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Guild of the Sly

Org localized.png Alexandria's Guild of the SlyOrg blank.png Associated Characters
Common: Rogues, Inquisitors, Rangers, Fighters Locations: Alexandria
An underworld group with hints of Alexandrian-based heroism, but whose morals would be questionable by most. They stand in opposition to the Syndicate.
The Guild of the Sly was part of a group of a larger guild that was formerly composed of Taara and Illotha cultists, among others, behind the scenes. This group had been led by a mysterious individual known as The Smiling Man. Each chapter of the former Guild of the Sly was unique in and of itself but still loyal to the head guild located in Tashraan in Veyshan. This changed in Alexandria with the toppling of previous guild heads and the establishing of a new order known as The Guild.

With this change, the local Guild of the Sly declared their independence and gained a greater diversity of views than they had previously. The current Alexandrian Guild of the Sly has a streak of homegrown heroism that wasn't there before, though they're still composed of rogues, thieves, murderers, and so on.

The arrival of the mysterious Ebon Syndicate was in part to blame for the original split. The Syndicate's own motives are mysterious as is their leadership and their ultimate goals. They wasted no time in involving themselves in Alexandria's often dirty and convoluted underworld of smuggling, contrabands, drug trafficking and more.

Today, the Alexandrian Guild of the Sly operates as a loose organization of arson specialists, general agents, thugs, rumormongers, and so on. While generally for hire, like the rest of the Alexandrian Underworld, they're also engaged in turf wars with the Syndicate and other groups. Their activities make them a focused target of the powerful merchant groups and guilds, and have encouraged such guilds to build closer ties with the Syndicate as well as the recently established Sunset. The Sly is unofficially cheered by the creation of the Sunset, as it challenges the previously tighter relationship between Syndicate and some Merchant Guilds. Then again, it's another competitor.

RPP-Related Skills: Acrobatics, Disable Device, Stealth, Disguise, Knowledge/Local, Craft/Trapmaking, Craft/Locksmithing

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