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Battleguard of Kor

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Common: Korite, Fighter, Swashbuckler, Barbarian, Cavalier, Inquisitor, Cleric Locations: Kor-focused cultures
An organization focused on the study and exploitation of war tactics and strategies, for the purpose of war.
Formidable Soldier-Saints of Kor, locally the Battleguard are Kor's representatives in the Colosseum District in Alexandria, though they are known in many nations. Many are are clergy members and soldiers who specialize in every aspect of military affairs. Specializing in training, battle tactics and strategies they are often called on by the military forces of various nations who seek their expertise. Battle Rousers and Champions they seek to inspire those beneath them to epic feats of combat and warfare and they are often exacting task masters and drill sergeants in their attempt to forge a given company of soldiers into the ultimate fighting force. Battleguards often emerge from The Proving Grounds in Dran and spread their efforts all across the continent. Needless to say, they are welcome in times of war, though they're infamous for their lack of loyalty to any particular side outside of it.
RPP-Related Skills: K/military theory, Profession/Soldier, Intimidate ...other?

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