Gods of Neutrality

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The world of Gaea exists in a delicate balance between light and darkness. All too often, the pendulum swings towards darkness as war and chaos sweep across the land. But, there are also those who guard against the Light gaining to much strength, believing that disaster lies that way as well. The gods of neutrality are often referred to as the Gods of Twilight and also the World Souls, due to their ties to nature's more primal functions and reality as opposed to the more abstract principles and concepts represented by their peers. Unlike the gods of light and darkness, the neutral gods are less a unified force and more a collection of deities with no strong allegiance and bond one way or another in regards to the eternal War of the Balance that is being fought by their brothers and sisters.

Some scholars debate if such a stance proved wise. For an Age of Ages, Animus the Archmage was seen as the patron for the gods who gathered under the banner of neutrality. In the latter days, his true form was destroyed and shattered into countless shards of divine essence. The deity's destruction ushered in an era of instability as warfare broke out among the surviving gods and sent shock waves throughout the Holy Order of Ea.

Some scholars also believe that Animus was aware of his impending demise and to some degree orchestrated the chaos in order to shift the Balance, and there are others who hold that the god of magic was as blindsided as everyone else. Regardless, the fall of Animus shook the ranks of the gods of neutrality and removed from them a sense of comfortable remoteness or uninvolvement. It sent each to their own domain to consolidate their power and exercise their sovereignty over their areas of dominance. Navos, who was an ancient friend to Daeus, saw himself best able to bring balance to the turmoil of the Equilibrium and so left his vigil among the gods of light to join those of the World Soul. Despite his sacrifice, turmoil continues as each deity looks outward from their holdings and prepares for the volatile age to come.

On this stage of new struggles, lesser competitions occasionally flare as well. The competition between Kor and Angoron is a well-known tale and a favorite of bards in taverns and street corners. The two brothers, forged from a single elder god, once competed over the dominion of war, now compete for Cienara's affections. Kor's battle has shifted focus to Maugrim, who would be war's sole governance. He also competes with Serriel, the two of them striking forward with different philosophies--war for the sake of war, and war in the sake of righteousness.

Reos and Dana are wed, and bards sing of their competitions though her competition with Gunakhar is much more fierce, as the two war for dominion of the animals of Ea. Ceinara is the daughter of the Mother of Earth and the Father of Technology, a fiery spirit born from the energies of her parents and who loves all that is beautiful of the world. Vardama too was once wed to Thul, and yet their divisions drove them apart. They stand firmly at odds over the contestation of souls.

Among them, Rada and Navos stand primarily alone aside from their shared interest in the passing of time, with the latter devoid of the Compassion he once held. Navos withdrew his to fill the void of Animus, and in doing so separated himself to a degree from his ancient friend, Daeus.

Gods of Neutrality
Deity AL Embodies Domains & Inquisitions Relations The Devoted
Ceinara, The Artist CN Artistic Inspiration Charm, Luck, Fire, Chaos, Liberation

Conversion, Zeal, Fervor, Spellkiller

Daughter of Dana and Reos Ceinarans
Dana, The Earth TN The Forces of Nature (She is also known as "The Green Word") Air, Animal, Plant, Water, Weather

Vengeance, Persistence, Spellkiller

Wife of Reos, Mother of Ceinara Danan
Kor, War CN War and Chaos, Conflict Chaos, Glory, Strength, War, Destruction

Anger, Fervor, Spellkiller

Competitor with Maugrim and Serriel over the dominion of War, and Angoron like that brother you never wanted Korites
Navos, The Historian LN History and Self-Perfection Healing, Knowledge, Rune, Strength, Law

Oblivion, Illumination, Truth, Spellkiller

Once close friend of Daeus, distanced now with His new role among the Twilight and loss of Compassion Navosians
Rada, The Trader and Sailor TN Sea and Travel, Trade and Wealth Weather, Water, Nobility, Travel

Recovery, Conversion, Spellkiller

Glub. Glub glub glub. Radan
Reos, The Craftsman LN Craftsmanship, Artifice, Engineering Artifice, Earth, Law, Rune

Order, Tactics, Spellkiller

Husband of Dana, Father of Ceinara Reosian
Vardama, The Crone and Mortician LN Death, Inevitability, and Prophecy Community, Healing, Knowledge, Repose, Law

Final Rest, Fate, True Death, Possession, Spellkiller

Once wife of Thul, Lover of Serriel Vardaman