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Ceriday, Khael 28, 1015

Daemon Trouble

It seems that it is all over, the rash of demon sightings and attacks over in the Redridge Mountains. Seems the miners of the platinum mine released a daemon (that's with an A) that used demons to cause trouble while it was gaining a base of power. It attacked and took over a local monastery, but thankfully even with some relatively minor damage, they have been freed from the daemon's control.

There was also a rash of demons that were about just causing mischief and mayhem, but it seems other groups have already gone through and swept them up quite handedly. Though it might be wise to be cautious of the mystery meat at the Ox-Strength Tavern for a while.

Kesenday, Khael 27, 1015

Bandits Strike?

A merchant was seen stumbling into town by the north gate today, telling a tale of masked man who came out of nowhere to strike him down and burn his wagon after pillaging it. He claims they left him a single half-copper, which some say was from the fallen kingdom of Dragonier. As this tale spreads, wary eyes are turned towards those from the fallen kingdom who've made Alexandria their home.

Eliday, Khael 22, 1015

Fighting Crime

In response to the rising crime some adventurers have been recruited to help track down and catch those that break the law. One such group was in action recently, following a break in at a local jewelry store. One of the perpetrators was caught turned informant. Using that information the adventurers broke up the gang and recovered the jewelry. However on a darker note, the informant was found dead a couple of nights later, his body drained of all its blood...

(Feel free to speak to Bennet, Vuk, Kade, Zippo, Ulharilti Wiivai and Takiyah about what happened.)

Ceriday, Khael 21, 1015

Rising Crime

With the guard depleted after the fall of the Blue Lady, the cost having been so high, shadier elements in Alexandria are returning to business as usual as well. Reports of extortion, smuggling and all other manner of larceny seem to be on the rise. More rumors indicate the growth of new underground organizations born out of the refugees are quite common, with many fingers pointed at the Dragonieri most especially.

Korday, Khael 19, 1015

Trade Begins Again

With the Azure Queen no longer present and things slowly returning to normal in Alexandria, trade is once again beginning to flourish in the city.

More specifically, a number of Khazadi merchant airships seem to be heading northwards. Their destination is rumored to be Bludgun, oddly enough. Despite the ancient animosity between Khazad, Oruch and Giant, the delivery of tools, foodstuffs, and other sorts of things for the development of Bludugn's norther, Dragonier facing fortifications is continuing apace.

Tariday, Khael 17, 1015

More in the Mountains

Things are getting weirder out by the mountains. Now a monk has been brought from a nearby village talking about how his monastery has been run over by some sort of evil that infected him and all of his Brothers, even the Abbot. He is now in the care of the faithful of Navros in the city but being questioned by priests of Daeus.

Korday, Khael 12, 1015

More from the Redridge

Seems a lot have been going on over in the Redridge Mountains as of late. Among everything else, it seems that a recently rediscovered platinum mine was overrun by demons, killing everyone working there. A party sent by the owner found a few stragglers, but also reported oddities evil inside the mine. It is currently sealed off, and with one small artifact recovered, there are still questions.

Also, in a nearby ranching village, they were experiencing disappearances as well as cattle mutilation. These too were investigated and discovered to be caused by various demons causing mayhem. What has gotten everything stirred up?

OOC: Anyone wishing to do any investigations on these events, please @mail or page Elessa.

Variday, Khael 09, 1015

Rumblings roused from Redridge

For the past few nights there have been tales of wolf howls from the trails in the Redridge Mountains leading up to the mining settlements there. More disturbing though are rumours that ancient burial sites have been violated, releasing numbers of the unliving. Something up there in the bleak of winter must have been roused and it seems to be drawing closer to the city. Finally, an older miner comes into town, refusing to explain where his wounds came from until he gets a good stiff shot of whiskey into him. Even then he seems reticent:

"It were a.. a big dog."
"A stray you mean?"
"Not 'sactly. Like someone 'ad tried to blend a dog and a man. It was tellin' those normal sized wolves and the shamblin' ones wot ta do."
"Commanding them?"
"Yeah. Barely 'scaped wiv me life. Barkeep: fill 'er up!"
Nothing coherent comes from the man the rest of the night, save to indicate that he has lost a companion on the trail in a horrific attack.

OOC: For more information, please contact Benthus, Kiroth, Zaxx, Bennet or Larron.

Korday, Khael 05, 1015

Snow Statues

Outside of the Ox-Strength Tavern one might see a strange sight. Dozens of Statues have been constructed out of snow in honor of one of the city's most famous elves, the Noble Lady Sandiel or Sandy as she is known by. Come marvel at the artistic majesty of these masterpieces before they melt into nothing. Be careful though, one of they could be the persnickety Lady Sandy.

Gilday, Khael 04, 1015

An Exhortation in the Market

"We must not forget th'horrors to our north, my brothers an' sisters!"

An exhortation was roared forth from the top of a wagon in the market today by an orcish Current of Rada that goes by the name of Brother Fishbelly, apparently having something to do with Dragonier.

"I know that th'wounds of our war with Bludgun are fresh... but we must bandage them an' set our differences aside, for what lies beyond threatens not just th'Bludgunni but us as well! Th'Great Dead Dragon will not stop at th'borders of goblinoid lands, no -- he will turn his blackened eyes to us as well, an' his wights an' worse will ravage our lands if he is not stopped. We must send adventurers north, send military aid north as well! HEAR MY WORDS! THERE IS SOMETHING COMING--"

At this point, the town guard dragged him off the wagon and threw him in jail for public drunkenness for the evening.

Variday, Khael 02, 1015

Dragon in the Hills

In the aftermath of recent chaos, a fishing town ran into crossroads with a wandering dragon. Whether over fishing rights, territory, or just malice, the town lost a number of workers to the creature. With help from the local sheriff, adventurers tracked it into the hills. When challenged with axe and spear, the dragon lost and fell to earth.

The threat to the town is ended, and local sith were called upon to dispose of the dragon's body, according to tribal custom. One adventurer was heard to comment that the creature could have been a needed ally against Heth, if he'd only listened. Heth is the massive beast who singlehandedly runs what was once the mighty nation of Dragonier, controlling an army of undeath and destruction. He first took Dragonier sometime between 1008 and 1013, but with things as they were, word was understandably slow to filter out...and uncertain.

OOC: A big, big thanks to Hurricane for running this! You rock, especially doing this on the fly. :3 OOC2: For rumors about the scene, contact Fishbelly, Kravar, Tatyannah, Zarr, or Ormarr.