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Selentia, The Land of a Thousand Princes
Capital Sulese
Population 1,739,660 (humans 65%, halflings 15%, sildanyar 15%, other 5%)
Government Republic
Religion Navos, Reos, Taara, Illotha, Vardama, Thul
Imports Exotic animals, mercenaries, weapons, herbs
Exports Magic items, artwork, spices, ivory, precious ore, silk, clothing
Alignment NG, LG, LN, N, LE, NE

Selentia is sometimes referred to as the Land of a Thousand Princes and a nation of a million and one nobles wherein every man thinks himself a prince and every woman a princess. Rich, courteous, extremely handsome as well as arrogant and condescending, the Selese turn diplomatic maneuvering and roguish courtering into a pure form of art. Witty, beguiling, conceited, flirtatious and devil-may-care; sometimes all together but rarely all at once. A Selese may invite a guest to dinner, order the finest meals, try out the newest imports of wine and somehow get the dinner guest to pay for it all. The Selese are loyal to their ruler, Baron Valence. He is respected though not always loved but some of them are still uncertain about the future. Their concept of peace differs somewhat from what their neighbors in Myrddion are used to and though further north and more protected from outlaw realms and dangerous invasions, they would much rather play their political games of war in ballrooms then on the battlefield.