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Capital Blar (City-state)
Population Common (arvek nar, gobbers, oruch) Uncommon (humans, half-orcs)
Government Military Dictatorship
Religion Serriel, Vardama, Daeus, Thul, Kor
Alignment Primarily Lawful
Affiliated Characters Blarite

The city-state of Blar is a cornerstone for the changes taking place amid an entire race. Blar began as part of Bludgun. Historically, it was a city run under the efforts of the Crimson Templars. The Templars made their hold official in the year 999, the same year of the betrayal of the temple of Vardama in Alexandria. The Templars were and are vampire-infused arvek nar monks blessed with the power of sorcery. They ruled Blar with an iron fist, and crafted it into a formidable force.

After the Templars' takeover, Thul called on His followers to make use of Blar's resources and conduct a ritual within His temple there. However, through outside efforts, the Crimson were driven from Blar and the temple toppled. Some remained behind however, with different outlooks and goals than their forefathers.

Blar would spend the next years fighting for its independence from Bludgun. It fell for a time when Alexandria withdrew its troops in order to aid Sendor...then regained ground once Sendor was won. The Bludguni king, in an effort of reconciliation and peace, withdrew troops from Blar, and Blar has prospered under arvek rule since.

Blar is for all intents and purposes a city-state. It is a "first" city-state as it is one of the few times in recent history a place where hobgoblins are in control of their own destiny. The hobgoblins work to rebuild their city and their land, and to become an example to the world of the achievements of hobgoblin kind.

Blar is known for its military tradition, and while not necessarily an attraction for dwarven merchants, goblin ones have begun to draw routes, and bring to Blar the wonders of craft of the goblin race.