Khazad Duin

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Khazad Duin
Population Unknown: Common: (khazad) Uncommon: (gnomes, humans, egalrin)
Government Monarchy
Religion Reos, Pantheon of Light
Imports Manufactured items, magic items, pottery, explorers
Exports Furs, gems, mercenaries, precious metals
Alignment Primarily Neutral and Good
Affiliated Characters From Khazad Duin

Khazad Duin consists primarily of a large mountain chain that runs from the greatest heights of the High North, bisecting western Arcania into eastern and western halves and then coming to a stop within sight of the borderlands of the western heartlands. These mountains are the largest mountains in western Arcania itself and although they pale compared to the size of the Walls of the World, they are singularly impressive and mighty monuments of the power of the earth. The mountain range consists of several distinct parts. The northern most portions of it are known as The Ice Gate Mountains and they run a long ring that also serves as the backbone for the lands of Stormgarde. The central portions are known as The Sky Curtain Mountains and these lands include the central kingdom of the dwarves, Dun Mordren, as well as Vallaheim, the nation of Storm Dwarves.

The southern portions of the mountain chain are known by many different names and few of them flattering due to them housing portions of the land of Bludgun. The Blood Mountains and the Bleeding Mountains are some of the most known titles for this dangerous region. Scattered throughout this region are a number of independent communities that hold no allegiance to a single nation even though they may be in close proximity to them.

The eastern slopes of Khazad Duin, north of Bludgun, shelter the magocracy of Rune and north of Rune the knightdom of Dragonier. Beyond these nations are wastelands, rugged wild lands or barbaric empires such as Dran. Due to this, these lands (as well as Alexandros and a few other city-states) are known as border nations and frontier lands.

Though characterized by the dwarven kingdoms, Khazad Duin is known for its diversity and integration of other races and cultures. Communities of gnomes and goblins also thrive and the mysterious Eagle-Folk maintain enclaves here. In addition to this, during the time of the Purge, War-Golems sought refugee here in the depths of these places in great locations known only to their chiefs and leaders.

Recent Events

As the world crashed around them, the dwarves sought stability. When trade routes crumbled and Dragonier overstretched, the dwarves, in an effort led by Dun-Morden, armed themselves and took to the roads. They forcibly re-opened routes, sent out diplomats, and otherwise worked to bring order within the chaos that the world had temporarily become. Though not as canny as the goblins, they possess things the goblins do not: steadfastness, thrustworthiness, and endurance. ...and access to the wealth of much of the dwarven race.

Among many desperate peoples, the dwarven routes have become the traders of choice. This growing reputation profits Dun-Morden and grows the influence of the dwarven race. The shadow elves, and goblins, watch them warily for signs of old grudges, although for now trade appears to be the game, diplomacy, and the rediscovery of until-now forgotten outposts of dwarven civilization.

The dwarves stand on the edge of revival and renewal, and some among them whisper of the strength of the old Kingdoms. They have begun to set foot into the world once again, and venture into far reaches of the kingdoms, bringing craft and news and trade. As the world suffered, dwarven explorers and merchant-companies stepped forward to tread pathways and to rebuild roads and contacts. To some communities, the khazad have become their heroes.

The recent wedding of the daughter-heir of Vallaheim with the son-heir of Dun-Mordren marked a turn in Dun Morden's future. Though not every community was happy at this prospect of unity, the announcement of a child between the two was generally celebrated.

The recent betrayal however, of the Iron Tide and other allies in the North--and these nations' attempt to assassinate the royal pair has done much to quiet this initial discontent.

Another setback occurred of late, with the discovery of a new portal into that fell ruin and has caused some mild tension between the khazad and the nation-state of Alexandria, as well as curiosity as to what history and treasures may be found.

Morduzum was the site of a khazadi kingdom of the ancient age. It collapsed in the previous ages during the time of the demon-tainted orcs. Such was its collapse that it was sealed, and enveloped by the ruins of its sister nation, the elven Aranthalas realm. Untold treasures and lore await within--and untold danger. The Iron Dwarves in their malevolence are rumored to hold greater portions of its path--which, should the dwarves move into Morduzum, would put them against enemies who resemble, at least in the mirror, portions of themselves.