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Reading an Organization Entry

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The organization has offices in multiple nations or areas. "Global" here is a relative term, and does not imply centralized control.
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The organization is localized. See entry for details. Many Alexandrian-based groups have this feature!
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Only for NPCs.

Organizations of the Heroic

Org global.png AcquisitionersOrg blank.png Associated Characters
Common: Elunite, Vardaman, Inquisitors, Bards, Wizards (abjurers), Rogues, Clerics Locations: Near Elunan Temples
Recovery and destruction of dangerous artifacts; a safeguard against artifice's and mana's overreach
Pcorg acquisitioners.png
The Acquisitioners specialize in the hunting down and attainment of dangerous items of a magical nature at the behest of the Temple of Eluna! Aside from collection, they see themselves as balancing force against the mages who create such monstrosities. They work hard to acquire and seal these items safely away, or destroy them when required. They as part of their trade, they do their best to monitor known evil casters, and take action to prevent them from causing harm if they can. They possess a reputation for both zeal and responsibility in their duties.


Sir Chorin Deglauss formed the Acquisitioners in his younger years. Based on his Elunan ideals, he formed the original group from a group of his friends. Ragtag idealists all, they were nonetheless shaped by his brilliant mind, and made it their mission to recover artifacts--of the dangerous sort. Though they ran into trouble soon after and Chorin was slain by an artifact's power, his legacy lives on, as does tales of his dashing heroism.

Leadership and Areas of Influence

The Acquisitioners operate worldwide. They operate under the auspices of the Temple of Eluna and are led by a council of three Elunites and one Vardaman, who answer to the greater Temple structure. These leaders are typically chosen among the clergy, though there is usually one with inquisitor's training.

The Acquisitioners work with varied temples and magical societies. Among these groups, they tend to possess a mixed welcome; some mage groups, for example, could argue the preservation of dangerous artifacts for research purposes, while the acquisitioners may be called in to dispose of it safely. Their greatest allies are among the Elunan temples. While not a secret group, they also do not tend to advertise the scope of their membership.

While many members are inquisitors, their dangerous tasks require a diverse membership. Among their number are catalogers and researchers. There are even members who negotiate their entry into politically sensitive areas (with mixed degrees of success), while others work to keep an eye on known crafters. And of course, the mage killers. Overall, the organization supports a wide variety of necessary roles.

Their purpose, and means of their founding gives them a certain zeal--they possess a reputation of fearlessness on the job and a drive towards "getting the task done by the Light," as well as respect for what they see as the Founder's Ideals, which different members may interpret differently. Of course.

RPP-Related Skills: Perception, Survival, Knowledge/History, Knowledge/Arcana, Knowledge/Geography, Disable Device, Spellcraft, Craft/Artifice

Org localized.png Knights of Happy ValleyOrg blank.png Associated Characters
Common: Cavaliers, Paladins, Fighters Locations: Happy Valley, Alexandros
Despite Happy Valley's success through both its silver mines and its members creative (and determined) use of those mines, it too has faced the rocky sea of a changed world. Within the Valley, there are some that are not happy with the reliance on outside factors to protect themselves.

Renard Torchwhistle, an older gnomish gentleman, veteran of the Sendor war, and proud resident of the Valley, saw an opportunity and a cause. Inspired by the cavalier movement sweeping Alexandria and true to gnomish fashion--he gathered a group of like-minded gnomes. Together, they have adapted this tradition towards their own goals.

Leadership and Influence

Renard is a crusty old gnome who was wounded in some of the most brutal fighting of the Sendor war and for whom any tactic or strategy is a valid choice in the defense of his people. He is best recognized for his long thin mustache and exaggerated, traditionally gnomish accent. Although, a good portion of people, gnomes included, think of him as a has-been hero whose too paranoid and just wants to relive his glory days, he is nonetheless capable...just crusty. And, the elders whisper, lacking a true Rival for his efforts.

The Knights themselves are a loose militia, formed of individuals of all walks of life in the Valley. Although they number only in the few dozen, these knights-in-the-making have come together in an effort to defend their home and what they view as gnomish values--of creativity, determination, and dedication!

Likewise, Renard has recognized that the safety of the valley is closely based on the protection of Alexandria. The organization encourages its younger members to join with Alexandrian guilds not only for practice but as a way to actively fight the evil that might threaten the Valley.

Thus, the Knights were born.

Meetings often take place in barns, living rooms or homes. At the moment, there is no formal structure or really any money available to the Knights other than what they bring. In fact, most of its members are equipped with the tools of their professions that they have shaped into weapons. The more serious members though often invest in some armor and proper weapons; a thief would fare poorly trying to steal from their residence! Their hodge-podge nature has however, developed some truly 'interesteng' talents among them--ones that would not be expected within a normal knights' organization.

The primary purpose of the Knights of Happy Valley are to fight for justice and freedom for all gnomekind, especially those of Happy Valley. Although any citizen of Happy Valley, not just gnomes would fall under their protection. Woe to any who would insult Happy Valley around one of the knights, they just might find out just how far a fierce and determined gnome can shove a shoe up their backside.

To be a member one simply has to be from the Valley, all skills and talent levels are accepted. A patriotic love of Happy Valley is the only requirement.

RPP-Related Skills

Knowledge/Military Theory

RPP-Related Skills: Knowledge/nobility, Diplomacy, Knowledge/Local, Knowledge/Military Theory, Knowledge/Geography, Perform/Dance, Perform/Oratory

Org global.png Knights of the Lost CrownOrg blank.png Associated Characters
Common: Cavaliers, fighters, swashbucklers, paladins Locations: Alexandria, Myrddion
An order dedicated to the ideals, memory, (and hopeful recovery) of Myrddion's missing king.
The Knights of the Lost Crown are a group of knights and honorable warriors dedicated to the ideals and service of the missing king. Some of them joined for other reasons--the notion of preserving Myrrish honor, and the honor of ancient traditions.
RPP-Related Skills: Diplomacy, Knowledge/nobility, Knowledge/history, Knowledge/Military Theory, Athletics, Ride, Profession/Stablehand, Handle Animal, Perform/dance, Perform/sing

Org global.png Order ParamountOrg blank.png Associated Characters
Common: Angorite, Korite, Fighter, Barbarian, Cleric, Cavalier, Swashbuckler Locations: Many cultures
An order to contests of strength, the Mountain, and celebration of heroic acts.
Org order paramount.png
This order consists of soldiers, barbarians and clerics devoted to the tenants of Angoron. Locally, the Order are Angoron's representatives in the Colosseum District in Alexandria, though they are known in many nations. Their warriors often act as part-time mercenaries who operate in different areas of the world and are renowned for their tenacity and prowess in battle. Aside from their own abilities, however, the order's greatest work revolves around showcasing Aragorn's work. The Order Paramount are renowned organizers of sporting and athletic competitions, which often draw huge crowds. These events are complex tasks, from organizing local medical care of the athletes, to the right kind of promotion--and beer drinking after.
RPP-Related Skills: Intimidate, Craft/Weaponsmithing, Craft/Leatherworking, Knowledge/Military Theory, Acrobatics, Perform/Oratory, Athletics

Org localized.png Society of Dapper Dagger Dames and Gentleman Adventurers Org blank.png Associated Characters
Common: Cavaliers, fighters, swashbucklers, inquisitors, paladins Locations: Alexandria
An order dedicated to adventure, and the preservation of noble ideals.
The SGA is a formal organization that was formed by a group of individuals of modest influence, who are concerned with the current and future members of the Guild of Adventurers and other Alexandrian-based groups. The society's purpose, its clean uniform at social events and its leadership's pride in "noble acts," has led some to believe its members are all stuffy and uptight, far too concerned with appearance over actual substance. They often talk the talk but don't always walk the walk, it is said. Others however, appreciate what the organization is striving towards.

Members are also expected to model citizens and be paragons of virtue. Adventurers that appear to conduct themselves to a more noble standard are often approached to be members, as they feel they would make good members of the Society. While an impossible goal to achieve its pursuit is considered of paramount importance.


The Society is led by the Council of Five, mostly seasoned, former adventurers, knights and minor nobles--usually the sons and daughters of sons and daughters, who had possessed both drive and reason to be either ambitious, or remember the old days fondly. Their primary concern is the social impact, virtue and bearing of the Adventurers that represent Alexandria and those who have influence on the culture and youth of the city. At the head of the Five is an older gentleman known for his gruffness and rude temper--a temper bound (though barely) by the behavior the society expects.

Leadership and Areas of Influence

Society activities often include debates on the important social issues, workshops on self improvement and debates often on topics related to morality and other complicated issues such as these. Though there is far less consensus than one might expect. A reoccurring subject is debate on practical action versus virtuous action. What is more important? The singular or greater good? Debates are lively to say the least, though it is easy to get them to 'organize' behind a Goodly Cause, and though this unity may not last for long, it can be striking, and cement lasting friendships, besides.

Of course membership also has its perks, since most of its leaders had 'lived the life' at one point or other, among the adventuring community--or had come from a more noble though modest background, being the son of a third son, and so on. (This difference in backgrounds is the source of some strife within the organization, though as more of an undercurrent than something that divides it in two.) Its members are expected to conduct themselves accordingly, regardless of income. As such private ballrooms, catering and other such services are often made available to its members to ensure any events thrown are of an appropriate caliber. In addition members have access to a number of expert stylist and tailors to ensure their outward appearance is appropriate for a person of noble bearing. This includes access to the latest fashion and technology for the dashing knight on the go.

One of its strengths is the reach of its social network, among houses willing to listen. Though most of its council are not high up in rank, they can put an ear out, to those still willing to bend an ear to Justice. It does not guarantee a response--and association with the Society may be considered at times, an anacronism or even embarrassment, but such words stand a chance of being heard.

RPP-Related Skills: Knowledge/Nobility, Knowledge/Military Theory, Knowledge/Religion, Perform/Oratory, Perform/Dance, Diplomacy, Knowledge/Local

Org global.png Paladin Traditions of EaOrg blank.png Associated Characters
Paladins Locations: Many temple orders
Most paladins hold a position within their deity's temple, and may find themselves guided by the traditions held within these temples. Sample paladin traditions may be found below. It is also common for paladins to work together across order lines--they are foremost warriors of good and what is good in the world. See individual entry deity pages for titles.
Althean Paladin Traditions: Paladins of Althea are often protectors of the weak. They serve often as guards to Althea's good works and as defenders of those who cannot aid themselves. It would be a mistake to call them pacifists. Rather, they are encouraged to be strategic, with both shield and strength.

Daeusite Paladin Traditions: Paladins of Daeus are are typically warriors for justice and what is good in the world. The martial arm of the faith, they often partner with Altheans and other servitors of the Gods of Light. They stand at the forefront in the world's fight against evil and oppression.

Elunan Paladin Traditions: Paladins of Eluna rarely gain full levels of paladins throughout their career and some times turn their attention to minor development of arcane might or the gift of foresight. They often hunt down instances of evil magic and black spells which bring harm to the world, and so have little to no problems working with magicians and other goodly aligned arcane spell users.

Gilean Paladin Traditions: Gilead's paladins are rare, and typically serve as guardians of pathways through the wilderness, as well as defenders of wild spaces. They may range with Gilead's hunters against abominations and the corruption of natural spaces.

Navosian Paladin Traditions: Navosian paladins remember the time when Navos possessed Compassion. They recall the fall of Animus and the gap among the gods of Twilight, and recall their gods' sacrifice when he left the Light. Traditionally close allies of the Daeusites, camaraderie of late has been somewhat awkward and marked by sorrow. Paladins of Navos strive to exemplify the best that Navos' tradition is, and has been.

Reosian Paladin Traditions: Reos has few paladins, with the greatest number among the khazadi. These paladins are normally considered champions of their kind, blending together all of the virtues of the khazadi race into their ultimate warriors. They are often promoters of peace, clan, and order, and other traditional, khazadi values.

Serrielite Paladin Traditions: Serriel's paladins are a new face among Ea's denizens. Like their goddess, they tend to focus on the beauty of civilization and the progress of mankind, whatever race they may be. Given Vardama's scarcity of paladins, they've begun to form a partnership where they assist in guardianship of the more dangerous crypts and graveyards.

Vardaman Paladin Traditions: Paladins of Vardama are almost exclusively concerned with the hunting, slaying and destroying of evil Necromancers and killing of undead. While rarer than paladins of other faiths, they nonetheless maintain a sacred role within their faith. These paladins are some of Thul's greatest enemies.

RPP-Related Skills: Whatever is flavorful for their temple and tradition.