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Lori'thalik Vel'skorinath

About My Character

Lori’thalik Vel’skorinath comes from a long and prestigious line of shadow elves loyal to Taara. Assassins, Inquisitors, Clerics. The Vel’skorinath family is proud of this family history, lording it over lesser families. Touting their status as favored souls of their goddess. They control cities and manipulate their populace to their own ends. The Vel’skorinath is a family mentioned in hushed conspiracies in dark corners and in lavish parties thrown for the favored of Taara. Which makes it all the more mortifying for the heads of the house when one of their number goes bad.

Or...good as the case may be.

Lorik Vel’skorinath grew up in the shadow of his family. Trained as a faithful of Taara. Raised in the shadows and lore of the dark goddess. He joined the order of the Inquisitors, searching out lost relics of his people. Of course that is where the trouble started. Lorik, much to the disappointment of his parents and the family at large happened to be someone who had an inquisitive mind and a penchant for asking uncomfortable questions.

His place as a recovery agent gave him a unique place for him to ask questions. He found lore and artifacts that caused the ideas he was taught to fracture and crack. He began to doubt in his teachings and his family. Asking pointed questions until one day a strange figure showed up at his door. Thankfully this wasn’t someone who was going to end him. It was a representative from a local cell of the resistance. Who recruited young Lorik on the spot.

He quietly used his family’s influence to help the little pocket of revolution he had stumbled into. The resistance used his influence sparingly, all the while Lorik went on expeditions to find lost relics and rituals. He found out he actually enjoyed the work, even though he learned more and more just how wrong what he had been told was. He enjoyed the adventures though. The madness that he experienced while out from under the influence of his own family and the rebellion always made him feel more alive. This was made worse by his meeting few slaves from above that he plied for stories. It seemed though he was very much on his way to becoming the head of his own little cell.

Of course that didn’t quite work out.

He never found out just how his family became aware of his activities. In hindsight perhaps attempting to lie around a family that included multiple inquisitors and seers was a poor idea. He only knows the results of that knowledge. The first resistance cell was torn apart while he was running message, and Lorik hardly made it out of the ambush alive along with one other member. He hardly got back to his own cell to distribute a warning before they were again attacked. It would have been over quite then and there for him and his companions if he hadn’t remembered the light elven cleric who shared her stories of the surface with him. Stay and fight, or flee for his life and perhaps return a different day?

The choice wasn’t hard to make.

Freeing the slaves at least helped add to the chaos of the moment and allowed Lorik and his new companions to make good their escape. Only a /little/ of the family home was burned, and they didn’t /mean/ to knock down the wall on the way out. Or knock his uncle into the rubbish heap. It was all just a series of unfortunate events and he doesn’t really see why they still are so mad about it.

However at least at the moment escape was made, and the little group of new ‘friends’ decided to make their fortunes on the surface. At least that is his plan. His family might have something to say about that. As well as his penchant for getting distracted by the first mystery relic to come along.



Roleplay Hooks

Relic Hunter: Lorik does love to search for lost things, and he's not that bad at it! So he's happy to go off on the call of adventures to try to find whats lost and bring it back to its proper home.

Hunted: Lorik's family isn't quite pleased that he left so suddenly, and that he took his cousin and his sister. And that he knows about the deep conspiracies of the Shadow Council. So there is a black mark on his head just from that. Not to mention some people on the surface don't seem to like him very much.

Newcomer: Lorik has spend most of his time underground in the cities of his people, so he still isn't quite sure what to make of the brightly lit realms. This comes out in sometimes amusing and sometimes embarrassing mistakes that he can get himself into.

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...Oh Eluna bless.


Mul'niessa PC Badge
Family Name: Vel'skorinath
Role: Runaway
Faith: Eluna
The Bargain: Poor Unfortunate Souls


Aspect PC Badge
Aspect: Cavern-Born
Tier: One
Development: He is comfortable in the dark and quiet places of the world for now.

Horse art by Ben Wootten and Paizo, Inc. Character art by the talented artists at Drowtales comics.