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Isobar (Dukedom)
Capital Dalton
Population 690,660 (humans 60%, khazad 20%, gnomes 10%, other 10%)
Government Dukedom
Religion Reos, Angoron, Kor, Dana, Vardama
Imports Glass, ivory, spices, exotic animals, mercenaries, weapons, herbs, magic items
Exports Armor, carved ivory, cloth, coal, precious ores, food, swords, timber
Alignment NG, LG, LN, CG

The southern areas of the western kingdoms are rocky rugged regions dominated by great mesas and plateaus and windswept canyons of red hued beauty and hardened life. The Dukedom of Isobar is located here, neighboring Myrddion just to the north and Selentia to the east. Isobar could be said to be the industrial capital of The High Kingdom which its rich deposits of ore and Mana Crystal Mines. Isobar is perhaps the most famed for its small collection of massive Gust Furrows which are forged literally through the mountains that frame it and Lindbulm as if dug out with one swipe of a cosmic rake. A perpetual, endless and tremendous flow of gale-force winds roar through the massive canyons, enabling easy, swift, windblown travel through these lands by airship for cargo and goods. Huge military-manned castle-like 'gates' book-end each windy canyon, stretching from cliff-to-cliff like dams, allowing and disallowing passage to passing airships.

Isobar is known as the industrial capital of the western kingdoms. Although Alexandros has surpassed it, Isobar is one of the principle mining and manufacturing industrialized realms of the western states. Other nations of Myrddion incorporate the new age of invention and artifice in their own manner but Isobar fuels much of Myrddion's efforts in this area.

Isobar's capital, the famed town of Dalton, The Long-Legged City, is situated on an Adamant mine. The 'Long-Legged City' gains that moniker from the fact that the area in which is sits is arid, dry, rocky land, and a particularly dangerous and large species of red scorpion inhabits the region as well as greatwolves from the mountains. The mining of 'adamant' was found integral to Isobaran progression so the entire city of Dalton was built on hefty columns of imported tree trunk from the Periantha that prevent unprovoked wildlife attacks. And so looking much like the lovechild of a treehouse and a frontier platform adopted and raised by the Wild West. The mountains that frame Isobar hold many secrets and legends lost to the ages. The Humans of Isobar are of a stock that mixes the bloodline of the Myrrish and Phurai Dae of who settled here ages ago from the distant Vast. Indeed, many Phurai Dae inhabit this region and the area is known for its rustic qualities, much in contrast to the cultured tastes of Selentia or the Knights of Myrddion.