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Deity caracoroth.gif
Position Lesser Deity
Symbol A ravenous wolf, overshadowing the moon
Colors Black, Red and Gray
Celestial Symbol The Planet Garm
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Home Plane The Outlands
Portfolio Evil lycanthropes, Strength and brutality, Unchained predation, Barbarians
Domains & Inquisitions Evil, Chaos, Animal, Madness

Anger, Zeal, Spellkiller

Cleric Alignment CE, CN, NE
Favored Weapon The Red Maw (claws of attack)
Other Names The Great Hound (Myrddion), Father of Werewolves, Garm (lycanthropes), The Devourer (barbarians), The Hound of the Hells, The Dread Wolf (sildanyar, halflings), Draug the Wolf Lord, The Jaws of Thirst, Kakkai'on (egalrin)
Commonly Associated Organizations Temple of Caracoroth, Brethren of the Beast, Children of Garm, Liberators

Caracoroth pays scant attention to the affairs and intrigues of mortals or other gods. Representing the vice of gluttony, he spends much of his time trying to consume as much as he can. What the Green grows, he would devour and turn to madness. The world exists to be devoured.

Caracoroth would spread his ravenous power across the wild animals of the world. The great wolf was one of the most fell and destructive spirits to enter the world during the days of the gods. A ravenous creature of an unending and eternal hunger, Caracoroth was said to have been sired by Maugrim and some terrible spirit of ruin. He was taken and fed flesh and power by the hands of Maugrim himself and laid before his throne in the halls of the Iron Hells.

Here he gained power and strength from the lord of the evil gods and he grew and grew to such a rapid and terrible size that he soon could no longer fit even within the throne room of the dark lord. And so was set to stand guard before his gates where he laid huge and heavy. His malevolent power sired werewolves, dire wolves and other evil creatures of legendary and paragon status. His howls sang them to madness, and made them warriors against all who lived or grew. All bow before the beast, and feel his teeth at their throats. He is nature without balance, a force of raw hunger and madness.

His madness and tyranny meant he needed to kept in check. Today, Caracoroth is fettered and his followers dream of the day when the beast runs free once more. The moon shall tremble, and the earth yield.


People with the audacity to follow Caracoroth are among the most depraved, violent, destructive and ruinous of individuals.

They revel in bestial strength and brutality. They delight in the rampage of the bear, the hunt of the wolf, the suffering caused when they are sent to prey upon the unsuspecting. Caracoroth favors his children, the skin-changers, and of them he most considers the werewolves. He has corrupted the power of the moon to his own liking and he and Eluna often strive over the fate of the changelings. Eluna protects those who are good but Caracoroth desires them to all serve him and spread his power across the world.

Caracoroth sees himself as stronger than the lands and beasts around him. Among His followers, the most brutal rules. His is slash and burn and destructive agriculture, and the reaping of the land's bounty without balance to sustain it, for all must fall beneath his teeth. His drive for supremacy is reminiscent of Maugrim as his father. The world shall be a field of blood, running from the jaws of the Wolf, and even the mighty must tremble before his howl.

Clergy and Temples

Cleric Maw*
Druid Maw*
* As in, The Maw of Caracoroth, or Maw of Caracoroth, the Maw of His Hunger, etc. The faithful of Caracoth do not distinguish between clerics and druids, save one is more likely to go mad than the other. Many of his druids may also follow the path of the ravager.

His priests are few but potent and more common amongst monstrous breeds such as Gnolls, Kobolds and evil were creatures. He has few organized temples but instead those who follow him often build shrines of stones, bones and fur and dedicate places to the increasing of the power of lycanthropy in the world. His shrines are usually outdoor but sometimes are underground and are often places of disease, death and ruin. His temples show dominion over the wildness around them, and wrench from its bounty what they desire.

His clergy favor black and grey garments but are often indistinguishable from vagabonds, beggars and wanderers. Among the few organized groups that exist are the Children of Garm. Operating under the title that werewolves use for him, The Children of Garm have created a new breed of lycanthropy known as the Greater Werewolves. This new breed cannot be cured by conventional means and possess even greater power then the original. Though rare in number, The Children of Garm seek nothing less but to spread this new and more potent power.

Caracoroth has many followers amongst chaotic creatures and depraved monstrous folk who were said to have been born of his brood. Although he is attributed to the creation of the original werewolves and related creatures, many other foul beings, spirits and creatures claim to call him father. Organization is practically nil and Caracoroth’s faith is little more then a forbidden cult in many parts of the world. Despite this, some radical organizations do exist.

Clerical Vestments

The faithful of Caracoroth are known for decorating themselves in the hides of those they have defeated.


A terrifying spirit, whose appearance is the stuff of nightmares, Caracoroth’s favored forms tend to be that of either a three headed wolf or a great wolf. Legends speak of his ravenous size and named him the largest wolf to ever walk the world. His avatar is often described as a wolf like monstrosity of gargantuan scale and size, being comparable to the some of the largest of dragons with grey and black fur, tinted red around his mouth. The battle between him and Gilead and Angoron was truly the stuff of the deepest legends and is often retold by barbarian skalds over dim firelight. So bestial and fearsome is his appearance that some have fallen prey to the falsehood that he lacks any intelligence. In truth his cunning nature and deep intelligence are beyond the scope of many individuals abilities to understand, yet he prefers to not speak but to let his instincts rule for him. He speaks to his followers through dreams and nightmares and messengers who mysteriously die upon delivering their message.