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Cogz Rumbo
Race: Gobber
Homeland: Bludgun
Date of Birth: 9 Pryntar, 994
Apparent Age: Late twenties.
Occupation: Gunslinger & Mystic Diviner.
Class: Wizard / Fighter
Level: 2 / 2

Character Overview

With pickle-green skin, those big pointy ears and his wiry physique Cogz Rumbo is indubitably a gobber. He is barely more than three feet tall and is as thin as a twig. A wooden peg has replaced his left leg and supports him whenever he hobbles about. Apart from the prosthetic Cogz Rumbo is quite plain with only a few small warts decorating his broad face. Beady yellow eyes are set to either side of his small nose and he has a wide mouth filled with sharp teeth.

Cogz Rumbo was once a Feuerwerker, the rank a gunsmith holds on a Bludguni airship. He was also apprentice to the Arvek Nar navigator-wizard Master Gerge aboard the Golden Cockatrice. His leg was lost when the airship was totally destroyed by a Myrrish gnome's fireball which penetrated the magazine and ignited the kegs of blackpowder stored there. He was one of only three survivors with Master Gerge being another with his command of more powerful magic (The final survivor has been purposefully left vague so they can turn up later as an old friend who needs help, a rival come to settle a score or any other rp-hook a GM might need). Rumbo has since wandered as a mercenary for hire. He has worked with sky-pirates over the Skycurtain Mountains and then for treasure hunters in Khazad Duin. He was a gunsmith in Blar for a time before he helped smugglers with ties to The Sunset. After reading a back issue of "The Clockworks and Steamfitting Journal" Rumbo has decided that a wooden peg-leg just isn't good enough and came to Alexandria looking for a better prosthetic. He has taken up lodging in GoblinTown after meeting with a goblin cleric of Rada and a elf wizard who pointed him in the right direction and is usually found there or on the other side of the river in Sage Orum's Plaza.

Roleplay Hooks

  • Firearms - Rumbo is a trained gunsmith and a practiced shot so anything to do with firearms is sure to draw his attention.
  • Magic - Rumbo is a wizard, specialized in divinations, and so responds well to mystical mysteries or magical mayhem.
  • Artifice - Rumbo is missing his left leg and would like to upgrade to something better so he has been poking around looking for folks who can make clockwork prosthetics.
  • Gobbers - Gobbers are the best race!


Gobber PC Badge
Escape: After the destruction of the Golden Cockatrice airship Cogz Rumbo decided it was time to strike out on his own.
Role: A Gunslinger & Mystic Diviner who displays Gobber ingenuity!
Faith: Gunahkar
Warts: Cogz Rumbo only has three small warts and is rather plain in appearance.

Flag bludgun.png

Homeland PC Badge
Homeland: Bludgun
Family History: The Rumbo family have always lived in Blod, smithing or tinkering for whichever Warlord or Chieftain would accept them.
Politics: Bludgun is a place where the strong and powerful rule, as they should.


Flaws PC Badge
Flaw: Intolerance
Development: Myrrish Gnomes are a dangerous menace, as likely to blow you up by accident as they are to kill you on purpose.
Gobberpirate cp footer.jpg

"I'm no stranger to danger. Besides, if I should die, I shall take full responsibility."