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Deity illotha.gif
Position Lesser Deity
Symbol Two curved daggers, laid over each other
Colors Black
Celestial Symbol (The Constellation 'Twin Daggers' or 'Murder's Mistress')
Alignment Neutral Evil
Home Plane The Abyss
Portfolio Assassins, Murder, Intrigue, Thieves, Crime
Domains & Inquisitions Evil, Death, Knowledge, Rune

Vengeance, Conversion, Possession, Spellkiller

Cleric Alignment CE, NE, LE
Favored Weapon The Blood Kiss (kukri)
Other Names The Masquerade, Betrayer, False Lady, The Murderess, The Lady of Hate
Commonly Associated Organizations Temple of Illotha, The Collectors, Guild of the Sly, Ebon Syndicate, other places we're afraid to ask

Illotha is a sly, manipulative, dangerous and murdering goddess of darkness born from a twisted union of Maugrim and Taara. She favors her mother in many aspects but also seeks to supplant her and to seize control over many aspects of her portfolio. Representing the vice of lies and falsehoods, Illotha is often called upon by evil thieves, wicked assassins and those with a desire for hatred, murder, vengeance and death dealing. She is lies, corruption, deceit and ill gotten gains. Her monkly orders deal death, her thieves guilds blanket the streets of cities with crime and her death cults and nihilistic viewpoints spread sorrow wherever they can.


Illotha prizes treachery, backstabbing, death dealing and the disrupting of orderly society with intrigue and she expects her priests to do the same. From corrupt merchants who cheat their fellows to assassins who whisper her name before making a strike, Illotha promotes no mercy and is a goddess of blood letting, anger, vengeance and control. Illothans are commonly taught things in the ways of manipulating others emotions, cheating them and lying to them as is needed but being sly and stealthy about it when called for. Use your wit and your intelligence because someone who knows of your nature is less likely to deal with you.

Clergy and Temples

Cleric Dagger

Illotha has never had a truly strong and stable church, though this has often worked to her advantage as it has allowed her cults to move more or less in secret. A number of years ago, they crafted a foothold into Alexandria, largely in thanks to the actions of a woman named Thelen.

Among her traditional clergy, power struggles are a constant happening although she allows it as it serves to help weed out the weak and unfaithful. Priests and clerics and servants of Illotha often become rogues and many assassins follow her calling.

The actions of her faithful cause them to be outlawed in virtually all of the free lands. The Goddess of Daggers encourages her clergy to operate in secret and to manipulate and inspire fear from the shadows of society. This has spawned numerous shadow cults and underground societies that exist in virtually all realms, even goodly ones like Myrddion. Human sacrifice and other depraved acts are common amongst them, with the higher priests jockeying for position at ritual performances. Her priesthood is strongest amongst the mul'niessa and she has many worshippers amongst evil humanoids. Priests and clerics and servants of Illotha often become rogues and many assassins follow her calling.

Clerical Vestments

Priests of Illotha wear ceremonial robes on only special occasions, as the need for remaining unseen typically remains paramount. They favor elegant simplicity, with vicious, curving daggers held in red sheaths. They favor the color black.


No avatars of Illotha are known.