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Population Unknown: Common: (humans), Rare: (lucht siuil, gnomes)
Religion Primarily Daeusite and Pantheon of Light
Imports Books, manufactured items, magic items, pottery, explorers
Exports Furs, gems, mercenaries, precious metals, exotic animals, works of literature and ary
Alignment Primarily Good
Affiliated Characters Myrrish

The seat of western civilization and the unified culture of the western races of humanity are collectively known as the Myrrish Kingdoms and united under the banner of the High Kingdom of Myrddion. Occupying a vast continental region that consists of high snow capped mountains, sprawling fertile hills and plains, diverse lush woodlands and enormous rivers, the region of Myrddion is one of the most lush and most vibrant in the known world. Encompassing much of the western coastline and spreading as far back east as the edges of The Greatwood (Periantha Forest) and as far south as the rugged frontier borders of the western heartlands, Myrddion could be said to thrive in the virtual breadbasket of the continent of Arcania.

Though a green and pleasant land, this region is not without its turmoil sourced both internally and externally. The biggest thorn in its side exists in the form of the superpower of the continent of Vantyre, Charn. Charn opposes many of Myrddion's standards and exist as an ethical, religious and cultural counterpart to the Myrrish Kingdoms as a whole. North of Myrddion, the snow covered windswept domain of Stormgarde has bred a generation of mighty warriors and politicians who look at the united kingdoms south of them with envy and spite, angry at the outcome of the Serenas Treaties and cultivating growing distaste for their former allies.


Untamed lands and settlements of evil monstrous humanoids and even dragons encroach upon the kingdoms and lands. The Ogre-Magi Empire of Bludgun is a real and growing threat. Though Bludgun's political borders are small, the actual threat they wield is considerable and they occupy lands formerly part of the High Kingdom.

Myrddion would like to present itself as the successor to the line of ancient and noble kingdoms that culminated in Aegena the Millennium Kingdom. Myrddion would prefer to be considered the next advent of the millennial realm but some, including historians, beg to differ. Although Myrddion's existence can be traced back to the end of the Daemon Wars, and though they uphold many of the same lofty ideals that the life honoring descendants of Aiglos upheld, their status as the current Millennial realm has yet to verified. Though a highborn family sits upon the throne the line of Aiglos has long been broken and Einleizar; The Holy Sword of Ea, sits unclaimed in the Tower of the Sword in Saint (Bryn) Myridorn.

The ruling high kingship has no direct ties to the ancient lineage of old and though they have their own grandeur, legacies and honor, they do not fit the prophetic requirements to represent the return of the Millennial Kingdom. Such a fact is not lost on them nor on others who would use this as propaganda against them if they could

Despite these challenges and more, Myrddion is still the strongest and most stable of the western kingdoms and they are seen as the guard nation of the continent of Arcania. Myrddion is composed of a number of member nations that have given their allegiance through either treaty, marriage or annexing to the principle realm known as the High Kingdom For the most part, Myrrish culture is considered a unified culture but each independent realm cultivates cultures, legacies, leaderships and histories of their own. It is this unique mixture that creates the overall Myrrish culture and gives strength to the overall Holy Kingdom. The below nations are the major Myrrish nations but do not represent every one.

Recent Events

Stormgarde's invasion of the small Myrrish kingdom of Perenath is ancient history as the aftermath of Sendor and Animus' fall rock the world. So shortly after the promise of peace, the Myrrish find themselves caught in a struggle both divine and political: the right of an heir to establish himself on the throne.

With their aged king having vanished, the two brothers quietly vie against one another, with various Houses supporting one or the other. Right of Blood wars with Noble Intent, and fame over practicality. Verin emerged from the war as a hero, fire-branded and bringing with him echoes of the glories of old, while his younger brother, a quieter man, saw danger in his brother's enthusiasm and established a regency council...the acts of which threw the nation into a quiet but cold civil war that has paralyzed this once-mighty kingdom and ally of Alexandria. Indeed, when Alexandria stood conquered by the Witch Altima, it was Myrddion who came to her rescue--and with Sendor's taking, Alexandria housed no few refugees, which brought the recent war a more personal flavor.