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Physical Description

The half-sil Ravenstongue stands at 5 feet even, with a slender frame and pale skin. Her ebon hair has been smoothly braided into one large braid that goes down to her waist. Her striking violet eyes peer at her surroundings behind charming glasses, although whether she actually needs them is a question for the ages. A small blue capelet with a hood adorns her shoulders, tied over her gold, blue, and white halter dress with a satin ribbon. She smiles sweetly at most who pass by her, and even moreso for the white raven familiar she usually has on her shoulder.

The white raven on her shoulder, a creature with a growing amount of fame within the city of Alexandria named Pothy, has startling blue eyes, and likes to preen the half-sil lady's hair at random, much to her amusement (or bemusement, really, just depends on the day and time).

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Roleplay Hooks

  • White Raven: Ravenstongue's familiar, Pothy, seems to be... a little interesting. He doesn't need to eat, but does anyway, and seems to react reverently when Navos is mentioned.
  • Lady's Apprentice: Ravenstongue is known to be the apprentice of Lady Sandiel, the (in)famous sorcerer.
  • Off the Grid: The half-sil claims to be from Rune, but those who come from Rune simply don't recognize her. Any official records of citizens in Rune don't have a girl named Ravenstongue in them.
  • The Scent of Lavender: If one gets within hugging range of Ravenstongue, they would find she smells of lavender, but Raven insists she doesn't wear perfume or use magic to conjure the smell.

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Half-Sildanyari PC Badge
Heritage: "I resemble my father more than my mother, or so she told me. I like to think I take after him, and the sylvanori, more, but I've never been to Llyanrost... after I was born, anyway."
Role: "I'm a sorcerer, but... Well, I didn't ingratiate myself into society in Rune, and I don't think they'd take me in over in Llyanrost now. I guess you could say I'm just an adventurer now."
Faith: Navos
Homeland: "Born in Llyanrost, raised in Rune, moved to Alexandros... I guess I don't have one yet."

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