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Wards of the Invisible Path

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Common: Danans, Gileans, Daeusites, druids, rangers, barbarians, witches Locations: Wilderness Pointe
A cooperative between the Green on both sides of the Portal, to prevent unsafe crossover of flora and fauna between the two realms.
The Wards are a group allied with the Ygdrassil Union and in conjunction with the shamanic sith-makar culture beyond the Am'shere Portal in Alexandros. They work together to guard the portal, ensuring that creatures, goods, and so forth that come through do not result in cross-contamination. For example, Am'shere wildlife overrunning parts of Alexandros. They also work to ensure the safety of merchants and trade through the portal. Though supervised mounts and similar creatures are let through (but recorded), their offspring are largely asked to dwell in Am'shere.
RPP-Related Skills: Perception, Sense Motive, Handle Animal, Spellcraft, Knowledge/Geography, Knowledge/Local, Profession/Guide, Profession/Herbalist

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