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Andelena Donnelly

Physical Description

Andelena, wearing her plate armor and holding Deliverance. Art commissioned from Aria Phan.
Race: Human, Eldanar
Homeland: Selentia
Age: 32 (b. Daeshen 26, 1003 in Selentia)
Occupation: Adventurer and Sunguard
Class: Cleric 6 / Fighter 3
Faith: Daeus

The first thing almost anyone notices about Andelena is that she is tall for a human woman. Standing at six feet, her muscular frame is powerfully built and as impressive as her height. Her face is striking as well, with well-defined cheekbones, a moderate jaw, and steel-gray eyes that peer at people analytically, like they have to prove themselves of being competent at whatever they're doing before she wastes any time on them. Her hair, which is somewhere between a copper-tinted blonde and a flaming red, rolls in slightly untamed waves down to her shoulders. Years of what appears to be a life used to the rough and tumble has worn into her face: she has the slight beginnings of wrinkles under her eyes, and her skin is textured as one might expect for someone with seldom access to smoothing creams to hold onto the fading memory of youth. Most recently, she's acquired a thin and jagged scar that darts up her left cheek, stopping about an inch short of her eye.

She dresses rather practically in well-fitted full plate armor made from mithral, with a white-and-gold cloak with the symbol of Daeus prominently on display draped across her form and fastened tight by a gold pin. A longsword of impressive make hangs from her sword-belt, a thing that gleams brilliantly in the sunlight.

Items of Note:

Engagement Ring: Andelena wears a platinum ring that's been crafted by expert hands to resemble a dragon rising.

Deliverance: Andelena's longsword, which has been lovingly handled and refinished since she bought it at a merchant as a blade of unknown origin, has a sunburst symbol etched into the blade and a cross-guard crafted into the shape of angelic wings, with a sapphire set into the center. Deliverance displays abilities that are unusual for a sword... such as the ability to speak.

Roleplay Hooks

  • Sunguard: Andelena is a sworn Sunguard in service to Daeus. Any who are devoted to the Knight is an automatic ally-in-arms of hers. Other worshipers of the gods of Light are treated as allies, with Altheans getting the biggest nod from this Sunguard.
  • You, Me, and the Knight: Andelena is married to Brydion Donnelly, better known as Dolan, and the two Daeusites make a formidable pair.
  • Not-So-Holy Mouth: Cusses frequently. Deliverance does not like this. However, she knows when to lighten up on the dick jokes.
  • Noble Knowledge: For someone who talks in a down-to-earth way, Andelena knows a bit about Myrrish nobility.
  • Soft Spot: Despite her unconventional 'holy woman' presentation and her somewhat intimidating looks, Andelena has a soft spot for children, cats, and dogs.

"Foul-mouthed? I prefer 'not an ass-kisser', thanks."