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Sir Heinrich "Hank the Tank" Stürmlanze, KSc

About My Character

Heinrich Stürmlanze is a fighter that specializes in charging his targets from horseback with a lance. His horse is an ash-gray heavy warhorse, nearly 16 hands high at the withers, named Blitzen.

Heraldic arms of Heinrich Stürmlanze
Argent estencelly, on a bend azure a lance Or.

Heinrich was born in Bludgun, son of an army officer who fled the military because of political differences with the imperial regime. Although his father was caught and executed, Hank's mother managed to take him to Alexandria, where he grew up. Like his father before him, he rejected the worship of Thul in favor of Serriel, and has focused his efforts on gaining mastery of the lance. Now, he seeks adventure as a means of increasing his combat prowess, and is always favorable toward the plight of Blar's independence from Bludgun.


Heinrich is a male Arvek Nar. He stands 6 feet tall with a muscular physique. His skin color ranges from a deep maroon at his slender core to a bright fire-engine red at the extremities, then fading to orange in the center of his imposing face. Despite his buff appearance, he moves with remarkable agility and a soft tread, frequently startling people when he walks into a room. His bearing is usually calm and athletic, his posture straight and confident.

Above his right eye, though, Heinrich has an electric blue birthmark, as though he had been splattered with bright blue paint. His eyes are the vibrant yellow of lemon peels. he wears his charcoal-black hair short like the soldier he is, but sports sideburns that extend past his pointy ears to his very solid-looking, squarish jaws. With his prominent teeth (including a pair of lower canines that protrude from inside his mouth) and smallish nose, his face looks handsome, but dour and grim even when happy, and his smile is more unsettling than calming. Hank's voice is a mild, clear baritone, but carries a certain gravitas when he speaks. He rarely laughs.

When fully suited up in his splendid banded mail armor, Heinrich is virtually indistinguishable from a powerfully built human. His heraldic arms are emblazoned on his shield and the surcôte he wears over his armor.

When not in his armor, his attire varies based upon weather and occasion. In hot weather, he wears an open heavyweight vest of golden linen trimmed with black geometric embroidery, engraved bronze armbands, impeccably pressed riders' trousers of charcoal-grey wool, and high riding boots of shiny black leather. The open vest reveals a lightly hairy, but totally toned chest and washboard abs. From his bronze-buckled, black cowhide belt hangs a scabbarded falchion of masterful quality. In colder weather and for formal occasions, Heinrich wears what appears to be an army dress uniform, but it is not the actual uniform of any particular army.

His horse, "Blitzen", is a muscular destrier, just shy of 16 hands high at the withers, with a beautiful ash gray coat. He wears a caparison of Heinrich's heraldic arms, and a shiny black leather saddle.

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Role-play Hooks

  • Hank is an excellent horseman, and loves to ride. If he can joust, so much the better.
  • He is looking for a cavalry unit to join, as long as he's a good fit for it.
  • He eagerly supports the freedom of Blar from Bludgun oppression, and any efforts to advance these changes in Arvek culture. He also has a special care in his heart for refugees from Bludgun.

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Arvek Nar PC Badge
Family Heritage: Heinrich and his mother were refugees from Bludgun in his childhood, emigrating to Alexandria, as a result of his father's arrest and execution.
Military Role: Heinrich is a Knight of the Scale
The Dawn: Heinrich's whole life has been profoundly affected by the Dawn. He enthusiastically supports it.

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Faith PC Badge
Faith: Serriel
Temple: Serriel's temple in Alexandria
Role: lay worshipper

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