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The Abyss is all that is ugly, evil and chaotic. An infinite variety of layers and realms exist here with each realm being more terrible in some fashion then the last. The very air, water and ground reek of corruption and chaos. The deities who dwell here do nothing to impose any semblance of order on this realm and demons thrive here in chaos and in teeming throngs. The lands are inhospitable, and is home to creatures devoted to death, destruction and chaos. Demon armies clash here to determine the survival of the fittest while also recruiting travelers and unlucky souls for their wars with celestial agents and their eternal rivals who are native to the Iron Hells. The Abyss is very similar to the description of the standard D&D version of it in the Dungeon Master's Handbook but it is also home to several deities and demipowers who have created realms and safe houses here. Much of the Abyss is looked at as the domain of Gunahkar the Destroyer god, but Taara the Shadow Sorceress is a looming constant presence and she looks upon the chaos of the Abyss with a form of bemused entertainment.

Demons and Devils: In Tenebrae, we don't play up the differences between demons and devils quite so much. Demons and Devils are controlled ultimately by Maugrim, as part of the Iron Hells. All of the gods of Evil make use of them, however. Demons are more commonly found in the Abyss, of the two, and Devils in the Hells, though this is not universal.

Planar Traits

• Normal Gravity

• Normal Time

• Infinite Size

• Divinely Morphic

• Mixed elemental traits. These traits vary widely from layer to layer. In the Abyss as a whole, no single energy constantly dominants though a given layer may have one energy more dominant over the other.

• Mildly chaos aligned. Mildly evil aligned.

Important Sites

A number of deities dwell in The Abyss in addition to the chaotic throngs of demons. The Demons here are largely considered to be servants of Gunahkar the god of chaos and destruction and in doing so they are agents of his desire to cast the world back into the Void and to claim a position as lord of the gods of darkness. Even with that in mind, the demons are nothing but chaotic and so attempting to maintain a strict hold over all of them is both boring and impossible. Chaos reigns here as a result with the main focus being that of the spreading of misery and the destruction of their ageless enemies, the devils of the Iron Hells. The origins of that war lie in Gunahkar and Maugrim's feud but over the millennia it has simply exploded in size. Nevertheless, powerful deities will impose their will when necessary though independent factions springing up and dying just as fast is an ongoing occurrence here. The deities who share the abyss have little love for one another.

Gloomweb:' (Note: This content slated for alteration) The domain of the Shadow Sorceress, Taara, is vast realm woven of corrupted shadow. Great rocky enclaves are webbed by enormous city-sized spider webs woven from the stuff of the planes and over pits that lead to endless voids should one fall from these strands. Fiendish spiders, demons and worse prowl these strands while a single floating landmass that contains a city woven of shadow stuff and a tower of sorcery and night exists in the center of this eerie realm. This city is the domain of the Shadow Sorceress and those called to serve her. Nightshades and stalkers wander the outskirts of this realm while the lady of secrets and dark mysteries constantly schemes and weaves threads and plots of power about herself and her chosen.

The Heart of Madness: A turmoil of howling winds, crashing waves, blizzards, earthquakes, volcanoes, wild beasts and more is this realm, the domain of Gunahkar the god of chaos, destruction and ruin. This realm seems to actively attempt to crush life from existence or to stir those who travel through it into a frenzy of chaos, disorder and hatred. Gunakhar's servants wander this landscape, slaying who they will and engaging in ongoing contests of destruction. Giants, fiendish otherworldly versions of monsters and demons all traverse this cruel land.