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The Acquisitioners

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Common: Elunite, Vardaman, Inquisitors, Bards, Wizards (abjurers), Rogues, Clerics Locations: Near Elunan Temples
Recovery and destruction of dangerous artifacts; a safeguard against artifice's and mana's overreach
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The Acquisitioners specialize in the hunting down and attainment of dangerous items of a magical nature at the behest of the Temple of Eluna! Aside from collection, they see themselves as balancing force against the mages who create such monstrosities. They work hard to acquire and seal these items safely away, or destroy them when required. They as part of their trade, they do their best to monitor known evil casters, and take action to prevent them from causing harm if they can. They possess a reputation for both zeal and responsibility in their duties.


Sir Chorin Deglauss formed the Acquisitioners in his younger years. Based on his Elunan ideals, he formed the original group from a group of his friends. Ragtag idealists all, they were nonetheless shaped by his brilliant mind, and made it their mission to recover artifacts--of the dangerous sort. Though they ran into trouble soon after and Chorin was slain by an artifact's power, his legacy lives on, as does tales of his dashing heroism.

Leadership and Areas of Influence

The Acquisitioners operate worldwide. They operate under the auspices of the Temple of Eluna and are led by a council of three Elunites and one Vardaman, who answer to the greater Temple structure. These leaders are typically chosen among the clergy, though there is usually one with inquisitor's training.

The Acquisitioners work with varied temples and magical societies. Among these groups, they tend to possess a mixed welcome; some mage groups, for example, could argue the preservation of dangerous artifacts for research purposes, while the acquisitioners may be called in to dispose of it safely. Their greatest allies are among the Elunan temples. While not a secret group, they also do not tend to advertise the scope of their membership.

While many members are inquisitors, their dangerous tasks require a diverse membership. Among their number are catalogers and researchers. There are even members who negotiate their entry into politically sensitive areas (with mixed degrees of success), while others work to keep an eye on known crafters. And of course, the mage killers. Overall, the organization supports a wide variety of necessary roles.

Their purpose, and means of their founding gives them a certain zeal--they possess a reputation of fearlessness on the job and a drive towards "getting the task done by the Light," as well as respect for what they see as the Founder's Ideals, which different members may interpret differently. Of course.

RPP-Related Skills: Perception, Survival, Knowledge/History, Knowledge/Arcana, Knowledge/Geography, Disable Device, Spellcraft, Craft/Artifice

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