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About My Character

Vuk is a cheerful Gobber, slightly taller then most, fairly hardy <By Gobber standards!>. He always seems to be smiling, and comically out of place. Wearing finery, and taking on the aires of a proper gentleman.

As of late, he's also become a Priest, even marrying Jibbom, and declaring Sandy to be the Godmother of all of Jibbom's Children.

RP Hooks

Vuk is first and foremost, prone to ...rather playing up his accomplishments to fit in with 'Real Adventurers'. Maybe your PC heard one of his tales and believed them, and wants to hire him as an 'expert' as he claimed to be? Perhaps you want to see the comical results?

Vuk is also naive, innocent, and if a 'Right Proper Adventurer' convinces him some thing is a true adventurer do, it's probable he'd go along with it! Hero Worship!

Vuk is a cook, and a good hunter, you might not want him to help ward off a real monster, but maybe you need a camp steward?

He's tall, for a Gobber.

His family also runs an in just a few days outside of the city, maybe you remember telling him a tall tale and realized he thought you were quite sober, and now is trying to accomplish the feat?

Rumored to be behind a religion based around hero worship of Jibbom.

Useful Links

    • Random Encounters!**

Random Quotes

“You people voted for Hubert Humphrey and killed Jesus!- Hunter S Thompson.