Organizations of the Green

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Reading an Organization Entry

Org global.png
The organization has offices in multiple nations or areas. "Global" here is a relative term, and does not imply centralized control.
Org localized.png
The organization is localized. See entry for details. Many Alexandrian-based groups have this feature!
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Only for NPCs.

Organizations of the Green

Org global.png Org npc.png Brethren of the BeastOrg blank.png N/A
Common: Caracorothans, druids, rangers, inquisitors, barbarians Locations: The wild underbelly
The world belongs in Caracoth's jaws.
This small clergy of Caracoroth’s faith focuses on his ravenous nature and the spirit of hunger and hunting that seems to drive the deity. They believe that ultimately the whole of the world must fall prey to the Jaws of Thirst and that the ending will come when Caracoroth devours the moon at last. They hate fey creatures and indulge in hunting as often as possible, driving forth dangerous prey before them to make sure that the bloody finale takes place in densely populated areas. Villages fall victim to this as desperate wolves, displaceer beasts and more are driven through the hearts of their dwelling places and acts of vandalism are encouraged. Some depraved Druids are part of this circle of individuals as well.
RPP-Related Skills: N/A

Org global.png Org npc.png Children of GarmOrg blank.png N/A
Common: Caracorothans, druids, rangers, inquisitors, barbarians Locations: The wild underbelly
Pester Whirlpoopin to fill this in!
This potent clergy of Caracoroth call him by the ancient name Garm which means in their own language, Feeder. They believe in the supremacy of were-kind and seek to spread the disease of lycanthropy and to propagate the continued growth of skin changers as a species. They attempt to bring all such beings under their control and they hunt those who attempt to turn away from what they see as the destiny of their kind, and to follow Eluna. They often hunt individuals such as Werebears as abominations against the will of Caracoroth. It is their attempt to always improve on the power presented by lycanthropy and to this end some members of the clergy and other agents are exposed to a powerful ritual. One that combines the best of beasts such as weretigers and werewolves with more immunity to the things that can harm them. These Greater Werewolves, are slowly growing in number. The Children of Garm are one of the few urban focused cults of Caracoroth.
RPP-Related Skills: N/A

Org global.png Silver CrescentOrg blank.png Associated Characters
Common: Elunite, Gilean, Danan, Inquisitor, Paladin, Ranger, Bard, Cleric, Druid Locations: Alexandria (A10), Greater Alexandria (H02), Wilderness Pointe
An order focused on the eradication of Caracoroth's influence among lycanthropes.
An order dedicated to the unmasking, hunting, and even conversion of lycanthropes. The Crescent stands opposite the Children of Garm and the latter's cults. Their work is not easy: shapechangers hide easily among everyday society and must often be rooted out before they may be neutralized. Though Elunans form strong numbers among the Crescent, Gilead's and Danan faiths are well-represented.

Some of their most active members are former or current lycanthropic creatures, themselves. In cases like these, the Crescent can provide them a new identity, and means to move forward outside of Garm's clutches. PCs may use the Skinwalker Prestige Class to emulate this heritage.

RPP-Related Skills: Perception, Survival, K/nature, K/local...other?

Org localized.png Org global.png Alexandros' Ygdrassil UnionOrg blank.png Associated Characters
Common: Danans, Gileans, druids, rangers, barbarians, witches Locations: Wilderness Pointe (W03)
The local grove of the druid's union.
Alexandros has a small but established sect of the continental druid circle known as the Ygdrassil Union. Precious little public information is known about this group save that there is said to be a grove deep in the Eldwyn Forest. The circle is small and fairly informal, mainly providing local forest dwellers and spiritually minded individuals with a group of like minded individuals for the sharing of information and the joining of forces when dealing with the many local threats to the regions natural balance.
RPP-Related Skills: Survival, Heal, Knowledge/Nature, Handle Animal, Profession/Herbalist, Craft/Bowmaking, Craft/Weaving

Org localized.png Alexandros' Wards of the Invisible PathOrg blank.png Associated Characters
Common: Danans, Gileans, Daeusites, druids, rangers, barbarians, witches Locations: Wilderness Pointe
A cooperative between the Green on both sides of the Portal, to prevent unsafe crossover of flora and fauna between the two realms.
The Wards are a group allied with the Ygdrassil Union and in conjunction with the shamanic sith-makar culture beyond the Am'shere Portal in Alexandros. They work together to guard the portal, ensuring that creatures, goods, and so forth that come through do not result in cross-contamination. For example, Am'shere wildlife overrunning parts of Alexandros. They also work to ensure the safety of merchants and trade through the portal. Though supervised mounts and similar creatures are let through (but recorded), their offspring are largely asked to dwell in Am'shere.
RPP-Related Skills: Perception, Sense Motive, Handle Animal, Spellcraft, Knowledge/Geography, Knowledge/Local, Profession/Guide, Profession/Herbalist