It's Fair to Be Were-y

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Log Info

  • Title: It's Fair To Be Were-y
  • Emitter: Ravenstongue
  • Place: Memorial Gardens District
  • Summary: Vaughn and Patch approach Ravenstongue to discuss the matters of werewolves and the man known as Zalgiman. Ravenstongue and Telamon arrange to discuss this matter at a dinner party to be hosted later at their house, as the truth of matters is far too sensitive to divulge so publicly. Seldan appears as well and concurs with the notion of safety above all else.

Memorial Gardens District, early evening.

There's a beautiful sunset in the sky, the evening stars beginning to appear in the indigo that sweeps across the celestial ceiling as it tries to chase after the fading light of Daeus in the horizon. A cool wind that breezes in from the west announces the arrival of another summer night in Alexandria--one that is, perhaps, to be remembered.

Cor'lana walks arm-in-arm with her fiance, Telamon, as they amble home from an early dinner out. "Thank you for speaking with the Lieutenant," she says to him. "I've been all sorts of nervous since that little 'incident' at the Ox--nervous that I might have to go and disappear on the guards and cause another little incident. I never intended on having a talent for troublemaking," Cor'lana says with a sigh.

On her shoulder furthest from her fiance, a white raven rides along. His blue eyes are shiny and observant of the environs around them. The Memorial Gardens aren't exactly a place for mischief, but one never knows.

"It's the nature of being an adventurer, I think. You just tend to fall into trouble along the way." Telamon's eyes glitter with the light of distant stars, as he walks along with Cor'lana. "I got the impression that the good lieutenant wasn't champing at the bit to file an arrest warrant immediately. I do need to get a hold of Dirk, though, and see if he'll accept the totem back."

He shrugs. "It's a small price to pay to keep us both out of trouble. Plus, hopefully I've turned the watch's gimlet stare back onto Zalgiman. Whatever he's playing at will be a little harder if that's the case."

"I also owe Dolan something as well, for vouching for both us and for the nature of the totems. I think his good opinion and standing helped convince Lieutenant Balderdan as well."

Patch walks with Vaughn, her boots clacking lightly on stone as she saunters into the garden with a glance about at the marble and art. She watches it curiously as they continue their pace, speaking to the Inquisitor in a calm tone. "I have met her once before. I'm sure if we ask her the truth, it'll be fine."

At the sight of the sunset casting it's glow, Patch pauses in their pursuit, and takes a small moment to watch it and take in the sun before it has set for the evening. "And this is much more preferred than the rain we've been getting." Having yet to spot the happy and chatting couple.

"I preferred it when Myrddion ruled this city.", Vaughn replies to Patch with a hint of terseness, clearly slightly bristled by the downsized influence of his homeland in the architecture and paying the serene surroundings little to no heed. He matches Patch's pace, however, and his gaze soon flits from the statue of the Queen to wander among the people and passers-by, looking for people specific.

And find them he does, spotting Ravenstongue and Telamon in the midst of their walk. "There they are, come.", he murmurs over to his companion before striding off towards the two, stopping just short of conversational distance to greet them.

"Daeus prevails. Miss Ravenstongue?"

Cor'lana stops mid-track as she's specifically addressed. Thankfully, she does know that voice, and so she turns to look at Vaughn, curiosity in her violet eyes. "Good evening, Redeemer," she says with a slight nod. "And to you as well, Patch. How can I help you this evening?"

The white raven on Cor'lana's shoulder seems to nod at Vaughn as well, but he looks at Patch and tilts his head, just a little. Blue eyes peer at her in that classic corvid curiosity--just blue rather than the usual brown shade of raven eyes. "Introduction," he says, mimicking Cor'lana's voice.

"Oh, right--Patch, the handsome gentleman with me is my fiance, Telamon Atlon," Cor'lana says, squeezing Telamon's arm just a tad. "And the raven on my shoulder is Apotheosis. Pothy for short."

Telamon turns to regard Vaughn and Patch with a polite expression, eyes calm and a slight smile playing across his lips. "Good evening, Redeemer Vaughn, Lady Patch." He offers a short bow, still arm in arm with Cor'lana.

"Are you enjoying the evening? I judge from your direct approach this is slightly more than just a social call." As the two stand there, small sparkles of light begin to orbit around Telamon's head: fireflies dancing around him in the early evening air.

Patch snorts with a laugh at Telamon's words, waving a hand awkwardly before her. "Oh no, not the Lady stuff. Just, Patch." the bard says to Telamon, smiling and looking between the two. "You two make a lovely couple, I'm sorry to interrupt the evening, but yes. It's business." the bard confirms for Telamon.

"To be blunt, we know of the totems, and we know you have one." These words from Patch aimed at Cor'lana. "So...." another glance shot to Vaughn with a shrug. "We want to collaborate."

"I don't really do social calls.", Vaughn tells Telamon with a slight smirk of his own, his head then inclining politely to him, Pothy, and Ravenstongue once more. "Nor is there space much for enjoyment given the circumstances."

He then looks to Patch to confirm their presence, nodding to her before turning back to the pair. "...specifically regarding Zalgiman and finding our whoever else might have these objects of power, that we may begin our own inquiries and acquisition." Whew, all biz this guy.

Seldan has arrived.

Cor'lana smiles widely as Patch compliments them. But then the talk turns to... well, to business, and the smile turns to a frown.

"Mmm. I don't know how safe it is to really talk about it here," she says, before she looks at Telamon. "Ears can be open in the right or wrong places, depending on your perspective."

"Wrong," Pothy adds, mimicking Cor'lana's voice. Then he preens his feathers. He has to look good in front of his new friend.

The group is not alone in the gardens, but the clank of armor within the city is not so horribly unusual as that. Fewer people opt for such in the gardens, save the guards on their rounds. A bright shock of hair that is blonde-gold by torchlight tops a figure in fairly ordinary-looking plate mail and adorned with a longsword at his hip and a bow across his back. He strides in the direction of the of the northern gate, but just as he comes into view, the metallic clang of gates thudding shut echoes into the gardens, and he stops short, clearly not realizing that others are present. "Damn. I'll have to fly it."

Telamon lifts both eyebrows. "Goodness. I can't decide to be annoyed at your willfulness, or impressed. I think I was the same way." He pauses. "Still am, to be honest. But..." He looks around. "You really should speak of these things with care. The Nightmare's minions are searching endlessly and they are infuriatingly good at infiltrating places."

His smile goes back onto his face. "Don't take this as a blanket 'no'. Think of it as a caution, with the understanding that every hand will be needed in this endeavor."

Patch spares a glance for Pothy, raising a brow as the small bird preens and chatters. "I have heard of you." she smirks, letting her humor take her features before glancing back towards Vaughn with a shrug.

"Any safe place would be good, but our desire is all the same. I witnessed some of their 'deeds', and I could not turn a blind eye to it." Patch says, looking then back to Telamon. "As for care? One has to instigate somewhere, and not all stirring is bad stirring."

Vaughn shows the first sign of relief he's had the entire time he's been here. He shows it by spreading his arms wide and looking about in a sort of shrug. "Why, let them come. We are looking for them, yes? That would be efficient.", he declares in a chipper manner, though that soon ceases as he looks back to Telamon and Ravenstongue. "...what Patch said, really. And, if you would name a place and time we could speak of it, we would be out of your hair and back then, if it pleases."

Cor'lana's mouth presses into a fine line for a moment. Her violet eyes fill with a small sense of melancholy. "These are dangerous creatures that serve a master who would ruin all," she says. "Someone near and dear to us perished to one. I cannot stress the grave danger and importance of this matter enough."

She looks back up to Patch and Vaughn. "But if you insist, then come by our home." She rattles off the address--somewhere in the University District. "It's warded to protect from beings of evil. We're generally home often unless out on Guild work or other matters."

Cor'lana tries to smile. It's a small expression. "Sorry for the runaround," she says, "but you'll understand when it comes time."

The group speaking, the low voices, finally carry over to Seldan's ears. At once, he straightens, even features flashing with momentary boyish embarrassment. I hope nobody heard that. A moment later, they resolve into his usual steady reserved, and he strides over towards the group. "Her light upon your path. Is something amiss?" he greets in low tones, looking from face to face.

Telamon looks at Cor'lana, then back to Vaughn. Running a hand through his hair, he sighs. "And I thought I was headstrong," he quips. "But as Lana notes, the master of these creatures would destroy everything. So everyone has a stake in this." He looks wry. "I didn't expect to be mentoring quite so soon, but... whatever we can pass on that will help, we'll do so."

His eyes regard Patch and Vaughn with good humor. "It'll be a learning experience for you. And it won't even require a battle." When Seldan intrudes, he turns to the man with a smile. "Sir Seldan," he says softly, placing his hand over his heart. "Her light upon you, sir. No, just... more complications, but not entirely unwelcome ones."

"Yeah, that's a bit of an understatement. I'll be by for sure." Patch muses towards Cor'lana, but looks away with a sigh. "I understand hesitance, and want to keep others safe, but when such things and dangers are involved.... I'd rather be aware and help, and not be left unaware of what is lurking." waving a hand, and stepping away from the group as Seldan arrives and speaks, but only a few steps.

"Mentoring?" The bard says from over a shoulder. "Is that what we call sharing here in Alexandria?" teasing, and dusting her coat. "Well, it's not as if I am unused to waiting." she muses, and turns back to the other three. "So, shall we drop this, and let the evening be enjoyed till another time?"

Vaughn looks almost disappointed at the mention at the lack of battle, looking away with a tsk. "I was looking forward to some action, too.", he says wryly before his attentions are taken to Seldan, who he offers a polite head-incline to. "Daeus prevails. Depends on what you mean by 'something', really. No shortage of world-ending threats and all..."

He paces then towards Patch to approve of her sentiment. "A little more waiting won't hurt. I've no clue what mentoring means, though. I just got out of one of those...", he quips.

Cor'lana turns to Sir Seldan and smiles warmly at him. Pothy, too, seems to be happy. His tail wags up and down in the universal cue that means, 'I'm happy to see you.' "Yes, complications," Cor'lana echoes her fiance's sentiment.

She gestures to Sir Seldan. "I'd introduce you, but all things considered with your predicament," Cor'lana says with a smile, "I'm sure that's not wise. Or if it's even needed. I have no clue how you get around this city without being accosted, anyway."

"If it is action that you seek, fear not." Seldan's words are accompanied by a very small smile, the lilt of the Myrrish kingdoms coloring his words. He executes a short bow in response to Vaughn's words, but something in his demeanor goes from steady to stone-like. "It shall come to you soon enough, even as you have said."

Cor'lana's remarks draw another one of those small smiles. "There are those who aid me, and I do not come often or regularly, stay long, or draw attention to myself, my lady. Soon enough shall I confront them, doubt it not. I would merely ensure that doing so does not hinder the task She has laid before me."

To Patch, he inclines his head politely and with understanding. "Awareness is wise, but my lady is quite correct. Take not lightly the things that stalk Alexandria."

"As I said, sometimes you don't have to look very far for the action. Sometimes it finds you." Telamon's face is for a moment very cool as well, before the expression vanishes again. "But! Forewarned, forearmed, and so forth. You're paying attention; that's good."

His expression suddenly takes on a calculating air. "Zalgiman knows Cor'lana's face -- hard to forget," he curls his lips in a smile, "and he probably knows mine. He might not know yours, Redeemer. Keep an eye out -- but avoid a confrontation for now. I've no doubts of your courage and devotion, but as I once put it about a friend, I'd like to avoid you having to deliver your after-action report to Daeus in person."

Patch laughs at Seldan, her smile flashed to the Human with a nod. "Many things stalk Alexandria, and not all are seen as invading beasts." she muses, the man's talk seeming to cause her to come out of her thoughts. "True words." she concedes to Seldan in mirth, but suddenly asks. "What predicament is this?" .

"Apparently much goes on in the city." Patch says, turning to Vaughn, and looking over at the half-elven couple. "Should we let the lovers have their evening?" a raised glance still cast to Seldan as she watches with some interest, but Telamon's words cause a raised brow. "I had thought to talk to Zalgiman, but... not so eager now."

"Redeemer Caleb Vaughn.", he greets Seldan with a presenting hand towards himself before clasping his hands behind his back and nodding to Patch, and then to the pair. "Very well, we will leave you to your walk. Much better places to talk on these things, hm? Daeus prevails." He's visibly on another track in his mind as he turns about to pace away from the couple towards the statue of Princess Lianna.

"I don't recommend it," Cor'lana advises to Patch with a grin. "Zalgiman's a slimy fellow--tall, looks like he could be on a Crimson Pen cover, dark hair. But he'll do whatever you want if you pull down the front of your dress and you bat your eyelashes at him. I recommend the 'whatever you want' to be a long walk off a short pier."

She gives the two a parting wave. "Come give us a house call soon," she advises. "And bring empty stomachs. Telamon insists I make good food, but I think he's biased."

She looks to Seldan and says, "You too, Sir Seldan. Not necessarily at the same time that they do, but you should come by." Not that she needs to give him the address.

"Farewell," Seldan nods to Vaughn, still cautiously. "That, my lady, is a complex tale, and not a short one," he adds, equally cautiously. "But Mistress Cor'lana quite has the right of it, and I should be on my way, especially as it seems that I have missed the closing of the gate. Another time shall we speak. For now, Her light illume you all." With that, he turns away, and strides off odwn another pathway into the deoths of the gardens.

Telamon watches the others depart, and looks to Cor'lana. "...Well, I suppose if nothing else, this whole mess is a great way to meet new people." He smiles at her. "Especially after having to practically lie low for a few days. A nice change of pace, I'd say."

He looks up at the starry sky, reflected in his gaze. "Ready to go home? I think we both need a good night's sleep after everything that's happened. And we can plan for a dinner." His eyes twinkle. "Though I think we should avoid giving them too many shocks."

Patch nods to Cor'lana, smiling. "I am sure the cooking is delightful. I wish you a good evening, and look forward to it." smiling and offering a dip of head to each of the half-elves before turning to motion for Vaughn to lead the way. "It was a pleasure." waving to the two over her shoulder as she walks after the Inquisitor. "So, Redeemer. What now?" she muses, an eye cast to look at the statue of the Princess as she passes.

Vaughn stops short of the statue and peers up at it, a glimmer in his eyes. "I have some ideas. We'll go over them once we're done with the dinner.", he murmurs to Patch. "I liked the old statue better.", he then adds absentmindedly. "A signet of better times. Now we have... a lot of trouble, heh."

"I agree," Cor'lana says, smiling, starting off on a walk again as she continues to hold Telamon's arm. "On all counts. I'll have to give the pixies something to busy themselves with in the garden, and perhaps I'll make that cheesecake, too."

It's a casual turn in the conversation compared to what it was only moments ago, but that appears to be par for the course for the half-elven couple. They make their way home, accompanied by fireflies.