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Order of Righteous Battle

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Common: Angorite, Monk, Fighter, Cleric, Bard, Swashbuckler, Inquisitor, Tarienite Locations: Alexandros, Dran, etc.
A monastic order dedicated to the ideals of the Mountain!
Angoron's Order is a group of primarily LG monks dedicated to physical perfection. A jovial lot, they defy the stereotype of the 'stuffy monk' and can be found among most cities. The order spars for sport, for self-perfection, and as a nod to Tarien's friendship to Angoron, for entertainment. Among them are some of the greatest storytellers of Ea, for a skillfully woven tale is an honor to the Mountainbringer. Their strict code of honor prevents them from using dirty tricks, though they are quite talented at finding an advantage. They believe in the Ultimate Good, and they believe in fighting with what Angoran provides, which starts with the strength of the body. Long hours of physical and mental focus do not need to be dull and quiet and boring. They just have to be long.
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