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The plane of progress, machinery, technology and artifice, the World Engine is a gigantic tower that constantly seems to grow and shift, constructs of all sizes moving about and building on the tower of metal. All law is reflected here in a single infinite realm of immense clockwork gears, living machines and evolving artifice. Steam hisses, clockwork machines make constant noise and the mana technology that exists here is the height of artifice. It's not a wholly unpleasant place; there could be said to be a cold lawful beauty in the metal building. It's a place of development, change and diversity. The World Engine has its name because it is in fact the engine of the world. Without it, nothing would move onwards and progress would cease. The World Engine symbolizes the ever-ongoing struggle of progress versus stability. In this plane, dwells Reos, the Forger of Worlds. His dwelling place is Reo's Forge that is at the bottom center of the World Engine.

Planar Traits

• Objective Directional Gravity. Different levels of The Tower change in orientation and size.

• Normal Time

• Infinite Size. Although it appears as a tower, the exact size of the tower can never be exactly determined with some floors housing entire cities or city sized workshops filled with workers and competing forces.

• Enhanced Magic. Artifice and magic that affects machines such as repair spells are enhanced.

• Divinely Morphic

• Strongly Law Aligned

Important Sites

Home to countless workshops, marketplaces and more, there are many important sites in The World Engine though some do stand out.

Reos’s Forge: Sometimes known as The House of Wonders, Reos' realm lies near the bottom center of the World Engine. Reos' Forge takes multiple forms. Its prime features are that of a great workshop. In here, the lord of all craftsmen and smiths can be found busying himself on the discovery, documentation and ordering of new ideas and new creations. Within the heart of this domain is the forge of worlds itself, and here Reos rings his hammer, forging stars and worlds and shaking the whole of The World Engine with the force of his hammer blows when he is busy at work in his forge. The forge gains its heat from the elemental plane of fire. Dwarven craftsmen, Gnomish Tinkers, petitioners, smiths, makers and inventors of all races and origin can be said to find their way ultimately to Reos’s Forge.