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About My Character

Some people say he is an Inquisitor. He however largely denies it, and truthfully who would hire such a well dressed, perfumed and preened person to such a role? Regardless he does have some extensive ties to the Temple of Eluna and some odd bits of knowledge and interest in magic.



Tall, slender and olive skinned Rakim's finely sculpted face is far closer to pretty than handsome. With a mass of black curls, worn long Added to large sweeping lashes, deep dark eyes and delicate bones there is however an edge that belies the prettiness in a long scar across his left cheek and a certain cold and keen watchfulness in his gaze. Still he has a ready smile that often spreads his rather full lips and a grace to his movements and mannerisms. His voice is surprisingly deep and resonant considering his slenderness, his accent speaks of The Vast but seems tinged by many nations, even with a large hint of elvish in it.

He is dressed to match the somewhat effeminate, foppish impression. From head to toe he is in the cool colours of Eluna, including a bejeweled holy symbol that sits in the middle of a silvery white lace jabot around his long slender neck. Day to day he wears a white silken shirt with a high embroidered collar and long trails of lace at the sleeves. Over the top is a blue silk waistcoat trimmed with silver pipping and buttons. His pants are a blue leather with matching buttons down the sides, boots the same with a silver chain belt around his slender waist the buckle a crescent moon. In all but the hottest of weather he wears a rather dramatically tailored azure leather coat. Buttoned in silver with turned back cuffs decorated in the same way it darts it to his narrow waist, only to flare out down to his calves, sweeping dramatically with every movement. Finally the entire ensemble is topped by a matching cavalier hat, a silvery plume decorating it and when shooting one brim turned up and pinned by a Crescent moon broach when aiming is required.

Roleplay Hooks

  • Fashion advice
  • Magic
  • Retrieving old bits of magical lore and items
  • Wine
  • Always curious and happy to chat
  • Odd bits of esoteric lore
  • Want to run a plot and need an idea? He is forever chasing odd bits of magic. Can serve as a patron or inspiration if needed.
  • More wine
  • Also interested in the seamier side of magic? Feel free to poke as I am running some plots based around this.


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