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Common: Cavaliers, Paladins, Fighters Locations: Happy Valley, Alexandros
Despite Happy Valley's success through both its silver mines and its members creative (and determined) use of those mines, it too has faced the rocky sea of a changed world. Within the Valley, there are some that are not happy with the reliance on outside factors to protect themselves.

Renard Torchwhistle, an older gnomish gentleman, veteran of the Sendor war, and proud resident of the Valley, saw an opportunity and a cause. Inspired by the cavalier movement sweeping Alexandria and true to gnomish fashion--he gathered a group of like-minded gnomes. Together, they have adapted this tradition towards their own goals.

Leadership and Influence

Renard is a crusty old gnome who was wounded in some of the most brutal fighting of the Sendor war and for whom any tactic or strategy is a valid choice in the defense of his people. He is best recognized for his long thin mustache and exaggerated, traditionally gnomish accent. Although, a good portion of people, gnomes included, think of him as a has-been hero whose too paranoid and just wants to relive his glory days, he is nonetheless capable...just crusty. And, the elders whisper, lacking a true Rival for his efforts.

The Knights themselves are a loose militia, formed of individuals of all walks of life in the Valley. Although they number only in the few dozen, these knights-in-the-making have come together in an effort to defend their home and what they view as gnomish values--of creativity, determination, and dedication!

Likewise, Renard has recognized that the safety of the valley is closely based on the protection of Alexandria. The organization encourages its younger members to join with Alexandrian guilds not only for practice but as a way to actively fight the evil that might threaten the Valley.

Thus, the Knights were born.

Meetings often take place in barns, living rooms or homes. At the moment, there is no formal structure or really any money available to the Knights other than what they bring. In fact, most of its members are equipped with the tools of their professions that they have shaped into weapons. The more serious members though often invest in some armor and proper weapons; a thief would fare poorly trying to steal from their residence! Their hodge-podge nature has however, developed some truly 'interesteng' talents among them--ones that would not be expected within a normal knights' organization.

The primary purpose of the Knights of Happy Valley are to fight for justice and freedom for all gnomekind, especially those of Happy Valley. Although any citizen of Happy Valley, not just gnomes would fall under their protection. Woe to any who would insult Happy Valley around one of the knights, they just might find out just how far a fierce and determined gnome can shove a shoe up their backside.

To be a member one simply has to be from the Valley, all skills and talent levels are accepted. A patriotic love of Happy Valley is the only requirement.

RPP-Related Skills

Knowledge/Military Theory

RPP-Related Skills: Knowledge/nobility, Diplomacy, Knowledge/Local, Knowledge/Military Theory, Knowledge/Geography, Perform/Dance, Perform/Oratory

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