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Silver Crescent

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Common: Elunite, Gilean, Danan, Inquisitor, Paladin, Ranger, Bard, Cleric, Druid Locations: Alexandria (A10), Greater Alexandria (H02), Wilderness Pointe
An order focused on the eradication of Caracoroth's influence among lycanthropes.
An order dedicated to the unmasking, hunting, and even conversion of lycanthropes. The Crescent stands opposite the Children of Garm and the latter's cults. Their work is not easy: shapechangers hide easily among everyday society and must often be rooted out before they may be neutralized. Though Elunans form strong numbers among the Crescent, Gilead's and Danan faiths are well-represented.

Some of their most active members are former or current lycanthropic creatures, themselves. In cases like these, the Crescent can provide them a new identity, and means to move forward outside of Garm's clutches. PCs may use the Skinwalker Prestige Class to emulate this heritage.

RPP-Related Skills: Perception, Survival, K/nature, K/local...other?

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