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Deity deimos.gif
Position Lesser Deity
Symbol A flowing black mask
Colors Black and Grey
Celestial Symbol The Constellation 'The Mask' or 'The Slaver's Whip'
Alignment Neutral Evil
Home Plane The Abyss
Portfolio Corruption, Lies, Crime, Thieves
Domains & Inquisitions Luck, Trickery, Evil, Charm

Conversion, Truth, Spellkiller

Cleric Alignment TN, CE, NE, LE
Favored Weapon A Thousand Cuts (whip)
Other Names The Sly One, Father of Lies, The Deceiver, The Masquerade(The Vast), FalseMetal (khazad), Hith (gobbers), The Flawed One, Betrayer (Dran, Stormgarde)
Commonly Associated Organizations Temple of Deimos, The Collectors, Guild of the Sly, Ebon Syndicate, other places we're afraid to ask

Though he lacks the overt power of the likes of Maugrim or the wide ranging influence of the likes of Taara, Deimos is probably the most invoked of the darker powers for he is the patron of greed, corruption and avarice. He himself, consumed by a lust for souls and greed over their possession, does much to foster this devotion.

Deimos is a sly and slithering god of darkness who is said to have an often-disputed origin. Some traditionalists point to him emerging from the Void, bearing with him the seeds of corruption, trickery and deception. Others believe that Deimos actually emerged from the discarded shadow of Tarien, the goodly trickster god.

Tarien, it is said, lost a bet with one of the gods, and as part of the price, the god of balance split the deity in two, resulting in the lesser deity Tarien and the Lesser deity Deimos who represented the capricious side of the once more powerful whole being. Followers of the Good Trickster, not entertaining the thought that their god spawned such an evil, nor the idea that he would lose any bet, reject this story.

Deimos’ people delight in using this tale to darken the image of Tarien. Deimos' strength comes not from his actual power but rather his influence and control in the easily corrupted and influenced hearts of mortals. He is lying, he is deceit, he is corruption and ill-gotten wealth. He is a cunning dealmaker whose power lies in his ability to twist words and deceive even other mighty gods. Those who bargain with him and believe that they come out on top only find misery in the end. It should come as no surprise that Deimos is considered the patron god of thieves, criminals and the organized underworld. Many thieves guilds, covens and groups find it highly beneficial to appease him and his church.

He is sometimes depicted with Gunahkar in tales, the two deities as traveling companions and hellions upon the landscape. Twisted, the opposite of the companionship and heroism found between Tarien and Angoron.


Though many follow him freely, Deimos delights in gaining servants through trickery and duplicity. He prizes treachery and expects his clerics to hold such things among their own values. His clerics operate in secret and work alongside underground cults and guilds. Deimos is most concerned with the amassing of wealth and power to the greater end of continental and global domination. His clergy and followers are taught to worship the value of the coin above all else and do whatever they can to come out on the top of a deal. Manipulating others' emotions, cheating them and lying to them as is needed but also the sly and stealth of it, the use of wits and intelligence because someone who knows of your nature is less likely to deal with you. Manipulating others is better then force, but do not be above forcing others to do the will of The Masquerade.

Clergy and Temples

Cleric Advisor

The Church of Deimos is strongest in lands like Veyshan and Charn where under handed dealings and corruption reigns supreme. His clergy are often indistinguishable from merchants and rogues and they are almost always wealthy. He has many followers amongst the corrupt nobles and upper class members who seek to use his favor to remain on top at the expense of those at the bottom. His priests often multiclass as Rogues and some of them have enough skill at manipulation, it is said they can sell someone air and get away with it. Many merchant households have shrines to him but the largest temple gathering is located beneath the city of Tashraan and in the midst of the headquarters for one of its great merchant houses.


Deimos is a deity who thrives on lies, deception and trickery and as a result there are few if any consistent records of what he actually looks like. A spirit of dark greed and corruption, most common depictions of him are as a fat merchant, over adorned in gold, jewelry and devices of incalculable value and worth. Sometimes he appears as a goblin prince and other times he mocks the chosen people of Reos by appearing as a greedy black haired dwarf, over indulged in swarthy clothes, wealth and the trademark dwarven greed. No doubt he delights today in the growing economic strength of the dwarves in the hopes that this breeds further opportunities to corrupt them.