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Aeslyn Son'Doriel: The seemingly immortal high-patron of the elves of Llyranost. The virtual faerie queen who has ruled in Llyranost for millennia. Though her lifespan has exceeded that of even the average high-elf, she still reigns with vitality and sits at the head of the Elven Court of Llyranost. Few non elves have ever laid eyes upon her and she has rarely left the heart of the elven wood.

Aiglos: The first patriarch of the eldanar lineage in the days prior to the rise of Kulthus and the war that led to The Sundering. An ancient legendary figure of scripture and myth, it is said he was the one to whom was given the Holy Sword of Ea, it's companion armor and the Holy Ark.

Librarian/Collector Adileh: An organizer/librarian of the Academy's Collections department, which hosts a veritable sundry of unusual and rare and interesting items. Poses describing her:

Following the sorceress out of the library and standing on the top of the stairs is a figure of contradictions. A woman of flamboyant dress by the shrewdest demeanor. She has the frizzy hair popular in some academic circles. Her eyes are pointed directly at Eira's back, the disapproval palatable.
"No," clipped. "I do /not/ need a hug. And that looks like /mischief/." Mischief. Like some sour taste in her mouth. Some alien concept. Adileh's mouth twists and she gives an uncomfortable yank of her dress which crinkles the folds and rustles the fantastically-sized bustle. A few sparks come out. Regardless, she's atop a set of stairs. And can't get to anyone. She just looks disapproving.

Lady Alexandra: Lady Alexandra is a council member of the Dapper Dagger Dames. The Lucht is often seen out in the farm lands, well dressed as she walks with her pet corgi. The corgi is always as well dressed as she is, wearing a tuxedo that's tailored for him with a matching monocle. He sometimes wears a top hat for formal occasions.

Lady Alexandra is known for helping out the under dog, often arguing for the cases of the farmers and settling disputes with a well phrased point more than a well pointed sword. Her Corgi, Sir Chocolate Chip, was knighted in the Myrrish court after rescuing the venerable Lady Buttercup - the Princess's aging pony.

Altima: The sorceress-general who conquered Alexandria over sixty years ago during the height of the devestating Crown Wars. An ally of Charn, her conquering of Alexandria created a turning point in the war as she was able to capture the effective central gateway between the continents of Vantyre and Arcania and also the rich resources available in the area through the major mining facilities, engineering and magical lay lines. Halfway through her reign she cut her ties with Charn and proclaimed herself empress while beginning to scour the land for ancient Kulthien artifice and lost relics. The infighting her change of allegiance caused served to throw the Charn forces into disarray and later the allied forcs of the west banded together to oust her from Alexandria in a series of battles known as The Sorceress War. It was not the allied forces that ended up fully gaining victory but rather insurgent groups that had remained in Alexandria during the years of the occupation. THe Phalanx Falcis was the group responsible for Altima's 'demise' although her body was never found or verified. In particular, the Alexandrian nobleman known as Augustus Alexandros was said to have been responsible for her death.

It is later discovered that Altima was one of the last living High Artificers from the Kulthian age, survived by mysterious means. This explains her epic levels of power but also leaves a question mark as to how a group of heroes was able to overcome her given the incredible power level differences but explains why the Convocation of Rune was unable to overcome her magic without outside aid.

Altima's reign in Alexandria was iron fisted with gespato like treatment of those loyal to the old monarchy. She brutaly murdered most of the noble houses, slew the royal family and maintained a gripping hold over the daily lives of civilians who remained in the region. Despite her tendancies to behave like a follower of Maugrim, she was known to be a devout follower of Taara and her entourage included many members of that priesthood.

Arendt: The warleader of the so-called 'Iron Tide' is one Arendt. Seemingly having risen from nowhere, he struck first in killing an Alexandrian diplomat and launching an attack on Rune. He's extroidinarily charismatic and has managed to keep a warband together through thick and thin, and has a goal of nothing less than remaking the entire North in his image, after he finishes crushing Rune. This is easier said than done.

Asumit: A powerful devil summoner responsible for the fall of Versis and active during the War of Sendor. It is said he has aspirations of being a demon god, and was successful in conquering Skald. During the fall, he used souls to bind Hell to Ea's plane in a permanent fashion, before being run out of town. He is known for his mercilessness, vindictiveness, cruelty, and his love of forcing ugly choices on adventurers in an attempt to dirty them up.

Augustus Alexandros: The infamous Alexandrian nobleman who some believe was one of the last living members of the royal house and may have been next in line for the throne had Altima not invaded during his mothers lifetime. Augustus Alexandros would have been born during the occupation era. There are some who claim that his mother was the missing princess Lianna Rena Alexandros who herself had founded the early insurgent groups that resisted Altima but no proof of this exists. What is known is that Augustus was a member of the Phalnax Falcis along with several other prominent members of society and that he delibered the blow that struck Altima down by means of a magical scythe. The scythe remained the symbol of the Falcis and Augustus own personal symbol however the agreement between Alexandria and Myrddion caused him considerable grief especially at the signs that the old traditions and monarchy would not be restored. He disappeared during the interm years of Myrddion's rebuilding of Alexandria and returned during the season of rising tensions between the two nations due to Myrddion's lack of honor on its agreement to leave Alexandria once the rebuilding was complete.

Augustus was a prominent figure during those years through means of a restored Phalnax Falcis that now targetted Myrddion as the oppressor. His rousing speeches turned many to his side including members of the adventuring community and forced Myrddion to level increasingly severe edicts against such public gathering. He then turned to terrorism, destroying a Myrrish military airship that was bringing troops to reinforce the city in the wake of a build of up Charn forces and a number of other misdeeds accompanied him as well. He finally revealed his full intentions by attempting to defile and claim deposited divine magic from a sacred site and attempted to use it to empower himself. The ritual required the sacrifice of members of his own entourage which he readily performed however it was interfered with by adventurers working with Myrrish agents and Augustus was driven into the outer planes and seemingly dealt with by the gods themselves.

Augustus sightings continued over the years with a number of events circling around it included the supposed recover of his scythe, now infused with a portion of the divine energies he had attempted to steal for himself - and a sighting at the end of the Merkabah Siege where he, or something posing as him, struck the death blow to the mad-artificer Saluven. If these beings are actually Augusuts, imitators, or ghost like echoes has not been verified and the mystery remains at large to this day.


Barntos: Advian Barntos is the current Chosen of Thul, but also a former High Priest of Vardama with Alexandria. He was elevated to the position upon the murder of the former head of the Church within the Alexandrian community and both he and his second, one Felix Cranston. Moving with great stealth and keeping his allegiance to Thul secret with nefarious means, he orchestrated the corruption of the temple and the rtaising of the dead within its tombs, sealing it from the outside world while he transformed himself into a blood drinking abomination. Having used the Alexandrian adventurer community to loot greath wealth from lost Vardaman temples, he hired numerous mercenaries and creatures to defend the interior of the temple. Eventually, his plan to sacrifice the remaining Vardamans was foiled when Alexandrian guard and its mercenaries, who did not particularly enjoy being used, defeated him in combat and purified the temple, slaying Cranston. At some point later, several Vardaman priests received visions that Barntos had rapidly ascended to the height of Chosen by slaying the previous Chosen of Thul in ritual combat, making him the highest ranking priest of that faith within Charn, a position he remains to this day. It is also said he is responsible for the existance of the Garnaks -- a sorcerous clan of vampire hobgoblins formerly involved with the city-state of Blar.

Also: Hello, Myrana.

Baldwin Addelberg: The elder patriarch of the Addelberg family of Alexandria. The Addelbergs are famous familial group of wizards, known for their eccentric personalities. Some of them are said to even be competent.

Big Ben: A still functioning Titan-Class War Golem hailing back from the days of Kulthus. A functioning War-Golem with an active Soul Burner core, Ben is one of the most powerful aresnals in the Alexandros military but replication of him is forbidden due to the elements of Black-Tech involved in his make. Extensive study of Ben has led to numerous innovations in the local artifice and magitech developments. Ben was the center of a conflict in recent memory when an aging sorcerer known as Whitefoot, desperate to escape death, attempted to transfer his being into Ben to use as a chassis only to discover through the intervention of adventurers that Ben, while a construct, had a powerful living core at the heart of it all. Whitefoot's Invasion remains a memorable event. Ben is usually stationed in The Engineering Enclave's Craft Warrens but has been seen out before and in the company of the Alexandros Militia. Ben is currently being used as the model design for a series of non-sentient constructs to serve as 'The Colossal Guard' for events of dire danger to the city.

Ben differs from the modern day living construct due to his size, power and the presence of a soul burner. While technically an archaic design, his abilities far exceed that of the common War-Golem but unlike them he is incapable of adapting and growing behind his basic design.


Caldor Methis: Caldor Methis is the representative for the Western Residential area of the City Council. He is a massive imposing man (NE male human Nbl 3/Fgt 3), and the Teamsters Guild, The Guild, the Ebon Syndicate, and a number of other corrupt principles all have their fingers in his back pockets. The trade and commerce that passes through the Western Residential is not easily turned aside, however, so Caldor commands considerable influence among some members of the city Watch as well. He is perhaps most famous for being a foil to Haley Lunatec, seeming to oppose nearly all of her proposals on principle; she often returned the favor. Most recently, he was vocal in his opposition for Alexandria to join the war effort in Sendor.

Colonel Strangeways: is a Colonel of Engineers within the Alexandrian Army. He is a middle aged man with a bushy mustache, moderate build and heavy muttonchops. He's frequently seen with a pipe and often commands large experimental efforts to improve Alexandrian applied Artifice in the war against Bludgun. Most notably, he planned the use of a large manned sapping machine to penetrate the walls of Fort Gettys and allow a group to sabotage warding generators protecting the fortification.

Crimson Pen: The Crimson Pan is Alexandria's most popular (and notorious) romance/fanfic writer. Revealed through plots to be three half-giant sisters, the Crimson Pen publishes dime novels about the torrid lives of Alexandria's most notable adventures (once you're L11+!). They are all horrible, but somehow, Alexandrians love them, debate them, and others are inspired by them. They are not the only ones in Alexandria or the world; they are just the most well-known locally.

Their most famous arc involved a supposed love triangle between the demure Dandy, the devious Jyrana, and the manly Mereth (Sandy, Myrana, and Jareth respectively). The arc ended in Jyrana supposedly poisoning Mereth, who by then Alexandrians had been rooting for in his supposed pursuit of Dandy. The revelation caused riots, and resulted in Myrana and Sandy being chased to the rooftop of their house to explain the whole thing was false.

The Crimson Pen has at times, published oblique warnings in their work, such as the time a Conquerer visited Alexandria. His sordid appearance in their publication (as he flirted and commented on the warts of goblins and gasping, languid muls) assured the visit could neither go unnoticed, nor uncommented on, though the CP usually stays away from things of this nature.

For every CP novel, there are knockoffs and side-stories written by other aspiring fanfic'ers. The CP has taken to signing their work in a unique way, so these knockoffs are more easily identified.

The CP is part of a larger network that spans the globe. Circles of merchants, nobles, and so on are known to host fanfic salons, where they write about and gossip about their favorite heroes and nobles. All of the writing is horrible. In short, this is Ea's version of what used to happen to nobility before modern day celebrities.


Magus Bryan Dessek: A well-regarded wizard from Rune, who dabbles in artifice and is known for several treatises on Kulthian magic. He recently has arrived in Alexandria and established a home there, apparently to work on some manner of project related to an archaeological find he established.

Duke of Skald: The Duke of Skald, using the Book of Darkness, opened the world to a demonic invasion that it has not seen since. The "why" of his actions have been sort of lost to the historic record, along with his actual name. He was eventually exiled, and more or less scratched from history as much as possible. To history, he's just 'the Duke of Skald'. He and his armies were eventually defeated at the cost of the High King's life and the fall of the Millenium Kingdom.


Lord Eff: An enigmatic nobleman - if he even is truly a nobleman - that has recently taken up residence in Alexandria's nobles' district. Apparently a recluse, no-one knows what he even looks like, despite the fact that he often hires adventurers to go out on monster hunts, always bringing back the corpses.

Elbereth: The last Eldanar High King, the legendary Elbereth was the last known wielder of Einlazhar the Holy Sword of Ea and the one who challenged the Daemon Lord (An Aspect of Maugrim) and prevented him from seizing foothold on the material plane during the Daemon Wars, five hundred years ago. Elbereth's legend remains one of the most often recounted throughout the west as he represents the ideal kingly hero and the perfect sacrifice that saved the world. Elbereth's death sounded the death knell to the ancient Highborn empire and created the birth of what is now known as The Myrrish Kingdoms and Charn. To this day the Holy Sword of Ea remains in the Tower of the Sword in Bryn Myridorn and Elbereth lays entombed deep within the castle-city.

Matron Eleniel: The matriarch of the Alexandrian Temple of Althea. An elderly woman who is gifted in the healing magics of Althea's order and who is exceptionally wise and diplomatic.

Elex Sandstone: The Headmaster of the Academy of Sages College of Magic in Alexandria city and a member of the Convocation of Rune. Friendly and outgoing but also very powerful and well minded in matters arcane. Some believe he will attain archmagi status and leave the school to join the Eldritch Council but others believe that his love of teaching and the youth keeps him in Alexandria. It is rumored that he somehow has gnomish blood in him but this is only partially verified by the sheer number of magical accidents that happen on campus.


Fanatical Eddie: Fanatical Eddie is a seller of scrolls and miscellaneous magical items for the daring adventure. Fanatical Eddie is a character that was never seen. Nobody knows the gender of the character nor what/who he/she/it is. "He" was originally made by Zak.

Usually FE crops up in poses like this:

"Damn right," Zak says, moving up beside them, though he is concentrating more on the group of refugees for the moment. He tears a scroll from his belt and reads, "Congratulations. You are the proud owner of Fanatical Eddie's Patented Force-Of-Personality Ecumenical Ritual With Vague References To Eagles. Damn. It's like he ain't even trying any more." And then? He sets about laying hands on one refugee after another, eyes lifted skyward as he does, praying for Averium to restore energy to their weary bodies.
"Averium, make her wise like the owl, wise enough to shop at Fanatical Eddie's Scroll Emp..." Zak sort of coughs through the rest of the scroll.

A short man in an expensive, though somewhat threadbare, outfit. He looks to be in his mid to late 30s, with hair graying at the temples, and a rather ... let's be charitable and call it 'solid' look to him.

Farden Fenwick: A highly placed member of the Fenwick, Fenwick, Fenwick and Zoz Trading Company. This company is a sprawling business lead by an extended family, with a variety of contracts and businesses related to trade into and out of Alexandria. They will often hire men on to guard caravans, check on interests, or rescue lost personnel.

Farden is the NPC 'questgiver' in the Fenwick and Grager plots found under the RP Logs.


Gath the Red Maw: Half-Red Dragon/Mok'nathal - Gath is a famed outlaw and head of a band of brigands known as The Red Maw. He and his crew were nortorious for acts of destruction and vandalism in and around Alexandria and were declared outlaws with considerable bounties on their head. They were in the employ of several individuals including Saluven and the Illuminated Order. Gath spent some time in the floating prison-fortress of Skyhold but was broken out during a daring raid on the flying prison. He is currently still at large although the size of his brigand-crew is much diminished.

Greta McBane: Greta McBane is a paladin of Daeus with a checkered past, too many husbands, and arms the size of wrinkly old tree trunks. She spends most of her days striking terror into temple acolytes and Agril.

Prince Gavriel Serenas: The bookish, "more reasonable" younger brother to Prince Verin, and the other contender to the throne. Far more patient and administrative than his brother, Gavriel is a studious and scholarly sort. He is presently thought to behing various efforts that are keeping Verin from ascending to the throne in the absence of missing Myrrish King.


The Hound of Myrddion/Jormugander: One of the most feared warriors in the west and a champion of the king. Despite his allegiance with law and those who consider themselves good, he is known as a dark knight and a destructive phantom willing to do whatever is necessary to ensure stability. As such much of the dirty work of the nation falls to him and his entourage. His name is known among the Adventurers of Alexandria due to the number of dealings he's had with them. He is not known to be kind but is known to honor his word.

Haley Lunatec: Haley Lunatec is a former City Council member of Alexandros. The charismatic halfling represented the Explorer's District, and as such often sided with adventurers in disputes. She was well-known for her dislike of one particular Council member, Caldor Methis, and her loyalty to Lady Rawyn Telenil. She was recently re-elected to the position in a contested election with Vic Leonal. Rumors place her as a fighter in the Alexandrian war for independence beside both Rawyn and Serella Mayhew, aka Mother Mayhem.

At a rally in support of the Myrrish effots towards re-taking Sendor, Haley was revealed to have been murdered and reanimated. Before anyone could react, Haley's body exploded, killing and wounding dozens of supporters after giving a dire warning that anyone who fights Bludgun will 'suffer the same fate'. It was this grisly attack that caused Alexandria to enter the war alongside the Myrrish.

Heth: See Dragonier. See also 'run away'. Heth is the destroyer of Dragonier and his background is unknown. What is known is that he generates a lot of wights and that the Thulites aren't too fond of him for stealing their schtick.

He Who Hungers: He Who Hungers is both the name and the title of the leader of a faction of lycanthropic Caracoroth worshippers known as the Children of Garm. Supposedly the prophecized freer of Caracorth, He Who Hungers was never seen anywhere near Alexandria proper. Legend places him as a giant of enormous size and strength. It said in stories that have become local legend that he was defeated within arms reach of freeing Caracoroth from the chains that bind him and that Gilead himself has bound his watch's agent at the sight of his defeat so that he might lament his fall for all eternity. It is said that a massive hammer, sunk into the earth near the Hobgoblin settlement popularly known as 'Liberton' amongst Alexandrians, belongs to him and that whoever should draw it from the earth may become the next He Who Hungers.

Hyraxis: The former king of Dragonier, a great gold dragon who was slain by Heth.


Ivald the Mighty: A hard-drinking, boisterous jotun of a man, Ivald came to Alexandria during the most recent Tournament Paramount, and was a loud and friendly presence throughout. During the closing ceremonies, he revealed himself to be a ghaele azata, a celestial servitor of Angoron, and pronounced his approval of the heroes of Alexandria before departing for Heroes' Welcome once more. Rumor has it that he's married to a servant of Tarien.


Jordan Ironfire: Former chief of the Craft-Warrerns in Alexandria's branch of the Enclave of Engineers, Jordan was demoted after a period of being fully suspended and now serves alongside Tyr in matters of technical design with a number of restrictions on him. His pyromaniac tendencies as well as his blunders in several security breaches involving the Enclave's resources are well known.


Kreig Dranei: The legendary Dranei First-Khan that united the Dran Tablelands and coastal regions into what is now known as The Khanate of Dran. He earned the title of The Iron Emperor and gained the respect and allegiance of a number of non human races and tribes including the mok'nathal and the orcs of the Savage Frontier. To this day, though Dranei is more fractured, those races honor the pact made with Kreig. Kreig's status is Herculean in scope and the tales that envelop him are just as outrageous as time but any who hail from the Savage Frontier openly swear by him and his feats and are quick to put doubters to the ground.



Mendorn Steamhammer: The current High King of the Dwarven Enclaves of Dun Mordren which is the chief realm of the dwarven affiliations of Khazad Duin. Mendorn Steamhammer rules out uf the city of Kingsforge and sits at the head of the council of thanes. He speaks for the dwarves of Dun Mordren and is considered a respected ruler with true noble blood out of clan Truehammer.


Nikmok: Nikmok was a giant servant of He Who Hungers, cursed with werewolfism. It is said he was converted on the battlefield and urged to Kor's Realm, by the actions of heroes from Alexandria.

Nikmok, Son of: An immortal champion of Caracoroth. He was beheaded, and until recently, his head had been hidden away by the Elunans, because it sprouted blasphemous prophecies.





Rawyn Telenil: Rawyn Telenil is the appointed High Lady of the Argent Confederacy which is a union of the various settlements and nations of the heartlands of Arcania of which Alexandria is the Lord's City. Rawyn also sits on the city council as a First Among Equals, weighing in on matters of city and local government. She is known to be a friend of and sympathetic to the adventurers in the city and has called on them directly on a number of different occassions to serve as her direct agents in matters that the state itself wishes to not involve itself in. Rawyn is also the matriarch of House Telenil, one of the few surviving noble houses of the old monarchy and thus is of royal blood.

A powerful Eldanar Sorceress, Rawyn was a member of the Phalnax Falcis and served alongside Augustus and was present for the death of Altima. Her estranged husband, Tuocor is a member of the Convocation of Rune's 'Edldritch Council' (Rune's circle of Archmagi who pass decrees down then enforced into law by the Convocation itself.) but their current relationship is unknown as he's not been seen in Alexandria for many months now.

During the tense days of the Merkabah siege, Rawyn's death was faked by machinations of the mad Artificer Saluven who transformed the powerful Sorceress into an agent of his efforts against her will. She was rescued by adventurers and restored back to normalcy.


Samuel Edueriallis: The high priest of the Church of the Rising One, the Alexandrian branch of the Daeus clergy. Samuel was appointed high priest shortly after the Myrrish occupation began but has remained here despite the changes in the city. A faithful figure and a patriarch to the countless flock of Daeus that enters the temple on a daily basis. His nearest rival is Father Morrow of the Eluna Order but the two work together to ensure religious harmony in the city. Despite this he is known to have dour thoughts on the Edict that permits the growth of dark faiths in the city but he speaks against any attempts by his flock to hamper these efforts without the dark clergies acting illegally first.

Governor Lucian Shrike/Saluven: Saluven the High Artificer was one of the surviving High Artificers of Kulthus who mysteriously was able to escape the doom placed upon them by the gods and survive to the present day. He founded an organization known as The Illuminated Order and used it to manipulate events across the region in the hopes that he could find the means to rescue his brethren as he believed them imprisoned by the gods in the Void Beyond Creation. To this end he was responsible for many events culminating with the attack of an army of constructs and half-constructs upon the city of Alexandria in an event known as The Merkabah Siege. Saluven's efforts were defeated and he was seemingly slain by Augustus Alexandros although if this is truly what happened remains to be verified.

Saluven posed for several years as Lucien Shrike the Myrrish appointed governor of Alexandros during it's occupation era. As Shrike he had hands on contact with the adventuring and relic hunting community as well as political happenings that concerned Alexandria. Once exposed he revealed his true nature and abandoned his post which ultimately paved the way for Alexandrian independance.

Saluven's base of operations was the sunken floating city of Merkabah which was intended as the divine chariot by which the High ARtificer were to supplant the gods in the ancient world. Merkabah was later used during the Siege as Saluven intended to use it to re-open the celestial gates to try and free his brethren with no heed to what would happen to the world should this be done. It was destroyed by means of the Planar Disjunction Cannon. One of the weapons of mass destruction he himself had helped design in the elder days.

Rumors of Saluven's ghost appearing in the city took place but no fruit came of these rumors.

Acolyte Slate: A quiet, humble albino acolyte of Althea that serves at the temple in Alexandria. Rumor has it that he was an amnesiac who was taken in by the temple - certainly, Matron Eleniel keeps a close eye on his progress.

Sora Nale: Inscrutable, mysterious and seemingly all knowning, the prophetess Sora has figured prominently into a number of local events so much so that her name is now commonly known among the populace. White haired and seemingly fae blooded, she was first seen at the side of Augustus Alexandros as if a being bound to serve him. Later she was freed by his apparent demise but she continued to counsel and aid the local populace in matters of discernment, prophecy and deciphering of ancient matters. Her abilities at inductive reasoning seemingly have little limit but she is careful one what she reveals and has voiced on a number of occassions that she knows only what she is meant to know. Her current dwelling place is at The Holy See in the nation of Ecclesia.


Toeburst: Captain Toeburst is gnomish ocean going ship's captain, though it is also said that he is the owner of several airships. What he is known most for, however, is heavily involvement in the Alexanrian mercenary community and that he often hires young would-be adventurers to test his experimental equipment in the pursuit of lost ocean treasures. His high levels of wealth speak to the success of these ventures.

Tristus Serenas: The High King of Myrddion, patron of the Serenas household, tenth to wield the name and crown of the west. Tristus is the iconic 'Great King'. A man aged yet powerful beyond his years. Noble and determined but intense and dangerous. His great power in battle and in the unification of the nations has earned him the title of The Lion of Myrddion and earned the High Kingdom itself the nickname of The Kingdom of the Lion. He wields Illuminia, a sword second in power only to the Sword of Ea itself. There are some who believe he should take up The Sword of Ea and fulfill the prophecy of the return of the Eldanar's reign but detractors point to the fact that though related to the old blood, the Terenas line comes from a lesser side house. Despite this, Tristus remains a figure whose presence in the west is equaled only by the shadow cast by his present rival in the form of the ruler of Charn. His titles include, but are not limited to: Tristus Serenas the Magnificent, High King of the Holy Kingdom Myrddion, Lion of Bryn Myridorn, Emperor of the Seven Islands, Lord Knight of the Most High Order of Ea, and Guardian of the Holy Sword.

Tyr: A well respected and known Esentran man who is the current co-chief of the Craft Warrens of the Enclave of Engineers in Alexandria city. A member of the techno-arcane union, Tyr was sent by Clockwork Point to replace Jordan Ironfire as the full chief regarding petitions to get Ironfire fired after several blunders during the Merkabah Crisis and the Whitefoot Invasion. Tyr is a large and powerful man but is known more for his capabilities as a weapons designer and artificer. He's one of the few people to possess a functioning and legal auto-graft for his left arm. (Grafts being functioning mechanical limbs replacing the original one.)



Prince Verin Serenas: Son of the Lion of Myrridion, heir to its throne. He appears in several logs, including: Sendor War: Arrival of the Prince, Sendor War: The Fall of Gettys, and The Prince's Feast. He is known for being brash and impulsive, more like an adventurer than a king really ought to be. He is presently locked in a struggle with his younger brother over the future of the Myrrish Kingdoms.

Vigilance: A tremendous celestial dire lion that served as the paladin mount and companion of high King Tristus Serenas during the Crown Wars and remains at his side in times of war as well as state. The lion has become something of a national symbol for Myrddion although some know that he is affectionately referred to as 'Bear' by one of the High King's grandchildren, for some unknown reason.


Whitefoot: A mad wizard whose past is obscured in history, it is known that he wished to defeat death itself - defying Vardama with plans to render every sentient being into undead or eternally preserved in construct form. The ghost of Whitefoot is said to have been defeated by adventurers, but whatever happened during that final battle is unknown.