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The Celestine are the seven principle gods of light on the world of Gaea. The gods of light are dedicated to the preservation of life, and protect and promote the welfare of all. They encourage people to uphold all that is embodied within the principle of good. In this, Daeus is considered the patron and head of the pantheon of light and in actuality is held, by many religious viewpoints, to be the sovereign god over the Holy Order of Ea with the gods of darkness in rebellion to what should have been the natural order of things. Daeus' leadership varies between dogmatic and first among equals, largely depending upon the current status of world events.

Holding the title of Highest of the Holies, Daeus' sovereignty is rarely if ever disputed but it goes without saying that the gods of light do not always act as one. Each of them embodies very different principles and perspectives of good and how to best impact the lives of those on Gaea. Their philosophies in regards to combating the powers of darkness is a prime example.

Eluna, Gilead, and Tarien are the children of Daeus and Althea, with the latter two said to embody true faithfulness and love. However, as with many families they will differ or disagree, and these disagreements are the stuff of bardic tales. Daeus' brother Maugrim for instance was the source of the corruption of the earliest gods, so family relationships are not always peaceful, and the twins oppose one another to this day.

Within the greater pantheons, disagreements may be greater and lesser, or simply colorful. Angoron is brother to Kor, with the two of them competing over Cienara's affection where once they had competed over war itself. Angoron and Caracoroth are said to hold affection for Eluna, while Tarien teases them all and walks the world under various guises. One of his more infamous pranks resulted in the creation of Deimos, who is himself a shadow of the Prankster--when he had long ago made a bet with the gods, and lost.

Bards tell of the battles of the Blessed of Althea against the darkened armies of Thul in the classic struggle of life versus death. Eluna stands against Taara over magic, and Caracoroth over the dominion of lycanthropes. In her refutation of Caracoroth, he's said to chase her across the sky each night, though she always escapes.

The destruction of Animus, the previous god of magic, and the civil strife amongst the gods of darkness has caused the gods of light to begin to shift their stances in this regard. The gods of neutrality could no longer afford the luxury of being uninvolved, perhaps uncaring of their domains. Since his destruction, Angoron and Gilead favor more martial and aggressive outlooks. Althea and Tarien favor more subtle approaches and Eluna and the newly ascended Serriel alternate between the extremes. In recent days, Daeus himself has come to represent more aggressive and energetic assaults on the powers of darkness. Recent events involving the actions of the dark goddess Taara have also impacted the stance of The Celestine.

Gods of Good
Deity AL Embodies Domains & Inquisitions Relations The Devoted
Althea, The Foundation NG Compassion, Family, Protection Good, Healing, Protection, Community

Conversion, Truth, Illumination, Spellkiller

Wife of Daeus, Mother of Eluna, Tarien, and Gilead Altheans
Angoron, The Athlete CG Valor and Competition, Childbirth, Freedom Good, Strength, Luck, Chaos, Liberation

Anger, Valor, Fervor, Spellkiller

Competitor of Kor, Traveling, Lover, and Boasting Companion of Tarien Angorites
Daeus, The Knight LG Justice, Good Governance, Protection, Good Dragons Glory, Good, Law, Sun, Nobility

Truth, Valor, Banishment, Order, Spellkiller

Husband of Althea, Father of Eluna, Tarien, and Gilead, Brother of Maugrim the Fallen Daeusites
Eluna, The Seeress NG Magic, Dreams, and Wisdom Knowledge, Magic, Good, Rune

Fate, Illumination, Recovery, Spellkiller

Daughter of Daeus and Althea, Sister to Gilead and Tarien Elunites
Gilead, The Hunter NG The Hunt and the Wild Animal, Community, Good, Plant

Imprisonment, Persistence, Recovery, Spellkiller

Son of Daeus and Althea, Brother to Eluna and Tarien; The imprisonment inquisition ability refers primarily to his abilities as a trapper, and capability to capture evil or aberrant aspects Gileans
Serriel, The Soldier LG Honor and Civilization, Advancement of Society Good, Law, War, Protection

Order, Tactics, True Death, Spellkiller

Birthed after the death of Animus, Unknown, Lover of Vardama Serrielites
Tarien, The Trickster CG Luck and Travel, Talespinning Good, Chaos, Trickery, Luck, Travel

Truth, Valor, Persistence, Spellkiller

Son of Daeus and Althea (the middle child), Traveling and Boasting Companion of Angoron (lover of the same), Father of Deimos (according to legend), Reminds Kor to Have a Sense of Humor (failure so far) Tarienites