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Capital Pester Maelstrom
Population Unknown: Common: (humans, giantborn, oruch) Uncommon: (half-orcs)
Government Many different competing forces.
Religion Caracoroth, Gunahkar, Kor, Angoron
Imports Metals, weaponry
Exports Mercenaries, slaves
Alignment Any Neutral and Chaotic
Affiliated Characters Dranei

To the north and east of the great continent of Arcania lies a fiercely beautiful land of windswept mountains, great ancient plains, rolling hills, sweeping desertscape and rugged badlands. This region, known as Dran, stretches a vast distance, spreading from the edges of the mystical realms of Dragonier and Rune in the west all the way to the shores of the Turbulent Seas in the east. In the south, the northernmost fingers of The Roof of the World touch upon their edges while northeast the Khardic Mountains frame the coastlines and serve as a buffer from frigid winds that would sail in from the higher north to buffet The Tablelands if they could.

Within this large region lies a number of different city-states, tribal communities, nomadic kingdoms and barbaric realms built on brutal strength but also blood and honor.

There is a savage nobility here and a simple way of life that defies the more civilized, industrialized and high level of civilization in lands further south or west. Despite this, these people have survived for millennia, taking what aspects of technology and artifice they deemed worthy, and strengthening their traditions and beliefs in the process.

Humans are the dominant species in Dran. Their collection of families and tribes are a fierce, proud and ancient people of mercenary warriors, warlord kings and giantish blood whom never willingly bowed to any would be conqueror both domestic and foreign. These humans largely control most of the coastlines along with portions of central Dran including the Great Plains, which are also roamed by centaur warlords and some giants. Sharing the name of the region, Dran, the human mercenary empire called the Dran Khanate defines the culture for many outsiders. The Orc civilization known as the Adom-Orcs, or the Adom-Horde, dwell in northwestern Dran in a land that extends from the foothills of the Sky Curtain Mountains and spreads through the Dran Tablelands. Known as Thurlogoth, the center piece of their realm is the warrior city of Adomar where the Orc Warrior-Houses rule in council over their people and await a warrior to prove his worth to take the same seat of power that Adom's family once held in unbroken succession for generations.

Long before human or orc came to Dran, the race of giants known as the giantborn dwelled around their ancient holy mountain, the Khardic Mountain, and there cultivated their civilization of warrior traditions and worship of mountain, wind and stars, in isolation. A pious civilization gifted with the strength of the mountains, they remained isolated for generations even after the coming of the humans and orcs, emerging only due to an epiphany from their gods. Teaching the newcomers to the land how to tame its wild beauty and to fight back against the oppressors that had conquered them. Today they remain staunch allies of the Dranei-Humans. Working with their leaders and fighting along side them in their wars as War-Hulks, Juggernauts and living warmachines.

The Dran pay a high price for honor and warfare. Their expansionist habits, mercenary armies and war like tendencies have caused the entire region to be considered a large cause for instability and a roadblock to continental peace. Over the generations, bloody battles, merciless warlords, harsh weather conditions and the furious Dran temper give rise to warriors, warlords, barbarians and madman of the likes that Arcania has never seen. Five hundred years after their great act of honor during Dagor Dagolath, the Dran continue to be feared and highly sought in many parts of the known world.

Recent Events

When the world fell into chaos, Dran rose from its mountains and sent troops to Lyranost, Stormgarde, Rune, Dragonier--any and every nation within reach. Why they did so, scholars will debate endlessly. Competition, a show of strength, or simply having a good time--all become reasoned opinions when dealing with the great, barbaric nation of Dran.

Dran's conquests were halted only by Dragonier, an otherwise neutral nation who had been forced into the role of peacekeepers. Understandably, the two nations have developed less than favorable views of one another, especially, as the bards tell the tale, when the peace talks with the greatest Dranei warlord ended in a spectacular death...on the Dranei side. The two met on the field, and the Dragon Knight cried for peace--and the Dran in his tradition, offered to fight and test the man his mettle.

Instead of entering into combat, the Knight incinerated the warrior on the spot, turning him into a martyr and at once bringing a halt to Dran's expansion. As the Dranei horde retreated, their footsteps were traced by an increasing flow of Dragonieri refugees. While they are not well-treated, their fate in rough Dranei hands is a thousand times better than what awaits them in their dragon-haunted homeland.

The warlord Arendt came take advantage of the Dranei sense of disillusionment. He and his Iron Tide forged alliances among the North to remake the world in a warrior's image. He had captured the imagination of many of the younger Dran, and older firebloods, though he was ultimately proven to be under the influence of Heth's agents. That, and their ties to an attempted assassination of the Khazad Duin royal family have led to some restructuring among the North, if not embarrassment.