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Variday, Quintoos 07, 1017

Art Solicited

The Guild of Explorer's is preparing for its return to the world of the living! Construction is ongoing, but word is out that the Guild is looking for appropriate art, and will pay a small comission for any arts directed their way, as well as relics from adventures.

(Submit +views for the new Guild and get a bonus!)

Eliday, Khael 06, 1017

Asumit Log!

Log of the event last night!

Also shared to +myjob 18!

Eliday, Quintoos 29, 1017

A new Observatory!

A few local doorfs are chatting it up in the market rather loudly, as miners are wont to!

"Oy, what's that big thing they just finished outside the camp? Tired of hearin' 'boot it from the gobbers all braggin' 'bout some such to do wit' it!"

"Ye ain't heard? Them star gazers got they act together an' hired off half our hands to build a ridiculous telescope buildin' out near our mines! Some such about the skies are cleaner out here then in the big city."

"Well, true enough ye kin see more after dark up there where we be then here behind the walls. Great, now we've robed kooks fer neighbors out there too!"

<The Shining Chalice Observatory is on the grid! H05, then through the Deluge Mines exit to find it!>

Korday, Quintoos 26, 1017

The Summit of Nations

What was supposed to've been a peaceful summit between the nations of Stormgard and Rune to discuss the future of interactions between their people became something almost cataclysmic.

As the dust settles over Dun Mordren, more about what's transpired becomes clear.

A merchant company known as the Secure Panacea served as the primary force behind the initial coup attempt, with supprot from ambitious nobles in Stormgard and, it is speculated though not said aloud, with tacit support from the forces of the Iron Tide in Dran. Arend would have no doubt benefitted in his plans to remake the north with suport from sympatheti goverments in Stormgard and Dun Mordren.

The Panaeca, lead by one Narvin Forgehome, spent years unearthing treasures and using them in charitable endeavours and building a network of support, though no one was sure where Narvin got his initial wealth to do this. Narvin assaulted the Khazadi Council, and with the help of Stormgardian allies, subdued them and declared himself regent, believing initially the Queen to be dead.

Stormgard's ruler was captured as well, though why he wasn't immediately put to death is unclear. Alvik Vepps, one of the members of the Vepps family of Stormgardian nobles, trid to seize the throne with the backing of the bodyguard of the King Hammergodst. Apparently, some members of the Vepps family were amongst those, and no doubt that they had allies amongst ther Stormgardian nobles back home to have even been willing to try such a thing.

All of these efforts were for naught, though, both because of the combined nations seeking to put an end to the madness in Dun Mordren, but also because Narvin's silent backers turned out to be none other than the Exiled Khazadi known as the Clan of Dark Iron. Largely unseen since the War of Three Anvils centuries ago, it is said by dwarven sources that they used the coup to undermine Dun Mordren's stability in an attempt to raze the whole city. These attempts were thwarted, and in the final battle, Narvin and Alvik were both captured and turned over to their respective governments for 'dealing with'. No dobut more figures will be mopped up by the authorities soon, but the cataclysm battle has left Dun Mordren badly scarred.

While victory was had, the price was high. Many dwarves lost their lives, and while the forces of various nations stood unified for a moment, from Myrrdion to Charn, this is only a fleeting alliance made of necessity.

Even now, Arednt's forces begin their march anew towards Rune, and the fear of Heth in Dragonier grows uncheckd at rumors of his own involvement. Witnesses claim that the Chosen of Thul declared Heth's proximity. Could he be making Dun Mordren his next target? At this point, it's anyone's guess, but Dun Mordren is being lockd down all the same as the dwarves seek to rebuild. While this will have an effect on trade, the Khazadi merchant houses insist business will soon return to its original state.

Gilday, Quintoos 25, 1017

Themebits: Tarien the Trickster!

This is a tradition we haven't done in a while! For the next few weeks, we'll be taking a piece of theme and hilighting it! Send in your suggestions to staff via @mail or page!

Tarien the Trickster!

One of the most loved, or hated gods (depending on your perspective), Tarien is a complex figure. His entry reads:

While he encourages the worth and value of laughter he seeks to mainly inspire devotion, courage, art and generosity while teaching the children of the world to keep their eyes heavenward and to stand strong in the face of danger and opposition. Tarien delights in the bringing of joy to the world in all forms and all manners. His pranks bring joy as well as wisdom. Unlike Deimos, his are generally not intended to harm, which makes Deimos all the more twisted a shadow of that Tarien's light is intended to be.

...of course, some just read him as a troublmaker! Nevertheless, he's one of the most cheerful, and kind-hearted of the gods, aside from his propensity to get into trouble. He's also a favorite subject of stories in taverns, and among the Temples of Angoron, and at giantborn lodges. Possibly because his pranks trip him up as much as anyone else. One of the more famous stories is how his brother Gilead, tired of the red-headed, middle-child's pranks, put weasels in Tarien's bed, just when he was about to come home with a really hot date.

Themebits: Navos the Timekeeper!

A post from the Heavens wouldn't be good unless paired with one from the Twilight! Navos the Timekeeper is one of the more self-sacrificing gods. That is, at one time he made a great sacrifice. Today, he'd have no idea what you're talking about.

His entry reads: The great god of time, meditation, civilization and self perfection, Navos alone is said to have a clear prophetic vision of the winding course of the world, as well as the strength of purpose and self discipline to guide it. He stands as its sage and historian, documenting storied history for the sake of knowledge and the furtherment of wisdom. The great Counseler of the gods, it is Navos' wisdom that encourages the soul to grow and the mind to expand beyond its limited horizons. Navos is the estate of awareness, insight and introspection and mental fortitude as well as the physical discipline that can come from such dedicated mindsets.

Navos is a very old deity. While more readily known today, Navos also used to number among the Heavens. However, when Animus was murdered (indirectly, through Taara's hand) he stepped down to fill the gap. In doing so, he forgot what it meant to possess Compassion.

It adds a nostalgic, romantic side to his story--of the tears of Daeus falling like diamonds for his once-close friend. However, Navos does not understand. Today, he stands as Time's impartial keeper, a god of insight and awereness--except perhaps, areas of himself.

If you've something you'd like to see, just send us a page or @mail! Of course, anything is doable. This week it just happened to be deities, but groups, spellblights, wars, and any theme "bits" are all fodder.

Eliday, Quintoos 09, 1017


Captain Evelyn Stonehammer, and all of Dun Mordren, are grateful for the help of the forcecs traped within it.

With the Command and Control now safely established for the Royalists within the King's Plaza, she began dispatching adventurers of all stripes, along with her own forces where she could, to accomplish a variety of missions. The water reservoirs were startingly empty, which is a big concern, and power needed to be restored for any further efforts at retaking Dun Mordren to be succesful.

Groups were dispatched to take back a Geothermal Power Station and to seize control of it so that power could be redirected to necessary functions throughout the city, like the steam and mana lifts and more. This was successful, as many of the mana lamps came back on. A short time later, magma elementals of some kind were sighted swarming the plaza's bridge to the keep, doing further damage and reducing the chances of a successful crossing over the magma-lake to reach the central castle. PAnacean guards were, to the horror of many witnesses, standing by and watching as centuries of work and dwarven craftsmanship were undone. None of them are said to have been happy about it, but it's clear that they've made their own choices as to where their loyalties lay. Shortly thereafter, earthquakes began to rock Dun Mordren, building up one stronger after another before abruptly ceasing. Whispers that a creature of the Exiled, Unspoken clan of dwarves had been behind them begin flowing through the city, but that it had been stopped before it could do much harm. If this is true, if the Dark Dwarves were involved here, perhaps they may also have a hand in the attempt on the king's life?

These doubts were swiftly put to rest when a speech by the Queen herself played over the public announcement system of the city, accusing Narvin Forgehome, the would-be-regent, of conspiring to overthrow the kingdom for his own personal gain. She commands all of Dun Mordren to rise up and overthrow the Panaceans.

And with a roar, the Khazad square their shoulders and begin to gather.

A final battle, and an end to the chaos in Dun Mordren, is near.

Eliday, Quintoos 02, 1017

The Pastel Scourge of Charn!

In the grim news brought on by Dun Morden and Arendt's advance, there's a bit of levity. At least if you're not from Charn. Witnesses report seeing hordes of colorfully-haired, semi-naked gnomes tumbling towards Charn, with paints in their hand. They appeared to chant, "Jareth, our hero! Jareth, our hero!" as they headed towards Maugrim's City!

In their wake, the landscape is dotted in pastel paint--horses, buggies, and more, a bright and cheery trail marking their determined march.

Can they be stopped? Sources suggest these 'sparklegnomes' proliferate like bunnies. Chaos is sure to be had if they reach the Charnese landscape.

In other, perhaps unrelated news, stories of a 'Jareth' are being heard--about how he defeated a sparkley vampire by using his mighty blade!

Also rumored, the sparklegnomes are leaving painted images of 'Jareth' on trees and roadsigns as they pass by, along with little heart symbols.

Tariday, Rhaltaas 27, 1017

Gambit, Stage 2

The battle in Dun Mordren rages on.

The city center has been secured with many civilians having been evacuated to it. Safe passage has been provided through the help of Alexandrian and other national forces present in the city who are moving in support of the Kingsguard actions, but wild reports and rumors are common.

Rumors, for example, of a giant talking spider lurking in the darkness, one which has begun webbin up Secure Panacea employees and leaving them there.

Reports indicate that foreign mercenaries in town for the Summit have begun looting and pillaging dwarven wealth and taking captives to sell into slavery. There is a great amount of fingerpointing ongoing as to in whose employ they are actually in.

Recently, a series of tremors have begun to rock the city. Many are taking this as a sign of Reos' displeasure with Forgehome's coup, but others are indicating that they believe it is a sign that Reos' is displeased with those not backing the transfer of authority to the self proclaimed regent. Either way, an uneasy city has grown even more uneasy in their wake.

Worse still, the water supply has dried up. Not a single tap for the indoor plumbing system is working -- meaning that fighting the fires has grown increasingly difficult.

Captain Evelyn Stonehammer is still working hard to keep a lid on the chaos, and the help of ALexandria's famed heroes has proved vital to her efforts and already eyes are turning to the shattered bridge and the great keep that lays in the center of Dun Mordren.

Kirday, Rhaltaas 22, 1017


"Come here children, and I'll tell you a tale that'll shiver the beard in your souls on this Halloween night!" The old Dwarf motions the clan children to cluster around his chair before the fire. "I saw it myself with my own eyes, and in some ways I can never stop seeing the terror of that night." He shudders and rubs arms suddenly caught chill with memory. "But it wasn't all a night of terror there was some good too, still more terror then you can imagine! Now let me get my ale and begin."

It was a on a night like this one, the Secure Panacea was up too no good as usual. Lurking in the darkness, trying to wreck the city and bring down all that we know. But there was a band of terrible monsters that had taken to the darkness in the shapes of people, humans, elves, even dwarves! Well those Panacea lackeys had grabbed a family and were going to kill them, but they didn't realize they'd angered the monsters with their choice of layer.
So the monsters watched while the Panacea tormented the family and got ready to kill them. But just when it was looking so dire, it got even more dire when the monsters decided they wanted to have fun too! Down from the rafters they swung in big balls of light! Diving into the murderous Panacea like a flash-fire in a deep mine. Filling the warehouse with the cries of terror and pain that I'll never forget. That haunt that place still!
There was one that was half woman, and half axe! Named Arnora the Ravager, she yelled terrible curses and ate dwarven hearts after cutting them in half! A giant living spider woman, Alba the Nightmare, that cackled from the shadows, spraying webs and eating the very souls of people. Then came the Goblin, Chach the Dancer, some think was the most fearsome of all, a devilish monster of lust and terror it could make a man's mind break with a single shake! But the true terror was the Dorf Puntress Miruan! She was almost a a giant pair of legs, that had feet with wings on them and toes like tiny dragon heads!
Everywhere they struck these monsters left the dead or the dying, flying Dwarfs screaming into the night or gibbering in fear after a single dance. Twelve stout warriors rent asunder in less time then it takes to tell the tale!
Finally at the end of it they stood over the poor family and let them go. Having kept them safe from the Secure Panacea and their own monstrous natures. So while we fear those terrible monsters, we also thank them for keeping us all safe this time before All Hallows Eve.

The old Dwarf leans back in his chair and nods to each child in turn. "That's the story of the four monsters of Halloween. Now be good or they'll come for you too!"

((This is a reference to the 10/20/2015 event 'Tuesday Terror, those participating were Alba, Arnora, Chach, Durrankar, Jacob, Ketala, Miruan, Sark overseen by Whirlpool, but mainly references the four who went above and beyond with Halloween-ish things. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!))

Variday, Rhaltaas 12, 1017

Private Elunan Consults

Have you heard about the latest from the Temple of Eluna? The priests have been welcoming people into the backrooms who've had night terrors. Something about the demons and possessions. I bet if I saw a demon I'd have nightmares about it for a while myself, but why would the temple care to hear about every dream about them? Weird.

Eliday, Rhaltaas 11, 1017

Gambit: Stage 1

In the immediate aftermath of the explosiond, Captain Evelyn Stonehammer of the Dun Mordren Guard set to work securing the city center. Marshalling what forces were available, she was able to create a safe area within the city center to begin evacuating civilians away from the fighting in the outlying districts. During this time, the city center was mobbed by civilians who supported the regent and violence nearly won out, were it not for the attack of Umber Hulks that left many dead. They were swifrly defeated with the assistance of Alexandrian monster-slayers. Reports of monster activity throughout Dun Mordren continue to circulate. (Schneider, Craft, Duncan, Lothos, Stirling, Stjepan, Yngvild, ZAlara, Uneth)

With this completed, adventures were swiftly sent out to work with the Dun Mordren Guard in securing outlying columns so that more endagered civilains could make their way to the safety of the city center. Forces loyal to Regent Forgeholm were encountered and swiftly defeated in both cases. With contact gained with other guard units, then ext step will be to push out from the city center to take back critical infrastructure and to prepare for the march on the Keep -- though with the bridge as damaged as it is, it's hard to say how anyone plans to get there.

((Sigrid, Kalkorth, Elrika, Grrk, Miruan, Ezriya, Tim, Arnora, Smythly, Niara, Terewin.)

Variday, Rhaltaas 05, 1017


Explosions ripped through the city of Dun Mordren, detonating at numerous critical pieces of city infrastructure. Much of the mana lighting in the outlying districts is out and chaos is reigning. The following announcement was out over the city's broadcast system.



"We have reason to believe that Charn has hired mercenaries and our agents tell us that they are behind this activity. We assure you all, ALL, thay we will do everything in our power to apprehend those responsible."

After a near riot at the Charn embassy was averted, rumors began to swirl that this was actually a coup attempt, and that Dran, Stormgard, and the Secure Panacea trading company were behind it. Order in Dun Mordren has broken down and the city has been plunged into civil strife as people take up arms on the side of the newly-proclaimed regent and those who believe this is a coup.

Hard times ar ein store of the Great City.

Tariday, Daeshen 29, 1017

Goings on at the Temple of Eluna

It was so late at night it was early morning when a small group arrived at the Temple of Eluna. They were quickly ushered inside and no-one is really talking about what happened or who this group was. Soon after however the long absent Acquisitioner and Inquisitor Master Fiadalis was reported to be resting and recovering in the infirmary. For a few days anyway. As soon as he was able he left with a small group of volunteers, leaving behind his one-time apprentice and amanuensis Rakim. Not before formally releasing the Tsuran from his service and appointing him to the full office of Inquisitor and formally welcoming into the ranks of the Acquisitioners.

((Anyone want to know more, feel free to poke at me :) ))

Kesenday, Daeshen 25, 1017

Party for the Light!

Priests of Angoron and Tarien, as well as others of the gods of Light, make their way to the Redridge Mountains. They bring with them massive drums and firewood. And most importantly: booze.

Lots and lots of booze.

Rumor has it it's preparation for an upcoming celebration, a calling of Heroes to stand against dark times ahead!

OOC: This is an invite to you to the Party for the Light! (See +events) Aside from the ale and food a big part of the event will be people sharing stories of heroism to honor the gods of light and those heroes who in times of dire need stepped forward to stand against the Dark. These can either be their own stories, legends from the past or even apocryphal tales. There is no requirement for your character to have something to share but if you want to just a bit of advanced notice so you can write up a legend from your characters culture, or even dramatise one of your character's past exploits.

((Not at all looking at Jiboom there! :) ))

Ceriday, Daeshen 12, 1017

Spies! Spies! Spies!

Word is going round that artifice listening deviced have been found underneath all the embassies in Dun Morden. Every one save Charn. A clue or a set up?

Contact Stirling for more information.

Variday, Daeshen 07, 1017


A standing bounty with the full support of the Vardaman church has been posted for information on the presence, suspected or otherwise, of any wights in any of the lands of Alexandros.

Wights are, apparently, a virulent form of undead that creates more wights by murdering others for life force that they use as sustenance. While it is not believed any Wights are present in Alexandros territory at the moment, a dose of caution is understandable.

Variday, Daeshen 07, 1017

Alexandrian Volunteers Wanted!

The Alexandrian Government is looking for volunteers -- no, not Irregulars. The city's mercenary population, extensive as it is, is already been used in Rune and Dun Mordren. Now, stretched thin as t hey are, they're activating citizen militia to serve. They're engaging in 'training' exercises. 'In case of outbreaks', they say. Apparently, there is some concern that wights from Dragonier could find their way into the territory and could provoke and outbreak.

The Vardaman church is heavily involved in the training.

Kesenday, Callem 28, 1017

Protests Continue in Dun Mordren

With the assault on the Friendly Brothers still hanging over the Summit, protests are still striking outside the embassy of Charn against the presence of Thul's Chosen. There are many amongst the khazad who hold him responsible for the supposed 'vampire attack' on the Embassy. So far, they've been lead by a Vardaman cleric by the name of Rutger Mistiron. The presence of the Chosen of Thul in Dun Mordren, he says, is an affront to every Khazadi soul.

So far, King Steamhammer has remained silent on the matter and the Guards have continued to keep the area around the 'embassy' peaceable while the summit continues.


Tariday, Callem 25, 1017

More Grat!

As the tale of Grat has caught fire, it's morphed in various ways as different singers take up the tale, some better than others. REcently, though, someone's added a verse or two to the end of the sad tale of the man's death at the hands of evil. A few bards have taken to singing the extra verse, most notably the dockside rake and voice named Aldean. It goes like this:

For conquest's glory be not gained by one man alone By the work of those who serve have conquerors ever shone But those who shall for others' sake face dangers untold To their strength and valor shall mankind's hope ever hold*

Sometimes the piece is prefaced with a comment to the effect of: "Ever wonder who the real heroes are that make a conqueror's work possible? They don't do it by themselves, you know. Here's the tale of a man whose glory belongs only to him, because he earned it all himself."

OOC: Aldean's looking to get in touch with those who got the Grat story started. If you want to RP, ping me!

Variday, Callem 24, 1017

Demonic Circle Found

Rumor circulates that a demonic summoning circle of some magnitude was destroyed by a group of heroes last night. The circle was strong enough that apparently, there were visions after. The circle was said to be very old.

For anyone curious, snag one of the folks from last night for RP! Including: Rakim, Silmeria, Aurora, Karelin, Svarshan, Myrana, Stirling, Arynel, Ketala! (PS If I left a name off, please ping me. It was late, and this is a different comp.)


Variday, Callem 24, 1017

Poor Murdered Tail

A huge slice of chocolate marble cake with green frosting turns up on the step of where Svarshan is staying. It has written on it in pink frosting: 'Sorry about your broke butt bwa ha ha ha' M&S <3 <3'

Ceriday, Callem 15, 1017

Justice for Friendly Brothers

A lone figure has been sighted attempting to enter the Friendly Brothers building, which has been closed off for quite some time now due to the attacks. Whoever it is has given up for the time being, but it's clear someone does not believe the rumors and wants to set things to rights.

OOC: Contact Godwyn for details.

Gilday, Callem 12, 1017

A call to artificers!

Stirling is going around and recruiting any artificers he can find for help with a project of utmost importance. Artificers of all skill levels welcome!

Contact Stirling through page or @mail if your interested.

Variday, Callem 03, 1017

Rumors from Dran

Rumors of a fallen hero known as Grat continue to spread. The ballad of Grat is being sung in various tarverns. It serves as a counterpoint narrative to Arendt's of Dran honor. Interestingly, it's doing well.

Ceriday, Callem 01, 1017

Vicious Attack or Sordid Love Triangle?

The talk flies through the city, superseding even that of the khazadi bundle of joy to be and the talks. At least for five minutes, anyway. It appears that Myrana, wife was out for a mere walk when she was viciously attacked by a demon. It's said that only due to the intervention of some adventurers coming back to town, that it was fought off, but there were fatalities.

It's been speculated that this was an attempt by Barntos, the high priest of Thul, to kidnap Myrana, stealing her away from Lady Sandiel, to return to Charn where he would make her his bride.

When will the next attempt happen?

Ceriday, Callem 01, 1017

Vampire Attack in Dun Mordren?!

Fingers are already pointing at the CHosen of Thul.

Last night, by the reckoning of Dun Mordren's towering clocks, the Mercantile Corporation of Friendly Brothers was attacked! The rumors say many of the workers on shift in their office were murdered by a pair of dwarves. The whole office has been sealed up all day, and word is already leaking that 'vampires' are being claimed responsible. The coincidence of this, and the presence of the Chosen of Thul in the city (himself said to be an undead monster of some sort) is too much for many, and already-rankled clergy and citizenship none too happy to be playing host to such a creature is growing restless.

Tariday, Aestry 28, 1017

More strange things afoot...

In other happenings, the giantborn thief, Tatyannah, was seen running from the Mercantile district with an unconscious woman in a rather elaborate dress, as if she'd been caught stealing, possibly the woman in her arms. She headed straight for one of the houses set aside for the Myrrish delegation.

The real question is, though, whether there will be war between the thief and Lady Sandiel over Lady Sandiel's wife, the Lady Myrana and unconscious woman in question.

Tariday, Aestry 28, 1017

Disaster Averted at the Summit!

Sooner or later, it was abound to happen.

Several adventurers were able to stop what nearly turned into a diplomatic disaster when Princes Verin and Gavril, along with Princess Nysia, came face to face with the Chosen of Thul in Dun Mordren. Verin charged at the infamous Chosen, intent on ending the creature's life, but was stopped by magic at the last moment. Had he succeeded, the summit would've been most dearly disrupted and who knows what position King Steamhammer would've been placed in to assure the safety of his guests.

Whispers indicate that the King is already thinking of sending many away, declaring negotiations with Stormgard to be at a 'crucial moment'.

Meanwhile, jubilation over the Queen's pregnancy continues to spread.

Kesenday, Aestry 24, 1017

Angorites on the march?!

From the monastaries outside of Alexandria, a great many Angorites have returned to the city proper. They all seem rather sober, for a change. What could be causing so many of them to all turn up at once? They all seem to be qutie busy preparing for *something*. Perhaps a big party?

Gilday, Aestry 8, 1017

Meanwhile, at Arendt's Camp...


In all seriousness, the war camp of Arendt has been building up. Seems they're getting read for something. No doubt they'll be making a pivotal move once they see how the summit shakes out.

Kesenday, Aestry 3, 1017


Several dwarven guards have turned up outside the residence of the Charnese ambassador, seriously tightening security.

Stranger still, /several/ stone sarcophagi were delivered to it during the evening.

The rumor mill is already swirling and the dwarven guard are looking even more sternly unhappy than before.

Korday, Aestry 2, 1017

Royal Pregnancy

...but the King of Dun Mordren then announced that his wife was with child. Spontaneous celebrations have erupted throughout the city, with tankards of ale for all, and are expected to continue for the duration of the summit.

At the Charn Ambassador's Residence

It was very quiet for some time before he exited. A rush of activity then began, with a very worried look Charnish ambassador being seen in a few different places in town, collecting various expensive items from Dun Mordren's merchant's. /Very/ expensive items, in the range of many thousands of gold pieces spent.

He has not been seen since.

Tariday, Firetide 30, 1017

Thieves in Dun Morden Followup!

Duncan is trying to talk to others from the explorer's guild - he claims that the adventurers who helped foil the thieves from Alvik's party have some sensitive information.

OOC This is regarding the 'Thieves in Dun Mordren' post on bboard 7 - the PCs in that plot got some info about Charn but Duncan doesn't have the skills to do legwork to follow up. Look for me online if you'd like to RP and possibly get involved with the investigation!

Gilday, Firetide 24, 1017

Thieves Arrested in Dun Morden

There are a great many parties in Dun Mordren right now. This is, after all, a once in a generation sort of affair.

One of those parties was run by a man named Alvik Veps, from Stormgarde. It was there that he was struck by a group of thieves pretending to be musical entertainment, and there that those same musical entertainers compelled them to dance until they could force them to give up their goods. When, believe it or not, a GIANT WOLF arrived on the scene and startled them, the magical instruments ceased their playing and the spell broken. One of the thieves was killed on the spot by the offended Stormgardian host. The others were tracked down and arrested by the Dun Mordren guard, heroes all.

The stolen property is being sorted and returned.

Tariday, Firetide 23, 1017

Mass Gnomery

There was quite a commotion on the Path of Kings today. A pair of gnomish artificers attempted to stealth their way to the King of the Dwarves to petition him for assistance with a problem at a power station for Dun Mordren by transforming everyone ELSE into a gnomes. So they'd blend in better.

This did not work.

The two gnome have been arrested and the power station has been said to be secured. What's unusual, though, is that the power station was ever in jeopardy in the first place.

Dun Mordren's Geothermal stations are usually heavily guarded.

Ceriday, Firetide 20, 1017

Confrontation on the Iron Plaza

Rumors are swirling amongst the foreigners and locals alike about an odd confrontation between several foreigners and one of Dun Mordren's local merchant house representatives.

Apparently, the Secure Panacea trading company approachd Ambassador Harshstone, one of the sons of the missing Bludguni' ruler noted for having overthrown the former leadership at the tail end of the Sendor war, who is now missing and presumed dead alongside the Myrrish King when the mists that consumed Alexandria overtook them.

Offering help to Harshstone to try to locate his feather, the representative was assailed by at least one Giantborn who declared through personal experience that the Secure Panacea is a snake in the grass and is behind a great many nefarious things.

Speaker Aliv, the Panacea representative, was unable to make headway with his offer to the Ambassador, and has been, according to a Panacea statement, reassigned.

Gilday, Firetide 17, 1017

The Legend of Grat

"Grat, you say? Never 'eard of 'im."

"You woulda to hear it, I says, lad. Them crazyfolks came in here last night. Says they were up in the haunted hills, inside the old tombs," The elder Dran says. A crook prods the sheep onward.

"Horse dung," the younger replies. A cloth comes out of his pocket, wiping a sweaty forehead.

"Aye, that's what Thagraan says too. That blue lizard comes in with outlandish tales, fighting the walkin dead. Talks of ancient ruins north a da plains. Thagraan didn't believe a word of it, even after that large Dranei with 'em said so. He was there! Fought! Saw it with his own eyes."


"And how much did they drink before they started you. Nay, how much did you drink till you beleived em?" The one rider begins. His eyes still scanning the road.

"You can't believe anything they told you. They had one of them Rune wizards with 'em," a second one interrupts.

"Aye, the fat one! Once Thagraan had enough of the whole thing, him en the boys hoisted him up. Tossed him right into that blue lizard. The third finishes."


"And then the walls came crashing in! My da says, that they says that the walls, they were big and grey, covered in bones. The walls, they started to crush them all," the little girl happily follows her sister.

"Mmmhmm," the older girl says, putting eggs from underneath the chickens into a basket. "Not like they had any proof."


"At's just it. the older dran saysm "They brought back a hammer, 'ell of an earthbreaker."

The bartender pours the old man another drink, wilently.

"Couldn't get much of a look from underneath your bar, eh? You shoulda seen the look on Thagraan's face when that hammer shocked 'im good. Or the look on his face when that woman put 'im in an arm lock that nearly made im cry. Made im apologize to the other mountain lookin Dranei."


"But this Grat guy. He went through the whole place where these foreigners were? All by himself?" the young man says to another.

"All on his own, met his death there, fightin. Goin down against his enemies like a Dran should. the other man nods. "Heard it with my own ears."

"Hmm," the other replies, thoughtfully looking to the plains, and his horse.

Ceriday, Hattanan 30, 1017


The wreckage of the Guild of Explorers is still smolderijng, but already things have begun to disappear from the site as they're reovered, passed into the wrong hands, no doubt. The Guild's leadership, what survived, is already working to establish a temporary location and the guards at hte site have been doubled, but it seems likely that a number of things that nobody wants loose in the city will, in fact, wind up loose in the city.

OOC: Feel free to throw PRPs or random grid bits down with this!

Kesenday, Hattanan 29, 1017

Adventurer's Guild Destroyed

The Warehouse District was rocked by an explosion recently, destroying the Adventurer's Guild and killing many. However, were it not for the adventurers milling about nearby waiting for jobs to be posted, the death toll would have been vastly higher than it is. Search and rescue among the wreckage continues, and rebuilding efforts are likely to be underway soon. Still, this does leave the city's staunchest Guilds might without a home, and the loss of whatever was inside its storages is probably incalculable. Since it has yet to be determined who set off the explosion, and why, rumor and speculation is rampant.

And That's Not All...

It becomes apparent over the course of the day that the Guild of Explorers has been under siege. Numerous groups of adventures were sent out and many returned with heavy casualties, and some did not return at all. War has been waged on the Guild of Explorers this night and the results speak for themselves.

The city Council is in meeting with the Guild hierarchy who survived the detonation, and more is sure to come.

With the summit nearly here, the timing can not be a coincidence.

Gilday, Hattanan 27, 1017

Bomb Detonated in Ox-Strength

A bomb recently went off in the Ox-Strenght tavern, injuring several patrons, but killing none. Perhaps an Oxley's debt finally caught up with him, or someone doesn't like Myrana Jn'rajh?

Noted Performance Troop Visits Alexandria

A troop of gnomish performers have taken the Flightwright by storm lately. With a flashy performance, strong vocals and coordinated acrobatics, in trench coats no less, the shows are nearly sold out.

A Flightwright spokesperson confirms the exclusive contract.

Just outside the reknowned theatre, the following lyrics can be heard evenings:

Sparklepires are alive
The legends have to survive!
We'll never come undone!
And we will be forever young!

Reportedly, the act is "pulling out all the stops"!

Tariday, Hattanan 17, 1017

Recalled from the Countryside

The perceptive may notice that the Temple of Daeus seems quietly busier than usual over the next couple of days, heading into weeks, with a great many priests quietly arriving and then departing back out into the countryside. Whatever's going on, it seems to be something specific to the Daeusite church.

Tariday, Hattanan 12, 1017

Earthquakes in Rune

Over the next few days, several minor tremors hit Rune. While there are concerns about Dran and sapping efforts again, or armies of Earth Elementals, Parliament acknowledges it's own responsibility, saying that the tremors are part of a new project that will serve to strengthen Rune's defenses.

Korday, Hattanan 7, 1017

Trouble and Terror

"What? She WHAT?"

From sailors to laundryworkers to bricklayers, Lower Alexandria is awash with gossip.

"Married? Are you--"

"I saw that lizard paladin and some others escort them off. They're out in a cottage somewhere, in the country."


"The owner of the Ox--Myrana? And Lady Sandiel! Married! To eachother!"

"Trouble and Terror!" roars the sailor, laughing. "Well, I'll be!"

Posted by Svarshan

Tariday, Hattanan 5, 1017

Overheard at Arendt's Headquarters

"...why exactly are these cookies shaped like coffins, anyways?"

"No idea."

(Blame Kerbasy)

Korday, Bernfleur 30, 1017

Sith-makar Through the Gate

The Sith Makar have arrived in force through the rift that is shared with Alexandria. Hundreds of them have rather suddenly appeared on this side and are now marching, en masse, through the countryside towards the Spell Cannon. They too set up an encampment there. It's a rather shocking sight, but it would appear that the site of the cannon is now /extremely/ fortified. Given that the a treaty was signed between Alexandria and the Empress of the Tribes of the Sith-Makar in Am'shere, it is taken as a clear sign that the Sith nation itnends honor its obligations. How long they'll remain, or why they've been called to the cannon so suddenly, remains tob e seen.

Tariday, Bernfleur 28, 1017

Doubled Guard on the Spellcannon

A large number of soldiers have been dispatched to he Planar Disjuntion Cannon. While the Council assures everyone it's just a 'training exercise', there can be little doubt that the Council believes some kind of threat to it is imminent and is taking precautions.

Korday, Bernfleur 23, 1017

Demons Attack Dran!

Rune has stooped to a new low in desperation against the mighty armies of the Iron Tide, unleashing horrific demons to strike at a peaceful encampment of civilians deep within Dran territory! The demons slew a great many civilians, emerging from a cleverly concealed tunnel dug by Runish forces with the aid of their magic.

Dran condemnes these foul, dishonorable tactics with all it's might and has put down the demonic soldiers with great haste.

Rune swiftly denies these allegations, claiming that Dran unleashed the demons on itself while fooling with powers they did not understand, much as Dran always has and always will.

"The Iron Tide is made up of fools following a fool," they say.

Note: We'd fallen behind on postings due to some overhead, so about 2 months' of rumors are missing.

Gilday, Vhast 28, 1017

Another assassination attempt!

Word from the Iron Tide comes swiftly: there has been an assassination attempt on Arendt himself! The assassins appeared with a flash of fire and magic, lunging at him in the middle of his nightly tea. He was able to fend them off, bravely, until the Raven Guard could get into place.

These assassins now have a similar bounty on them to the one posted for the alleged assassination attempt on the Grey Gore. While casualties were high, Arendt has emerged wounded and suffering from the effects of poisoned blades, but alive.

Descriptions floating about sound an awful lot like Jareth, Tatyannah, Kerbasy, and Cesran.

In a statement, Arendt suggests that the assassins have since fled with Rune's assistance to lick their wounds in Alexandria, 'a home to vile cowards who aid and abet the enemy without daring to engage on their own'. He's begun calling for a trade embargo against the city-state 'until these criminals are handed over to the proper authorities' for trial and judgement.

Posted by Whirlpool

Surrenders in Rune

No, Rune is not surrendering, but several contingents of Dran warriors have, as of lately, surrendered to their outmatched Runic Parliamentary Guard. Why? No one is exactly sure, but some point to the new banners that several units have been equipped with that have been persuading Dran soldiers to drop their weapons, flee, or otherwise get in the way of their lines. Some sort of compulsion magic is suspected. It's only a matter of time before Dran figures out how to respond. Rune in no way can hold onto a large number of prisoners and many have already escaped, while others were simply released aftter swearing an oath to Angoron and Kor that they would not rejoin the fighting. A few high value targets have already been taken for interrogation and no doubt that will pay dividends.

((This is the result of an action began by Selerik. A big thanks to him and everyone who helped it along, as well as Inferno!))

Posted by Whirlpool

Tariday, Vhast 27, 1017

Elessa's Willy-Nilly Stabbings

"Have you seen the young lady?" The phrase is repeated discreetly throughout the city, by a wizened-looking Vardamen. Old, with a beard to his chest, he wobbles down the street, a traditionalist on a mission.

"Yes, we'd heard about her new has everyone concerned...this sort of loose know, spreading death willy-nilly. There are forms to be filled out, paperwork. Prayers. ...rites to observe, and purification rituals. ...Is she notifying the next of kin?"

" you know where I could find her? We need to have a talk about procedures."

The Vardamen are on the lookout for Elessa, it seems, "in light of the young woman's new career choice, and new, cavalier attitude towards death."

They wish to make sure she knows how to pray properly, within her new line of work. And is aware of laws. Which she should be following. And apparently needs to hear about. There may also be purification rituals involved, and the memorization of long prayer-forms.

Also, they haven't seen her in Temple, lately. What's up with that?

Posted by Lahar

Variday, Vhast 26, 1017

Attempted Assassination!

Rumors from Dran come streaming to the ALexandrian community of adventurers. There has been an attempt on the life of the Grey Gore, one of the leaders of the Iron Tide, and a central figure in maintaing healthy relationships between the Tide and the giants of Dran's mountains. Rumors indicate a young Tsuran woman murdered the Grey Gore's body guards and that only the leader's 'stnregth in the might of Kor and studious attention to omens' warned him of her approach. He was able to drive her off.

Fingers are already pointing at Rune and Alexandria for such an underhanded effort, and what's worse, the description (and large bounty attached for her apprehension) will remind all who know her of Elessa.

Posted by Whirlpool

Korday, Vhast 16, 1017

Temple Quarantine!

The Vardaman Temple went into lockdown recently. Contacts with the temple report quarntine, through 'some wizard gone mad, again.' Some adventurers were reported heading into the Temple before the doors closed. Reports give it anywhere from one to three days before things re-open.

Posted by Kerbasy

Gilday, Vhast 14, 1017

Felwood Expedition

An expedition to the felwoods was made by a group of adventurers the other day. They were tasked in retrieving the body of a lesser noble. It is said that he died due to foul demons.

When the adventurers return, they didn't bring along a body. There was no body to retrieve anymore. A signet ring was offered, and this was enough for the noble family to find closure.

(For more information, talk to: Lothos, Rhar, Sentry H-U, Flicker, Cesran, and Godwyn)

Posted by Benthus

Gilday, Vhast 7, 1017

Fang and Ice

A farming village near the Eldwyn was menaced by a small pack of wargs, driven by a large, winter wolf alpha. Some livestock had been lost, but a call for help placed with the Adventurer's Guild seems to have come just in time. While the village is safe for the moment, news of the winter wolf's unnamed 'master' leaves the village wary of future reprisals. For the moment, however, peace has settled in time for the planting season to begin. (For more information, or just a good story, speak to Dain, Belladona, or Alba)

Posted by Alba