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Deity gunahkar.gif
Position Greater Deity
Symbol A Globe with a crack down the middle
Colors Red and black
Celestial Symbol The Constellation 'Pandemonium'
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Home Plane The Abyss
Portfolio Disasters, Evil Marauders, Monsters, Demons, Destruction
Domains & Inquisitions Chaos, Destruction, Death, Weather, Evil

Oblivion, Fervor, Spellkiller

Cleric Alignment CN, CE, NE
Favored Weapon The Endless Disaster (guisarme)
Other Names Astaeus The Destroyer (monstrous creatures), The Herald of the Void, Goth (Dran), The Fickle One, The Maddened God, The Demon Lord, The Destroyer, The Ravager, The Storm Lord
Commonly Associated Organizations Temple of Gunahkar

The gargantuan monster god, Gunahkar, was born of the demise of the incarnation of the Void and rose to power along with his counter parts from the destruction and defeat of the daemons of the void at the dawn of myth and legend. He inherited the greatest portions of the hungering desire for death, ruin and destruction that lurked within The Nameless Void, and he seized control over the Daemons of the Void. From them, he created his own demons and unleashed them upon the world.

Even Maugrim came to hate him, though he released him from his imprisonment beyond the edges of the world. Gunahkar betrayed the Tyrant God during the War of the Gods and later refused to abide by pact that brought an end to the ageless conflict. Wrath, uncontrolled, is the Vice that Gunahkar has come to represent.

A violent, short-tempered, mean spirited and perpetually angry deity, Gunahkar delights only in wanton destruction and chaotic behavior. He represents the storms and the untamed wrath of the elements of nature. He's also disease and plague and the upsetting of the natural order and the upending of stable society. His will finds its way into crops where he seeks to spoil the harvest and it works its way through the strikes of lightning or the random pillaging of tornadoes and hurricanes. His ambitions are greater, however--revealed when he tried to destroy the Tree of the World.


Followers of Gunahkar are taught to grab what they can, when they can and without fear of the consequences of it. Life is chaotic and can end at any given moment so why waste time worrying about it? Death may come in an instant at the hands of Gunahkar; A stray lightning bolt, a falling tree, being caught in a storm at the wrong time. The possibilities are endless. Fear him for he and only he can protect you from such occurrences.

While other gods also teach to seize the day, Gunahkar people take this to the destructive extreme and are akin to vagabonds, slaughterers, marauders and social hazards. They also preach and teach that the might of Gunahkar is supreme and they walk unafraid in the greatest of storms, forest fires and revel in the midst of great acts of destruction.

Clergy and Temples

Cleric Marauder
Druid Defoliator

Supposedly, the priests of Gunahkar earned their title from a young boy who'd run to his village, yelling, "Maunders!" to warn them of the approaching horde. ...before the Gunahkar leader vanquished him with a wave of a calloused hand and sent the village to flame and ember.

Gunahkar's folk pray for their spells at various times of the day with the times varying with the whim of the god. Such spontaneous behavior is simply a fact of life for them and they are used to praying at one time of day only to receive no answer and so have to randomly pick another time to try and literally catch their spells. Anything less would be boring. To Gunahkar and his clergy, the world is a stage and they are playing to a crowd. They use acts of destruction and then teach that only Gunahkar can protect people from these acts and so to pray and offer up their goods to him and his own. By fostering such fear they keep people stopping at his shrines while also enjoying the use of random acts of violence to keep them on their toes. This is especially useful in rather superstitious areas. In places more fortified they simply delight in using the power of Gunahkar to tear down the social structure and social order to prove the superiority of their god.