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A blasted wasteland formed from the graveyard of dead worlds and the burying place of slain gods, the Outlands is a twisted wrecked vision of nature. Great floating landmasses contain twisted versions of nature corrupted and an endless wilderness landscape of blasted wastelands, arid deserts, twisted forests corrupted by evil and ravenous animals. These animals are cruel mockeries and gargantuan wicked versions of their material plane counterparts. The Outlands lie at the halfway point between the Iron Hells and the Abyss and so they are fused with the evil energies of both of those realms. Here the armies of demons and devils meet and engage in their ongoing warfare amidst the varied landscapes of this wicked realm. The devils, still loyal to Maugrim as well as to their own agendas, seek to crush the ravenous demons who come from the Abyss and seek to overthrow Maugrim and place their own master, Gunahkar, as chief of the evil deities. Dark gods such as Taara and Caracoroth often roam here as well though they do not dwell here for long. Caracoroth rampages amongst the clashing hordes, slaying whom he will and Taara watches the rise of Gunakhar's power most carefully for she would reign supreme herself. The divine realms here are few though noticeable. Caracoroth dwells in the twisted wilderness known as Garm’s den and Kosomoth gathers his legions of monstrous followers and petitioners from the Material Plane in a great sprawling fortress. The Outlands was also the place that the powerful fiendish powered Orcs known as the Mogareg were banished to, some five hundred years ago. Now these powerful behemoths wander the landscape as elite mercenaries, servants, bodyguards and soldiers while also seeking a way to end their imprisonment on this plane.

Planar Traits

• Normal Time

• Normal Gravity

• Infinite Size

• Mildly evil aligned

• Alterable Morphic (Although Divinely Morphic when deities dwell here)

• Wild Magic

Important Sites

The Outlands is a region that consists of a number of twisted locations that are corrupted reflections of the material plane. Life here is in mockery of true life and even for the infernal powers, this land is only good as a strategic point between their own clashing forces in order to see who will rise up as supreme.

Garm’s Den: Deep within a twisted forest of poisonous trees and living earth that seeks to swallow invaders into its depths lies the cavernous realm of Caracoroth, known as Garm to those who are his petitioners. These endless caverns and great twisted forests are the hunting ground for the Great Wolf and his followers; lycanthropes of evil and depravity in life and cruel mortals who allied themselves with him. Lycanthropes who come to Garm’s Den find that that they can control their shape changes freely and that their power is greatly enhanced. Caracoroth himself usually prowls the land in his guise as the great wolf but sometimes takes on humanoid form to deal with his skin changer servants more face to face. He tends to have very little interest in the ongoing Blood War save to search out worthy prey out of its survivors.

The Tower of Kosomoth: The personification of ego and brutality, this towering mountain range-sized fortress overlooks the great battlefields of the Outlands. Crowned by red hued cloud cover and swarming with dungeons of torment and hells of iron and tyranny, the powerful deity known only as Kosomoth once dwelled here, along with those who petitioned him in life and who now seek a place among his legions. The landscape overlooked by Kosomoth’s fortress teems with the activity of petitioners in the form of wicked monsters and fiendish forces that have found their way here to The Outlands. Today, this Tower marks the middle of a war zone, as his followers fight among themselves and without the deity's support, the fortress has begun to crumble.