Organizations of the Militant

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Reading an Organization Entry

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The organization has offices in multiple nations or areas. "Global" here is a relative term, and does not imply centralized control.
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The organization is localized. See entry for details. Many Alexandrian-based groups have this feature!
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Only for NPCs.

Organizations of the Militant

Org global.png Battleguard of KorOrg blank.png Associated Characters
Common: Korite, Fighter, Swashbuckler, Barbarian, Cavalier, Inquisitor, Cleric Locations: Kor-focused cultures
An organization focused on the study and exploitation of war tactics and strategies, for the purpose of war.
Formidable Soldier-Saints of Kor, locally the Battleguard are Kor's representatives in the Colosseum District in Alexandria, though they are known in many nations. Many are are clergy members and soldiers who specialize in every aspect of military affairs. Specializing in training, battle tactics and strategies they are often called on by the military forces of various nations who seek their expertise. Battle Rousers and Champions they seek to inspire those beneath them to epic feats of combat and warfare and they are often exacting task masters and drill sergeants in their attempt to forge a given company of soldiers into the ultimate fighting force. Battleguards often emerge from The Proving Grounds in Dran and spread their efforts all across the continent. Needless to say, they are welcome in times of war, though they're infamous for their lack of loyalty to any particular side outside of it.
RPP-Related Skills: K/military theory, Profession/Soldier, Intimidate ...other?

Org global.png Monastic Brothers of WarOrg blank.png Associated Characters
Common: Korite, Monk, Fighter, Cleric, Inquisitor, Barbarian, Cavalier Locations: Alexandros, Dran, etc.
A monastic order.
RPP-Related Skills: Forthcoming...

Org global.png Org npc.png Monastic Order of the Crimson Templars (Garnaks)Org blank.png N/a
Common: Monks, fighters, clerics, sorcerers Locations: Alexandros, Dran, etc.
A monastic order that makes Whirlpool giggle.
A Garnak
The Garnaks were a clan of sorcerous vampires involved in the creation of the city-state of Blar. Devout Thulites, they were transformed into vampires by Eurid Barntos and subverted the city-state's leadership to their own ends. They fomented revolution for their agenda, but the plan ultimately backfired and they lost control of the city-state. The Crimson Templars were an order of arvek nar who served as bodyguards to their vampiric masters. They're said to be arcanely enhanced in ways that makes them deadly enemies. Many of the arvek Chords spent time in this institution--at the time, there was no choice.
RPP-Related Skills: N/A

Org global.png Org npc.png Monastic Order of the NightfellOrg blank.png N/a
Common: Monks, fighters Locations: Alexandros, Dran, etc.
A monastic order.
The monks of the Nightfell worship the Void and some of its higher-ups claim to have been touched in some manner by it's insanity. While they do not fall into the Chaos of Destruction of the Void, they find order in it in almost ruthless fashion. For to know Chaos, one must know Order. And to them, the absolute silence and nothingness of the Void and complete destruction is the ultimate of Order. It is this world that Elhim and the Gods created that is the epitome of Chaos. And thus, is must be destroyed. Often not just monks, this group has kept itself hidden and has only one lone monestary, deep and hidden in the Desolation. This group is willing to hire themselves out as assassins and spies, adding a little of the bliss of nothingness along their way.
RPP-Related Skills: N/A

Org global.png Monastic Order of Righteous BattleOrg blank.png Associated Characters
Common: Angorite, Monk, Fighter, Cleric, Bard, Swashbuckler, Inquisitor, Tarienite Locations: Alexandros, Dran, etc.
A monastic order dedicated to the ideals of the Mountain!
Angoron's Order is a group of primarily LG monks dedicated to physical perfection. A jovial lot, they defy the stereotype of the 'stuffy monk' and can be found among most cities. The order spars for sport, for self-perfection, and as a nod to Tarien's friendship to Angoron, for entertainment. Among them are some of the greatest storytellers of Ea, for a skillfully woven tale is an honor to the Mountainbringer. Their strict code of honor prevents them from using dirty tricks, though they are quite talented at finding an advantage. They believe in the Ultimate Good, and they believe in fighting with what Angoran provides, which starts with the strength of the body. Long hours of physical and mental focus do not need to be dull and quiet and boring. They just have to be long.
RPP-Related Skills: Forthcoming...

Org localized.pngOrder of the Radiant SunOrg blank.png Associated Characters
Common: Daeusites, Paladins, Clerics, Monks, Inquisitors Locations: Alexandros
A group dedicated to bringing justice to those whom it was taken from, and to cleansing the world of Taara's abberations.
When the King of Myrddion vanished into the Mists, the Templars of the Holy Sword flooded Alexandria in their search. However, no king was found and over time, the Templars disbanded and returned to Myrddion to resume their guarded vigil of that nation's oldest relic.

Yet, their presence served as an inspiration to those who would make a difference in a new and frightening world. Saved as it was from the devastation, some in Alexandria felt they owed it to the world to bring justice to those who had suffered. These Alexandrians found aid in two former Templars, who wished to take a more active role in the world.

Since then, a small but promising order has sprung up. It is dedicated to bringing justice to those whom it was taken from, and to cleansing or redemption of the world of Taara's abberations--that is, the beasts, people, and creatures who were warped by her magic. This is slightly different than the greater Temple's strikes against demons and devils; their focus is more on Ea itself and the lives within. They see abberations as the warping of Ea's life by evil's hand, for example.

Primarily a militant group, the Radiant Sun also has its followers among the monastic and clerical.

The Radiant Sun draw their strength from the original Templars, but are a new, and forward-moving organization. They are small, however and struggling. Their leaders, once united are now at quiet war, ironically, mirroring the cold war even now brewing in Myrddion. What the cause of it isn't certain, but it has had subtle effect on things.

RPP-Related Skills: Forthcoming...

Org global.png Org npc.png Monastic Order of the Single ChordOrg blank.png N/a
Common: Monks, fighters, clerics Locations: Alexandros, Dran, etc.
A monastic order dedicated to Maugrim's tyranny of the world.
The Single Chord is Maugrim's order, though recruits do not approach by choice. Promising students are often drafted from areas of the Conquerer's influence after they have displayed certain aptitudes, such as quickness of limb, strength of the hand, and a tendency towards planning and cruelty. Established monks are often sent into the world as agents of nobility, merchants, and other influential areas. The aim of the group is as mysterious as its foundingall that is known is that it serves Maugrim, and is likely under the influence of a number of His priests. Rumors suggest that the members of this order take no oaths, for their life is for Maugrim and advancing his inevitable rule of all things. To fail Maugrim, is to die and suffer in the Iron Hells at his displeasure. Thus, failure is not an option.
RPP-Related Skills: N/A

Org localized.png Alexandria's SkyguildOrg blank.png Associated Characters
Common: Rangers, Cavaliers Locations: Alexandria (A17)
Inspired by the Myrrish tradition, these griffon-riders guard Alexandria and her airship trade.
A pillar of Alexandrian Strength for the last century, the Skyguild owns and operates the majority of artifice-driven Airships that fly the skylanes, bringing trade and passengers to Alexandria from distant lands. The Skyguild is divided into three main branches: The Department of Trade and Mercantile Relations, The Operations and Services Division and the Skyguard.

The Trade and Relations Division manages the Skyguild. It establishes the regulations and levees fees for freight and passengers that travel on their ships. Additionally, the TRD manages overall guild finances and operates offices at any city in which the Skyguild's ships regularly stop.

The Operations and Services Division supports all aerial operations, providing the mechanics and craftsmen responsible for building and maintaining these marvels of the modern day. The OSD also provides engineers and crew for the ships themselves, and manage the vast majority of the Skyguild's employees. Seasoned workers also are selected to train new personnel under the OSD's juristiction.

Finally, there at the Skyguard. The Skyguard take their name from the Myrrish tradition, and trace their origins to the Myrrish occupation of Alexandria. Not all of them are griffon-riders, however, though the image is iconic. The Skyguard operate both Skyship security for trade and passenger ships, as well as operate Alexandria's aerial warships in conjunction with Alexandrian Army personnel. The Skyguard's few ships fly as escorts for convoys of trade ships, or particularly valuable cargo and passenger flights.

RPP-Related Skills: Forthcoming