Cradle of Nature

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The realm of nature unbound, the Cradle of Nature is home to sprawling forests of every possible type of tree, vast deserts that are hardly barren wastelands but the ideal prime version of the desert landscapes and primal unbound seas filled with forms of life never before imagined by the sailors of the great oceans. Animals of all variety can be found here from beasts that most would term magical to extraplanar versions of more common creatures found in the Material Plane. From dragon-kind to sea turtles large enough to house entire cities on their backs, all manner of creatures dwell here. Explorers to this realm discover forests of giant mushrooms, animals that have not been named in the tongues of mortals. Although a vast carpet of wilderness and untamed lands, several deities do make their homes here albeit they do so in a fashion wherein they exist in harmony with nature as opposed to truly dominating it. Souls and petitioners who find their way to this plane for eternal rest or supplication of their deities often dwell in small communities and elegant homes that live in harmony with this primal world. Some inhabitants gradually take on animalistic traits.

Planar Traits

• Divinely Morphic. Each divine realm is a demiplane unto itself.

• Normal Time

• Infinite Size

• Normal Gravity

• Mildly Neutral Aligned

• Enhanced Magic. Druid spells are enlarged and extended as though the Enlarge Spell and Extend Spell feats had been applied, though they do not require higher spell slots or longer then normal casting times.

Important Sites

A number of powers make their home here, including the unnamed Spirit Kings who preside over the spirits and denizens of the forest and mighty powers such as Ursol and Onto the twin bear gods.

The Garden of the Gods: Some feel that this is the very heart of the Cradle of Nature. The term ‘garden’ is perhaps not very accurate for it is not a literal garden but it is the dwelling place of Dana the Earth Mother. Here all manner of trees and fruits grow but the greatest of them is the manifestation of the great ‘cosmic’ tree: the World Tree, which represents the living force of nature itself and manifests in some fashion in all the planes. The tree towers up into incomprehensible heights and its roots cannot be fathomed either. The tree also manifests in a similar fashion in Quelynos.

The Hunting House of Gilead: The home of the great hunter is here at the very edge of the Beast Plains. The high house of Gilead is akin to the ultimate hunter's lodge. Gilead’s domain is vast and his halls are wide and low, strewn with skins of creatures from all throughout the planes and fells of great richness and value. Spears, bows, knives all hang abroad and in the middle of the hall springs a great tree some believe is an embodiment of the World Tree. Gilead and his folk hunt for both sport and the slaying of creatures deemed to fell and dangerous to the balance of nature. Those animals he claims in his hunts always return to life elsewhere in the Cradle but he usually fares forth into other realms or even to the Material Plane.