serve no one but Maugrim and a place will be spared for you when the new world comes and the old world passes, at last, into The Void. Fear him always and make others fear you while causing them to fear him even more then they fear you. To stand against Maugrim is to invite death for the Lord of Darkness will strike down all that utter his name in vain. Blot out the sun whenever you can and taint the light so that it becomes the darkness. Spread the fear of Maugrim for it is the doom of those who do not follow him.

Clergy and Temples

Cleric Conquerer

The primary sect of Maugrims followers is known as The Orthodox Church and they are among the most feared and reviled priesthoods upon the continent of Arcania. Maugrim's tyranny is known throughout the entire continent and all nations and cultures have a name for him and his cruelty. In lands controlled by good or stable societies, Maugrim prefers that his clerics work behind the scenes to subvert governments. Once they do so they are to carry out their agendas under the rule of law, but on occasion he tolerates a limited amount of discord and chaos where it can be used to tighten his grip in the aftermath. Due to this, torture, beatings, assassinations and much more tend to come into play as well as frequent use of chaotic rampaging creatures of violence and destruction. In this, Maugrim delights in the destructive capacities and the capricious nature of his most beloved children; The Chromatic Dragons. While many among them are rebellious, ultimately when called into the service of the Dragon Father, none may match their potential.