Heroes' Welcome

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A plane of epic and powerful proportions where heroes dwell and everything is mighty and measured by the strength of one's soul and the power of one's sword arm. Everything is bigger and stronger here. Mountains soar up into the heavens with their peaks lost to eyesight. Great valleys, miles deep, hide the secretive forges of mighty dwarven craftsmen of paragon status who mold weapons and armament of such stature that they become the foundations of myths and legends. Titans roam here along with legendary creatures of tremendous fortitude. A domain of floating continents consisting of sprawling plains where good aligned warriors, fighters, barbarians and creatures of a stout physical mean but a joyous courageous spirit engage in ongoing sport. It is said that those celestials and souls too violent and aggressive for the higher planes are more than welcome here for this is the home of Angoron; god of strength and heroes. Angoron allows several lesser powers to dwell here but maintains full control over this domain, able to shape it as he sees fit. Angoron holds his festivals and games, known as the Grand Exhibit, wherein spectacular fields of battle and mind numbing contests of fortitude and strength are waged during the day. In the evening time the great halls are filled with raucous laughter, reveling and tale-telling of the exploits during the day.

Planar Traits

• Normal Gravity

• Normal Time

• Infinite Size, although the various floating continents and mountains have their own realms and boundaries.

• Divinely Morphic. Angoron is supreme here but shares the realm with several demi-deities and lesser powers.

• Minor Positive Dominant

• Mildly Good and Chaos Aligned

• Normal Magic

Important Sites

Heroes' Welcome has a number of realms inhabited by various individuals of all manners of origin and focus but some do stand out.

Valorshome: Although folklore among some races on Gaea state that Angoron is present on the world, holding the earth and sky moored together, Angoron actually dwells in the great halls of Valorshome. The ultimate warrior's lodge, Valorshome towers up from the landscape, a home of many stories with a tower of adamant and bronze, pillars of copper and a wide courtyard and feasting hall. His attendants and consorts are many although during the daytime hours it is typically quiet due to the Grand Exhibit. Ceinara often visits here, lending some credence to the rumors of dalliances between her and Angoron and intensifying rivalries with Kor as a result.

Jotunheim: The land of giants, it stands to reason that everything here is large. Rocs soar through the air, forests of pines are crowned with cloud cover and wolves the size of elephants prowl through these lands. A plane within a plane, this demi-realm is the place of rest and the final destination of uncorrupted giants. Typically good and neutral ones. At times they prey and hunt one another but in all things the balance is maintained.