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About Zaxx

Zaxx is a recent arrival to the city who was dropped off by a dwarven caravan. He has since applied for work with various guilds of fair repute, but has been turned down, mostly because of his shadow elf looks and martial bearing.

RP Hooks

  • Disliked : It is plain to see that Zaxx is a mul'niessa or cursed elf. He does not hide this, for better or for worse.
  • Real work : Do you have a real job to offer besides this psychopathic romping through others' sitting rooms? Zaxx is interested in making an honest living for honest pay.
  • Troublesome past and meddlesome ties : Zaxx has a problematic background which will come into play now and then. Just ask, if you want to include that in RP.
  • Shoppe : Zaxx is a merchant and strives to open a business, predominantly one that caters to martial needs.
  • Crossbowman : Zaxx is a crossbowman which extends to crafting these and the required ammunition to make them count. He is keenly interested in the matter and seeks to trade insight into these marvels.
  • Warrior heart : Zaxx is a physical person and drawn to like activities. Fighter training, war and skirmishes are activities he is drawn to help him grow as a person.
  • Want to go 'caravaning'? : Zaxx is fully trained to work in the field.
  • Be accepted : Zaxx seeks the acceptance of the Alexandrians to be able to live a fruitful, honest life based in the city.
  • Travels : Want to travel? Zaxx is game, unless it is one of those sky ships.
  • Will you be my friend? : In order to gain acceptance, Zaxx must forge bonds that help him gain widespread positive recognition.
  • The sound of music : Zaxx is fond of song and tune. Sucks to be an elf.
  • Reos : Zaxx is an avid follower of Reos and attends sermons at the temple(s), etc.