A New Addition to the Family

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Log Info

  • Title: A New Addition to the Family
  • Emitter: Telamon
  • Place: Ravenstongue and Telamon's house
  • Summary: Telamon comes home to find Ravenstongue and Pothy in the middle of a game that has some outrageous bets riding on it. Once the results are conclusively batted away, Telamon and Ravenstongue discuss the happenings that have occurred with Auranar and Grandfather. Telamon is, needless to say, honored when he learns that he and Ravenstongue have been asked to join in the curuchuil--and that Auranar might soon wear their family name.

Lúpecyll-Atlon home, afternoon.

It's not snowing, but the bite of winter is still in the air even with the first of Pryntar having arrived. There's one fellow, at least, who even with his resilience against the cold is happy to be going home.

"Gods," Telamon mutters. "How do I get into these things? Ah well... friends, cohorts, lend me your ears and your swords..." His mental state isn't muddled, but he's not focusing on the bond, as he reaches his front door. Fishing out the key, he waves to Burz next door as the larger man steps onto his porch. "Afternoon, Burz! Busy day?"

"Like you wouldn't believe, Tel!" Burz calls back. "And I'm half-froze, so if you'll excuse me..." Telamon laughs, and waves the man off, as he steps inside his own house. "Honey, I'm home!"

It's probably for the best that Telamon isn't focusing on the bond, because there's an awful lot of focus at the moment in the bond itself. Cor'lana squints as she carefully, carefully slides a card out of the tower that's on the table in the middle of the living room--

And then the whole thing falls down. She sighs and tosses the card to the table while Pothy jumps up and down in delight. "Yay! I won! I won! I wonnnnnn! Now you have to hold up your end of the bargain!" Pothy crows. Rave(n)s, even.

That just gets another sigh out of Cor'lana. "Pothy, you realize what you want is impossible, right? Telamon and I are married. Naturally, I'm going to think about him without his--"

She realizes a little, little too late that Telamon's home, and she laughs out of sheer embarrassment, walking over to Telamon at the front door. "Haha, hi honey. Hopefully it's not too cold out there?"

Tel smiles as he's hanging up his cloak, "No. It's very cold. Hence why I hurried home, because even I have my limits. I saw Burz on the way in and he didn't even want to talk shop." Stepping out of his boots, he kisses Lana softly, and indeed his skin has a little chill still lingering on it.

"Plus, I've been making some arrangements for Andelena to visit Jovani and get her measurements for the dress she wants to wear to Aura and Verna's wedding. Then I went by the Chalice and they're thinking about hiring a manservant for the chapterhouse, as Tomas is about to take a long trip."

Telamon takes Lana's hand, leading her back to the living room. "And then-- and then! Some young popinjay shows up on our doorstep and he wanted to know if we could brew a 'love potion'." He rolls his eyes, before his gaze lands on the collapsed card tower. "...Do I want to know?" he inquires, only half rhetorically.

"A love potion? What a creep," Cor'lana says with a snort as she's lead back into the living room. "Granted, I tried to charm myself into liking myself when I was a teenager, and that... didn't really work, so I shouldn't be too quick to judge."

"Lana and I placed a bet," Pothy says triumphantly. "If she could get all the way to the bottom of the card structure without it toppling over, then I would never beg her again for snacks! ...For a whole month. And Lana said if she didn't, she swore not to think about you with your shirt off for a whole month! I CAN FINALLY KNOW PEACE!"

Cor'lana just rolls her eyes. "It was a joke, Pothy," she says. "Besides, I don't think about him with his shirt off all the time."

Telamon just eyes Pothy disapprovingly. "Pothy, exactly how is she supposed to do that? Did you miss the part where we got married? Share a bedroom? Might as well ask you to not fly for a month." He just shakes his head. "Let me get a cup of tea... actually, the 'love potion' was a little more complicated than just 'creep'."

Once Tel is properly fortified with a nice hot cup of tea, he sits down on the couch. "The 'popinjay' in question is courting a girl -- no, I'm not naming names. No point in spreading rumors. But... I suspect he didn't need a love potion, but he did need something to... ah, bolster his resolve." He taps his chin playfully. "And since we know a few elixir-brewers, I gave him a little advice -- and a gentle warning about 'love potions'." Tel shakes his head. "That's magic for you. People get odd ideas about what you can do with it."

"I know," Pothy admits, hanging his head in despair. "It just was a nice thought. I only get Lana's end of the bond, and honestly, I'm happy that she's happy, but it's like..."

His blue eyes brighten as he clearly has an idea. "Imagine we were neighbors in an apartment building. I live below you. You and Lana live upstairs. Except the walls are THIN, and you two are like RABBITS. And the landlord's awful and has locked me in because I spent all of my rent money on snacks, so I HAVE to deal with the noise. It's like that."

Cor'lana stares at Pothy. "... Will you stop complaining if I move some of your snacks into the study?" she asks.

"Yes, that'll do nicely," Pothy replies almost immediately. He starts picking up the cards on the table and sorting them properly back into a deck, using the power of his beak.

Meanwhile, Cor'lana just looks at Telamon with an exasperated look as she takes a seat on the couch. (It isn't Pothy if there aren't dramatics involved,) she says through the bond. Then aloud, "So the poor boy just had low confidence. I guess I can understand? But that's not what you use magic for. I'm glad you gave him the warning and the advice."

(In his defense, I imagine I might be a touch annoyed too. Even if he's happy that you're happy. But I don't think we want to start meddling with the bond between you and him. He'll get over it.) Telamon puts his arm around Lana and cuddles her close. "Well, I can understand having shaky confidence at times. But yes, after a little pep talk and instructions to visit the alchemist on Fourth Street -- and to drink the potion before his next visit with the girl's father -- I think things will work out."

He sighs happily, leaning his head on Lana's shoulder. "So, you mentioned Auranar came by, but I got the impression it was a bit more important than just her visiting. You seemed to be in good spirits, though I can't blame you for that. Friends always make things more fun, or at least more interesting."

Cor'lana seems to happily take the opportunity for a snuggle, wrapping her arm around Telamon as he comes in for the shoulder-lean. "It's true," she says with a small smile. "She came by while Grandfather was visiting. We talked. And... she got some pain that'd been bearing on her taken off her shoulders.

She reaches out and pats Telamon's hair, running her fingers in his platinum-blond strands. "She expressed a lot of pain and loneliness that was familiar. I guess her grandmother is being a pain about accepting Verna into their family curuchuil--it's a garden, and... she doesn't want Auranar and Verna to contribute, at all. And Verna's own family isn't great, either. And because Auranar's a full-blooded elf, she was... pained, by the idea of Verna passing, and all of her friends passing before her eyes."

Cor'lana smiles softly here. "Grandfather was wonderful. He told her how it felt to watch all of my ancestors grow old, but that the joy was in meeting new people, experiencing new things--and eventually, that the sadness faded away to only the happy memories. They hugged, Tel. It was stunning."

Telamon's eyebrows shoot up. He's hugged Grandfather himself, but... then he's had a while to get used to the fey lord. "Goodness," he says finally. "She must've made an impression on him." He grins, eyes twinkling. "And it's good to see. I've worried about her self-doubt sometimes. I know I have rough moments, but... she's had it harder."

At the mention of passing, Tel nods slowly. "When I was fifteen, I had a talk with mother and father. And they explained to me that father and I would outlive mother easily. But it didn't matter, because we'd been happy together." He rubs his chin. "They told me that you can't live in fear of loss. You have to accept that, because otherwise how can you love? Loving means accepting both the best and the worst in a relationship."

He sets his cup down, before folding his arms around Lana. "If we weren't half-elves -- if one of us was a human and the other an elf -- I'd still love you, as long as I could. Because I'd rather love and lose and know I had you, rather than run away from it."

Cor'lana nods, cuddling in even closer to Telamon as he folds his arms around her. "I feel the same," she says. "Although I didn't go into this knowing fully what I felt for you was... I knew enough to know that it was something important. That it was something that I shouldn't ignore or run away from, even though it felt oddly dangerous and exciting at the same time. And now there's no danger in what I feel--only exciting, and warm, and wonderful."

She leans in and kisses Telamon on the cheek, smiling at him brightly. "I married for love, after all," she says. "No matter what a couple of people might think."

Then Cor'lana seems to realize she's gotten a little far ahead of herself. (The curuchuil,) she thinks, and then she says, "Auranar and Verna want to plant a new curuchuil garden here in Alexandria. And... Auranar wants you, me, and Grandfather in it."

He snorts. "Are people still banging that damned drum about this being a political marriage? Gods... I swear, some folks need better hobbies." Telamon smiles then, and nuzzles Lana, before replying, "And I'm glad we did marry. Nobody but you for me, darling."

He tilts his head, expression becoming faintly puzzled. (What about the curuchuil?) And then Lana explains, and his eyes brighten. "That... is an honor. I would be deeply honored. You know that such an inclusion technically would make Aura, and Verna, part of our family, right? At least that's the interpretation many take from the writings on curuchuils." He laughs softly. "We haven't even had any kids yet and the family's growing!"

Cor'lana's bashful. "Well, that's the other thing," she says. "Grandfather--he told Auranar that she deserved a family name that she could be proud of, and that if she didn't already plan on making a new name with Verna or taking hers, that Auranar could always be a Lúpecyll-Atlon. I consented to that notion. So, yes--she's family. One way or another. There wasn't a way I could say no to that and I wouldn't have wanted to anyway. I know how it feels to be all alone, without much in the way of family--only to suddenly have Grandfather in my life. She needs a family."

She grins at Telamon now. "And honestly, with the way that she and Grandfather get along? They found out that they both like to bake. Now he plans on coming over to Auranar's house to give her baking ideas. And give her sewing lessons. There was some hesitation at first on her part--he is a fey lord--but they got over that quite quickly."

That's followed by a giggle. "Maybe this means he won't be quite as pushy for children," Cor'lana says--and then she grimaces rather comically. "No, maybe he'll be even pushier for us to have children, so that there's children for him, your mother, and Auranar to dote on. I shouldn't have said that aloud. It'll be true now."

Telamon just looks bemused. "I... well, I'm not unhappy in the slightest. Perhaps a little surprised, but I'm certainly pleased. I'm sorry Auranar feels so adrift -- but I'm all for giving her a family she can come to when the world gets too much." His emotions are a little startled, matching his words, but there's happiness there as well.

"Well, if nothing else Auranar is an apt pupil. She really only needed some nudging to point her in the right direction to work on practicing her sorcery. I expect she'll be just as good a student for Grandfather's tutelage."

Telamon just shakes his head. "Doubt it, love. There's something about children. We'll both love Aura and Verna, of course, as if they were our own blood -- but I don't think Grandfather is distracted that easily." He grins impishly. "I imagine Fizzy will be just as happy to dote on them as Aura will be!"

"A home and a family for those who are in need of one," Cor'lana says with a smile, leaning into Telamon a little more. "That's sort of how I think about us at this point--the Lúpecyll-Atlon home, the Lúpecyll-Atlon family. You need not be bound by blood to come in, only by strong ties. I like to think we've succeeded."

She grins back at Telamon. "The girls won't have any lack of people to love on them, that's for sure," she says. "But for now... Pothy's all the child I need."

Pothy, finally finished with assembling the card deck, looks at Cor'lana and huffs. "Just because they call me 'ever-child' in some places doesn't mean I'm always a kid," he says. "I'm way older than either of you or anyone you know. Only Grandfather's older."

Telamon reaches over to pick up Pothy, and nestle him in the 'shared lap' between his leg and Lana's. "It's not the years, it's the mileage, Pothy. But don't think you'll be left out." He strokes Pothy's feathers, looking at the white raven reassuringly. "I suspect you'll be a constant in the family, just like Grandfather. Yes, you'll have to dodge little fingers reaching for your feathers... but when they get older, they'll want to talk to you. Tell you about their hopes and fears. Just as Lana did."

He smiles at Lana. "Let my house be a refuge for those who need it, and my family to be a haven for those who are lost and lonely." He kisses Lana on the cheek, and gives her a squeeze.

"I can't complain," Pothy says with a happy little sigh as finally, someone gives him the attention he deserves. He leans into Telamon's hand as he's scritched. "Really, I can't. I like to, but they don't really mean anything in the end. I'm happy that Lana is happy."

He looks at Cor'lana. "But I want those snacks in the study still," he says.

"Whatever will console you when Telamon and I are flirting with each other or are in the middle of other marital activities," Cor'lana replies with a wicked grin, before she chases the kiss that Telamon puts on her cheek with a kiss to his lips. Just a little peck, but enough for Pothy to huff and flap off into the study.

The wicked glint in Cor'lana's eyes remains for a moment before she says, "That being said. You're seeing Jovani soon? Do you think I could possibly squeeze in a request if I send my measurements and notes along?"

"Let's remember to move some snacks into the study before we move on to martial activities, dear," Telamon observes with a crooked smile as Pothy flaps off to said room. "If nothing else, being considerate is a good habit."

He playfully brushes his nose against Lana's, before responding to her inquiry. "You can, though things are going to be tight. Evidently all the noble children are about to get their latest dresses made, so they'll be ready for spring. I have a feeling Jovani is going to be busier than a dwarf managing three forges at once." His eyes sparkle. "Are you shopping for swimsuits again?"

"Not swimsuits this time," Cor'lana says with a twinkle in her eyes. "I was thinking of a corset. And maybe other matching undergarments. The corset's going to get worn under my clothes, yes, but I want it to be something you can admire on me, too, you know?"

It's obviously flirting, but she does add, "After all, I have to keep pace with you. You're the gorgeous one of us two. The rest of us have to put in effort... And coin, like getting a custom-made corset from a high-end tailor."

Telamon laughs softly. "Alright. I'll take along the notes and suggestions. If he can clear a spot in his calendar, though, he may ask you to come in for fitting." He just shakes his head. "How the hells did I wind up as the eye-candy of Alexandria? I didn't think I was that distinctive, I just... dress well, and to impress."

He looks wry. "I admit, I don't go in for the usual 'wizard robes' because it's kind of obvious. People tend to underestimate you if they think you're just an idiot dandy."

"I mean, dressing well is part of it, Tel," Cor'lana replies with a smile, "but you're legitimately just handsome, too. Although let it be said I didn't fall for you because of your looks. You're just kind, warm, and open. If people think your clothes are the marks of an idiot dandy and dismiss you outright without getting to know you... then let them have bad taste, I guess, because I managed to catch your heart as you stole mine anyway."

She grins again. "If Jovani does have room in his calendar, you should come along to the fitting," she says. "Besides, it's easier to tie a corset with help--although that's like saying the sky's blue, considering me you help me with mine all the time."

Telamon blinks. "I... guess it's true, I really -don't- realize that sort of thing." Tel looks rueful. "Though it does explain the gaggle of young women who show up to the times I lecture at the University. Even if I'm 'off the market' as it were." He chuckles. "Well, teenage crushes are nothing new. I promise not to be cruel to them."

At the mention of trying to lace a corset, Telamon smiles, but his eyes are thoughtful. "I wonder if we could get one enchanted so it was self-lacing and tying? It probably wouldn't be -too- hard, but the trick is controlling it so you don't accidentally break your ribs. Wonder if Jovani's dabbled in something like that?"

That gets a little giggle from Cor'lana. "Well, I know my marriage won't be threatened by teenage girls," she says. "Just be kind to them, but don't be afraid to mention your wife often. That tends to remind the more stubborn ones--and persistent ones--that there's plenty of boys that are more age-appropriate to pursue."

Then the subject of broken ribs comes up. "Oh, no, I do not want to tightlace," Cor'lana says with a wince. "I like the look and support of the corset, but I don't like how extreme some people get with it, because that's painful. I think it's possible..."

She looks thoughtful, herself. "Wait. How have I never thought of this? We could test if an unseen servant could lace and tighten a corset. If it can do gardening labor, it can likely handle that, I think."

"Don't worry, I'm not the heartbreaking type." Telamon is surprisingly firm on this. "It's one thing to gently encourage someone to put aside a fancy, another to shatter it." He snorts. "Besides, as you say, it's better for them to pursue, and be pursued, by the lads their age."

His eyebrows come up at the thought of using an unseen servant. "That... hm. They're not very strong, but we shouldn't need too much for this. Hm, do you actually know the spell, though? I mean, I do, and I guess I could command it to obey you -- that -should- work."

"That could possibly work," Cor'lana concludes with a little nod. "But... Wait here?"

Cor'lana escapes from Telamon's hold to walk to the kitchen. She brings the bowl of peanuts that traditionally sits out on the counter there into the study. "More snacks later," she can be heard promising Pothy.

Then she grins as she slips out of the study, closing the door behind her. She then opens the door to the bedroom. "Speaking of corsets," she says, "you can help me untie mine."

It's hard to ignore an invitation like that... So life goes on in the Lúpecyll-Atlon home.