The Challenge of Fort Lancing Part 4

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Log Info

  • Title: The Challenge of Fort Lancing Part 4
  • Place: Fort Lancing, Alexandros



Fort Lancing, Afternoon

The room is now... an abattoir. No, that would be slightly less disgusting. It's absolutely coated in rotting filth and offal, the remnants of the trio of mutated creatures who had assaulted you when you entered. It still stinks, though thankfully not enough to make your gorge rise (assuming you had anything left to evacuate).

Interestingly, the glowing blue patterns inscribed in the floor are not coated in the filthy remains, the horrid sludge having formed a neat circle around each one -- perhaps deflected by some innate property of the inscriptions. Other than your quiet attempts to not breathe through your nose, and the occasional 'plop' of some bit of horribleness falling off the ceiling, it's quiet.

Miril had hung back to watch the back.

Well apparently nothing came that way because she has stuck her head in - though she almost recoils back out from the smell. "Gods! What the hell did you do to this room, explode a zombie that had been preserved in something alchemical?"

She considers the mess quantity, and corrects herself, "Zombies." She's disgusted, but not so much she's being driven out of the room (that would be bad in her line of work and, of course, *she* didn't get hit with any of it).

GAME: Fidget casts Prestidigitation. Caster Level: 4 DC: 14

Simony staggers out of the room, a complete mess made of her robes, and the smell still thick in her nose. she leans haphazardly against the wall with a hand, overtaken by a series of dry heaves. The tone in her noises indicate she is not having a good time. There is a disgustingly long snort, and the sound of something coming loose, followed by her spitting at the floor, her breathing in ragged gasps.

Warrick lowly growls as the voice goes away from the walls, him spitting off to the side and stepping out of the room. He picks up his discarded weapons, giving them a wipe down with a rag before sheathing them. "... you... really don't want to know," he grumbles to Miril as he pulls out his crossbow.

The man's armor is an utter mess of viscera and fluids.

Tlanexhuani was covered in the... stuff. Twice. -Is- covered. He does not have any cleaning tools readily at claw, though, so he settles for using bare claws to clear eyes and nostrils. "It was ..." He searches for a word. Fails. A snort is made to clear nostrils further and he looks to one of the two clean spots in the room; the circle to his right. He studies it as he approaches it, cautiously.

Schara rests against the wall behind her, only to remember it was another door, and the artificer rights herself, wobbling a bit from the sudden movement. "I'm sorry, it was the only way I could think of to get rid of them before anything got worse." The artificer apologizes profusely. "I don't know if they were undead, or, I hope they were undead, since they were mutated from something, and it's easier to think about them having already been dead."

"I am not going to assume everyone is alright but is everyone okay at the very least?" Schara asks of the group. "I should go back in and take a look at those runes on the ground to make sure the room is safe but I want to make sure that everyone will be alright in case anything goes wrong."

Experimenting with cleaning off the front of her outfit with a spell, Fidget nods at the success, "Shower service, coming up!" she starts the process of cleaning off everyone in the party, it's not particularly quick but it's effective at getting all the disgusting sludge off their outfits, whisked away to who knows where.

Probably not," Miril says, getting out of Simony's way. "I'll just stay out here until you need me, huh?"

She then digs in her stuff to offer Simony a waterskin and a random scrap of cloth she meant to clean her knives with; having not needed to use the knives, the cloth is still intact.

GAME: Tlanexhuani rolls knowledge/arcana: (19)+8: 27
GAME: Fidget rolls spellcraft: (3)+13: 16
GAME: Simony rolls knowledge/arcana: (12)+8: 20

The Goblin looks completely miserable as she stands waiting for the free shower service. Hopefully followed by hot tea, and some comforting hugs? THe little cloth given to her is returned to Miril without use, though Simony drinks down a mouthful of water. "My thanks!", she says, looking slightly more cheerful. Wiggling the scrap of cloth at Miril, "No sense dirtying this, it looks like Figgy's got cleaning duty. My thanks, though. And uhm... the undead had a nasty trick up their sleeves... upon their deaths, they exploded messily."

Once cleaned up, the Gobbo is much more cheerful, moving to hug at Warrick. "Anyone badly hurt? Speak up and I will help you." Patting the man's arm, and smiling cheerily at him, Simony turns and goes to investigate the cleanest parts of the room: the glowy blue circles.

GAME: Schara rolls spellcraft: (18)+10: 28

Warrick waves a hand off towards Schara. "It's fine, we're alive. If someone's got the stomach, best to check those magic circles in the room." There's a moment where he pauses as he's magically cleaned, and a sigh of relief escapes him.

"Thanks," he says in the gobber's native tongue to Fidget. <Goblin-talk>

He rolls his shoulders, loading a bolt. "We should check the side room. I'm good Simony."

GAME: Fidget refreshes spells.
GAME: Fidget casts Mage Armor. Caster Level: 4 DC: 15
GAME: Simony spells refreshing.
GAME: Miril refreshes spells.
GAME: Simony casts Bless. Caster Level: 5 DC: 14
GAME: Schara refreshes spells.

Tlanexhuani loiters near the circle he studies, not crossing the line itself. "Is... like eye. Magic eye. See what happen here, from other place. Should... poke out magic eye." He still has his hammer out, and squats down low to see about rendering the runes nonfunctional.

"No problem," Miril says, when her cloth is returned to her. "Honestly, magic seems a little faster about it, ha ha!"

She shoulders her tetsubo. "I'll come with you to check the side room." Miril isn't very good with runes and she knows it.

GAME: Fidget rolls spellcraft: (7)+13: 20
GAME: Simony rolls spellcraft: (11)+6: 17
GAME: Schara rolls spellcraft: (3)+10: 13
GAME: Tlanexhuani rolls spellcraft: (15)+8: 23

Schara peers into the room, and the artificer joins Tlanexhuani in investigating the runes. "Someone put up a ward to protect whatever this is, some manner of divination and transmutation magics, which seems in line with what they were researching here." They state in agreement with the makari. "It may be best to get rid of it, if it effects the person in control of this building?"

It takes a little time to figure out the best way to do it. A slim metal probe inserted between the sixth and seventh rune, a basic counterspell gesture made over the pattern itself, a cantrip cast specifically into the inner ring... and there's a loud CRACK as each pattern goes out. The greenish runes along the wall, high up, also immediately extinguish.

The Gobbo nods to Warrick. "Be careful, yell loudly if you find anything untoward.", she says to the man as she steps up to one of the blue circles. Conversation and fiddling is had, until eventually the magical devices lose their glow and luster.

Simony pumps her little fist. "Aw yes, take that you ... stupid ... lady thing. Well done, you lot!" High fives are offered to Fidget and the others who messed with glowing blue circles. "We should do that every where we see these things. Blind her little by little."

Once the elation of disabling the spying magics has worn off, the Gobbo goes in search of Warrick and Miril, vaguely recalling that they were off to check a side room.

While they were figuring out a plan, Fidget had been idly clearing the floor beneath their feet, at least, with magic. But then, having somewhat figured out what the circles do, Fidget agrees they definitely need to break them.

Casting a spell to seep acid into the inner ring after the protections were broken, Fidget joins the cheer as the last of the runes wink out, stepping back a little just in case it explodes. After a moment of relative calm, Fidget winds up and flips off the nearest wall, "Eat shit, Fort-face-person! And look, there's so much here for you!"

Then she hurries out of the room, trying to spend as little time stepping in the muck as possible. Another spell and her boots are less awful again. "Next room?

Warrick nods towards Miril, him stacking up against the door with his crossbow pointed down to the floor. "We'll go when they're done," he nods once, taking the rag he was using to clean things off to wipe his face free of sweat before pulling his visor down.

Hearing cheers come from the other room, as well as catching half of the explanation, he gives a gauntleted thumbs up. "Good work. Intelligence is half the battle. Perhaps we can catch them better off guard. I'm ready to continue."

Schara takes a step back as the rune dissipates, and the artificer nods once. "It seems to have dissipated, and I am not noticing any adverse effects to the intrusion. Good job on that, all of you." The artificer offers. "We will need to determine if that had any effect later. For now, you were waiting for us to check the next room right?"

The door to the opposite room feels oddly cold, and when it is pulled open, a thick cloud of icy mist billows out into the corridor. Blue light can be dimly seen inside, as well as some vague shapes, but it's impossible to make out details.

"Yes, I figured I shouldn't rush ahead," Miril, who is normally impatient, actually managed to wait more or less patiently. "So, what'd you do, put the eyes out?"

The new door opens. Miril squints inside. "I can't see much from out here. Anyone else get a better look?"

Tlanexhuani looks through the doorway over some heads, though isn't any better at seeing through the mist. "Iss cold? This one can protect from cold, if very cold."

Simony sticks her face briefly around the corner, to peer into the room of freezing cold. Shuddering, she sighs. "I would rather face the exploding wretches.", the Gobbo complains. "Goodness, can't see my hand in front of my face in here..." Her nose wrinkles as she catches a whiff of something. "Oh... oh no... not again..." She steps away from the doorway.

GAME: Fidget rolls spellcraft: (18)+13: 31
GAME: Fidget rolls spellcraft: (14)+13: 27

"It doesn't bother me much," Miril says, with a shrug. "Honestly the cool is kind of refreshing..."

This may explain why she has half-bare legs in any weather, and similarly scale mail in any weather. She just doesn't care about temperature very much!

Refreshing her magic sight, (Fidget wishes she could make that permanent!) the goblin says, "Wait a sec. I see magic in there - Evocation and ... also the same stuff from the circles before. Might be a trap?" she supposes, then nudges through a bit to see better and focuses on the evocation effect. "No - it's what's causing the fog, just keeps the room very cold. Probably not a trap, though might depend on just *how* cold it is in there." she looks over at one of the tougher people who can definitely go first, "So... anyone want to stick a hand in and see if it's just unpleasant or actually dangerous?"

Schara peers into the room behind the others, and the artificer sighs. "Well, I do not know if my armor can withstand temperatures like that for very long, but I can always try." The artificer notes. "Why is it set up like this though? To protect the runes, perhaps, or is it possible something is kept inside which needs such temperatures?"

Warrick assesses the situation, him looking into doorframe and catching Simony's reaction. And turning slightly towards Fidget's explanation. He drums his fingers on his crossbow frame. "... cold storage? For... bodies?" he guesses. "Regardless, we need to clear it before we move on."

"I can go in," Miril says, moving toward the front of the group. "Like I said, it's not so cold that I mind it. I mean I might not want to camp in it, but that's just because I hate crunching on ice instead of having a drink, ha ha!"

Unless someone objects, Miril does step inside, trying to get a better look through the mist once she's actually in it and there's less to cut through.

The fog continues to roll out, but it's thinning as it floods out into the corridor. And in its wake, it seems this is indeed cold storage.

Just not for food.

Bodies are stacked neatly, four high, against the walls. All showing signs of violence, of unhappy ends. Probably the remainder of the garrison here. At the far wall are another pair of those accursed blue-glowing patterns.

Tlanexhuani moves in after Miril, blinking slowly as the mist clears enough to witness the contents. He must assume they are stored for some horrible experiments, like what was done to the others. This is still better than the thought they are here preserved for use as meat." More circles are spotted clearly, too, and now he snarls. "More to blind." He strides towards them. "Will work together as before."

GAME: Simony rolls spellcraft: (4)+6: 10
GAME: Simony rolls weapon2: (6)+5: 11

Seeing Miril step in, Warrick moves in after her to file in. Shivering at the cold, he points his crossbow at the corners of the room before blinking behind his visor. Staring at the bodies.

His gauntlets crinkle as he white knuckles his crossbow. There's a sharp turn as he opts to guard the door as the more magically inclined get to work.

GAME: Fidget rolls spellcraft: (11)+13: 24

Simony slowly gathers the courage to step inside, and she does so shivering against the cold. The slow reveal has her gasping. "Oh no... no..." She moves to peer at one of the stacks of bodies. "Navos protect you.", she softly, making the sign of her deity, which causes her holy symbol to glow.

The Goblin slowly pulls her warhammer free of its loop on her belt. "GRAAAAAAAH!" She takes the hammer into both of her hands and runs at the glow, smashing her hammer against the closer blue circle, the weapon bouncing off in a shower of blue sparks. Several hammer blows fall one after the other before she wings the weapon into the circle. Panting, she bends at the knees. "Someone is going to answer for this... someone has to."

GAME: Schara rolls spellcraft: (9)+10: 19

Miril gives it about ten seconds to see if any of the bodies get up and attack her. Provided none do: "I guess we probably found the garrison. Poor bastards. I wish I had time to go through rites for them..." But they probably don't, right now. She does give what blessings she can - they died from violence, probably fighting back, and they deserve it.

Personally, she agrees with Simony. Miril's cheeks are dark as she holds back the desire to yell and smash something. She doesn't want to actually explode the cooling runes, after all.

"Those are, more bodies? But, not reanimated or transformed." The artificer notes quietly. "We should try not to ruin the spell keeping this place cold if it isn't harming anyone. That way when people come here after, they can recover the bodies after."

Schara winces as the goblin attempts to break the rune, and she sighs. "I understand your frustration, but it doesn't seem to be working. Let's just help Fidget to clear this one up again."

GAME: Tlanexhuani rolls spellcraft: (12)+8: 20

Tlanexhuani crouches near the runes and, maybe more importantly, near Simony. "Iss alright. Will stop. Will blind these eyess. Must learn where to hit, first." He thumps his tail lightly with Schara and then looks over the runes for these weak points as they did before.

"Okay, so it's cold but not really cold. That's good!" Fidget says as they go into the room, unphased by the corpses, "These are probably the lucky ones. Rather that turn into one of those slug things. Ugh." she says, and she pauses to watch (enjoy?) Simony's furious attack. So much violence in a small frame. It's a shame the rage comes from a place of hurt. Fidget puts her hand comfortingly on Simony's shoulder when Simony is done doing a Rage. "We'll break all the fort's magic, Simony. Then the one responsible won't exist anymore. Well, the one directly responsible. Someone else probably came up with this idea."

Fidget wraps her arms around herself as she studies the runes in these arcane circles, "Let's do it the same as the last time." Fidget suggests, kneeling down to begin the repeat of the process. Remove shield, disrupt magic, burn the vulnerable seals.

As Fidget, Schara, and Tlanexhuani disrupt the other two patterns, they also collapse with loud cracks. As the last one dissipates, the everpresent runes fade, and suddenly you hear a metallic -screech- of rage from the north, audible even through the walls.

Someone is not happy with what you've done, clearly.

Hearing the magically inclined get to work, Warrick ducks his head and keeps his crossbow shouldered. The metallic screech gets a firm line to cross his face under the helmet. He makes motion, circle around his left side with a cross-x going through it, along with a few more gestures. "Serriel deliver you to justice." <Handspeech>

"Good work. Let's finish this," he growls, marching out of the room.

Tlanexhuani straightens up at the sound. "Ssa, someone answers. Will answer. Come." He then moves back into the hall and towards the northern door. This time, he has not bothered to stow his hammer at all.

GAME: Simony casts Stone Shape. Caster Level: 5 DC: 16

Simony joins the general movement towards the double doors that are as yet unvisited. As others cluster together, she begins to wiggle her fingers at Warrick. "I can do what I did previously, and smoosh a hole in one of the rocks of the wall here, so that we can see what's on the other side. Given that the scream was... kinda around here, be prepared for a nasty surprise." <Handspeech> The Gobbo pauses to gesture to the others, putting a finger before her lips. She then tugs at the blue hem of one her sleeves, and then uses a hand to mimic someone talking, her head tilting back and forth, before finally gesturing to the doors.

Her holy symbol glows once more as she mouths the words of a spell, a little hand beginning to mold the rock like clay, eventually making a circular hole, letting her (and others should they wish) peer into the space beyond the door.

GAME: Telamon rolls 1d20+7: (13)+7: 20

Miril finishes her own blessings a little bit later. "We'll kick their ass," she agrees with Simony, giving her what she is hoping is a supportive (if brief) pat on the shoulder. She's kept her weapon in hand, because at this point she doesn't really want to put it away.

Simony shudders as she spies into the little hole, and her expression going through several quick emotions. She turns around and again puts a finger in front of her lips. She holds up three fingers, and then makes the classic 'zombie walking pose', shuffling forward a few steps for effect. Then she holds up a single finger... gesturing to the blue of her hem again, makes a gesture with her hand to indicate someone blah blah blah... and rubs at her temples.

To Warrick, Simony's fingers signing so quickly her fingers almost blur. "Bitch is in there, looks like she's got a headache. Three poor guards from here have artifice bits on them, seem to be undead, zombielike... not exactly sure but gonna call them undead for now."

GAME: Fidget casts Detect Thoughts. Caster Level: 4 DC: 16

Schara peers past everyone in front of her, but the artificer doesn't find anything visible from where she is. So she keeps back, watching and waiting. She turns her attention to Simony, and back to Warrick. "Sorry, I can't read handspeech that well yet. There are more undead there? And what was that first part, Warrick?" They ask quietly.

Warrick's attention snaps to Simony as she completes her spell and report. There's a sharp nod. He holds up four fingers to the others, points to the room beyond, then makes a familiar circling motion and broad opening gesture that he's used before when they're about a room. "Stack and breach." <Merctalk>

He huffs at Schara as they speak, him pointing to the open hole next to the door, and a snaps a finger up to his helmet in a shushing motion.'

Fidget watches Simony's pantomiming with amusement, knowing that the other Goblin is simplifying her communication waaaaay down for the rest of them, perhaps especially for Fidget. But she gets the general gist of it, though it takes her a moment to figure out the blue hint. Fidget gets an excited look on her face and purses her lips with the deliberate effort not to say something. She raises a finger in a 'hold on' gesture, and moves a bit further up the hall and, as quietly as she can, begins casting a spell. A wave of blue and copper magic wafts from her fingers, and then with a gesture, forms around her head in an image of a woven crown, then fades from sight. She moves forward, and insistently nudges her way through the crowd so she can peek through the hole and see their enemies clearly enough to be able to reach out and touch their minds.

Tlanexhuani watches Simony's gestures and imitations. He may feel confident that he understood enough that he thumps his tail lightly in affirmation. Then he turns his attention to Warrick before focusing on the door, crouching somewhat and tensing, reading to go.

GAME: Telamon rolls 1d20: (2): 2
GAME: Telamon rolls 1d20: (3): 3
GAME: Telamon rolls 1d20: (15): 15
GAME: Telamon rolls 1d20+8: (18)+8: 26

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- ATTENTION -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

	Telamon has dropped a TIMESTOP!
	Please +init, then cease all roleplay and actions immediately and wait for Telamon to instruct you further. You may earn RPP by logging a scene for a GM.
	For in-combat commands, type: +thelp.


Abruptly, there is a metallic snarl from the room northward, and a feminine, if mechanical, voice hisses, "I sense you in my thoughts, -insect-. KILL THEM."

GAME: Warrick rolls weapon1: (6)+7: 13
GAME: Telamon rolls 1d20+8: (5)+8: 13

Warrick looks like he's growing more antsy as the mages cycle through their things. Finally, he breaks silence, and whispers through gritted teeth, "We're fucking wasting time-"

Screeching from the next room gets him to suddenly slam the door open with a shoulder. "Fan out!" he shouts, dropping to a knee and throwing a bolt out, it sailing past and missing. "I'll fucking kill you, defiler!"

One of the 'modified' guards raises a crossbow in response, as it says in a toneless voice, "Protect Mother." A crossbow bolt slams out, but sails wide of Warrick, as the war golem laughs cruelly.

GAME: Simony rolls weapon2: (8)+5: 13

Simony takes a deep breath as Warrick commands to breach, and the moment she has a clear view, she yells at the top of her lungs and rushes in. "GRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" She brings her hammer up and swings a glancing blow off of the undead's chest.

GAME: Telamon rolls 1d4+1: (4)+1: 5

Lancet -- it has to be her, her surprisingly attractive face contorting in contempt. "Insolent. -Insolent-. Breaking my control over the fortress, slaying my minions. You will be a -footnote- to my magnificence." She incants a spell, and suddenly there are several more Lancets, stepping in and out of the area, confusing which one is the real one.

GAME: Miril casts Divine Favor. Caster Level: 2 DC: 14

When things turn for the worse, Miril is still slightly out of position - since they're not seizing the initiative, she hadn't cast her own blessing yet. But she reacts quickly, at least... if not the fastest.

"Angoron!" she booms, her holy symbol shining as she prays before moving forward, earthbreaker tetsubo at the ready. She may not be the fastest combatant, but she has momentum on her side.

GAME: Fidget casts Scorching Ray. Caster Level: 4 DC: 16
GAME: Fidget rolls ranged: (8)+6: 14
<OOC> Fidget risks the reroll, c'mon 20!
GAME: Fidget rolls ranged: (18)+6: 24
GAME: Fidget rolls 4d6: (15): 15
GAME: Fidget rolls 1d4: (2): 2

"Oh shit!" Fidget says aloud, ducking her head away from the hole, "She sensed me! She's not supposed to be able to do that! Stupid sentient buildings!" Fidget complains while the rest of the group reacts to the combat, rushing into position and generally not getting distracted.

The goblin makes a ponderous face, and "hmmms", as she has an idea, then rushes past Warrick's protection and out into the room to get a better aim, then slower than normal and carefully draws fire in the air, she aims and throws the lance of flame at the isolated former human creature, deliberately missing but only barely so it scorches along the side of its face and melting part of the implant embedded there. She's not really sure what it'll do, help the person inside, or put them out of their misery, but it'll do something unexpected. And fun!

GAME: Schara rolls knowledge/arcana: (12)+9: 21

The second guard rears back to swing his scimitar at Simony, but the blow glances off her armor and goes wide. The most disturbing part is the blank look in the guard's eyes, as it intones dully, "Protect Mother."

GAME: Tlanexhuani casts Shield. Caster Level: 4 DC: 12

Schara hesitates at the door as everyone else rushes into the room, and more so as one of the implants gets melted away by Fidget. "Are they still alive? Could they still be alive? It might be controlling them, or it might be controlling dead bodies, I can't really tell." Schara wonders as looks in. "You are a terrible person, and I know you have been watching us going through here. I still feel bad though, because I don't feel bad about you dying if you refuse to surrender." The artificer states as she readies the weapon on her arm.

Tlanexhuani did not expect the entity to notice them before they entered. He is slow to react and delays a moment further as he sends a spark to his armor, empowering it to animate and adjust. He then pulls a small crystal wrapped in copper wirework from a belt pouch. A similar spark from his claws empowers it and the wires unfurl in two pairs to a length of over a foot each and then vibrate like dragonfly wings. This makes it hover near him and also creates a nearly-invisible field of power across the wingpans. He then strides in to stand with the others; to support Simony and Miril against the former guards.

The third guard reaches down to his belt, pulling a potion vial free. Opening it, he drinks the contents before dropping the bottle carelessly... stalking towards Miril as his scimitar is drawn.

GAME: Warrick rolls weapon1-2+1: (11)+7+-2+1: 17
GAME: Warrick rolls weapon1-2+1: (9)+7+-2+1: 15

<OOC> Telamon says, "Guard1 drops crossbow, and draws scimitar as he goes for Fidget, swinging wide to avoid Tlan."
GAME: Telamon rolls 1d20+6-2: (2)+6+-2: 6
<OOC> Telamon says, "LOL."

Warrick rolls off to the side as the party storms the room, him cranking back crank on the heavy crossbow. "You're a traitor to Alexandros!" he spits back at Lancet, him shooting two more bolts down the room, smoking two of the illusions. "Taking down decoys, hold the line!"

He looks back to Schara at the doorway. "Close left!"

The first guard is staggered from the damage to his implants, but retains enough cognizance to realize who is responsible. He breaks into a shambling run, discarding his crossbow as his scimitar comes out, and he aims a blow at Fidget that... goes hilariously wide, striking the wall and throwing a shower of sparks as it misses her completely.

GAME: Simony rolls knowledge/religion: (9)+8: 17
GAME: Simony rolls heal: (7)+8: 15
GAME: Simony rolls weapon2: (19)+5: 24
GAME: Simony rolls damage2: aliased to 1d6+1: (6)+1: 7

Simony has been staring at the creature/person in front of her, hardly moving despite an attack that her armor deflects. She suddenly gasps, a look of horror going across her face. "No..", she says softly at first. "NOOO!!" Her voice arches upwards, almost screeching. "THEY'RE STILL ALIVE, you BITCH!" The Gobbo's hammer crashes into the person's thigh with a crunch, and a look of agony crosses her expression. "You've made them GOLEMS and you shall PAY for this crime!!"

GAME: Warrick rolls will+1: (2)+3+1: 6
<OOC> Warrick says, "gonna reroll"
GAME: Warrick rolls will+1: (13)+3+1: 17

Lancet looks almost bored with the lectures. "What is a drop of rain, compared to the storm? When I reach my apotheosis, their sacrifices will be no less meaningful than if they had died fighting Charn." Suddenly, her green-glowing eyes lock onto Warrick's. "What is it -you- fear? The end of your trivial existence?" A wave of fear washes over the guardsman, but it does not force him into fleeing.

GAME: Miril rolls 1d20+4: (17)+4: 21
GAME: Miril rolls 2d6+6: (8)+6: 14
GAME: Fidget casts Scorching Ray. Caster Level: 4 DC: 16

"Shut UP!" Miril, probably to nobody's surprise, has a *very* loud voice when she chooses to yell, and that's exactly what she does at Lancet. "I'm going to send you to whatever god will have you and let THEM decide about that apotheosis!"

They're still alive? Miril uses her forward momentum for a swing - but twists the tetsubo, jabbing with the butt of it at the afflicted's torso to knock the wind out of him and keep him off balance. She's still tremendously strong, but she's not going for a full-force bone-breaker - she won't kill someone who's being controlled like that.

GAME: Fidget rolls ranged: (12)+6: 18
GAME: Fidget rolls 4d6: (15): 15
GAME: Fidget rolls perception: (9)+5: 14
GAME: Telamon rolls 1d8+1: (2)+1: 3

Fidget takes advantage of the unsteady movement of the implant zombie, and ducks under the wide scimitar swing, letting it clang against the wall behind her, she steps around it and hops back slightly while summoning more arcane fire to throw at the creature. This time its stumbling steps aid the creature, as it moves out of the way as the fire rushes forward and an intended near-miss becomes a not-so-near-miss, instead scorching a black line into the wall behind. "Yeah, I think they're still alive - but I've got no idea if they can be helped. Removing the implants might well kill them rather than save them. Don't die trying to save them, but if we can do it..." she says, torn between choices here. It's almost impossible for her to hit the implants now they're in proper combat and everyone's moving around.

The second guard falls back in the face of the assault from Simony and Miril. "Mother, I am wounded," it intones, as it draws a vial from its belt and drinks... some of it. The rest spills on the ground, mostly wasted, but it does mend a tiny bit of the guard's injuries.

GAME: Schara activates her Titan Armor, gaining: +4 Dex
GAME: Schara rolls 1d20+9+1: (5)+9+1: 15
GAME: Schara rolls 1d4: (3): 3
GAME: Tlanexhuani rolls weapon3-4: (10)+9+-4: 15
GAME: Telamon rolls 1d20+8: (13)+8: 21

Schara looks at the guards, and back to the mirror images. Not trusting in the ability of a death ray to non lethally subdue the guards, the artificer aims it instead at the golem at the far end, though it only causes one of the mirror images to vaporize.

Oh no you didn't! Tlanexhuani turns as the one avoids him to lash out at Fidget. He is ready to strike when Simony calls out about them being alive. What?! He still steps in to close the gap, and interpose himself as Fidget steps back... but he hesitates and tries to swing ... less. This makes the swing less all around and he misses. "Can cure?" He doesn't want to harm someone acting against their own will.

The third guard slashes at Miril, feinting, before stabbing her in the thigh. Clearly the heroes' attempts to take the guards alive are not appreciated by them, and they feel no compunctions about repaying their foes with lethal force in turn.

GAME: Telamon rolls 1d20+8: (14)+8: 22
GAME: Telamon rolls 1d6+3: (6)+3: 9
GAME: Warrick rolls weapon1+1-2: (20)+7+1+-2: 26 (THREAT)
GAME: Warrick rolls weapon1+1-2: (1)+7+1+-2: 7 (EPIC FAIL)
GAME: Warrick rolls 1d3: (3): 3

In the chaos of battle, slate eyes behind the visor grow wide as Simony screams her revelation. Warrick snaps over to Lancet. And a familiar shake to his knees crawl up his body, weapon trembling. He clutches his head. What did he fear? It was right before him: his comrades turned against him. And him having to put them down. Again.

Another bolt is slotted. "FOR THE RISING PHOENIX!" he rallies, charging forward into the fray. Boots slam between Simony and Miril as he all but crashes against a door across the way. A blade comes down across his back for his efforts, but with his weapon still trembling, the heavy crossbow twangs another shot at Lancet. Another image goes.

GAME: Telamon rolls 1d8+1: (5)+1: 6

The first guard falls back as Tlanexhuani threatens him, murmuring in the same monotone. "Damage mounting, Mother." Stepping back, it pulls a vial and drinks it, mending some of his wounds before it returns to the fray.

GAME: Simony rolls 3d6: (14): 14
GAME: Telamon rolls 1d20+5: (7)+5: 12

Lancet gives a magnificent sneer. It's quite impressive even with her icy, metallic countenance. "You should not have come here. Treading in my grand experiments. Interfering with my glorious plan." As deft as a dancer she steps away from Simony, then whirls, pointing a finger. A coruscating beam of energy lashes out, cutting through the air but passing over Simony's head and hitting the wall harmlessly.

GAME: Miril rolls 1d20+6+2: (2)+6+2: 10

After her moment of clarity, of discovery that the guards are still alive, albeit ... barely, Simony took a moment to take stock of things. "I don't know if they can be saved, but dammit I am going to try!", she yells out. In her looking around, she sees blood on some of her companions. Her hand goes up to her holy symbol, repeating a process she has well practiced.

Navos' favour is called upon, to mend her friend's wounds, and to ease their pain. As the light begins to fade, and her friend's are healed, the Gobbo sees an opening, and she charges past the remaining guardsman, her hammer held in both her hands. "I'm gonna knock your block off!" Even as she screams that, she reflexively ducks, the ray missing by a mere hair's width.

GAME: Miril rolls 1d20+6+2: (6)+6+2: 14

Ordinarily Miril would have knocked out one of the guards, but she saw an opening and she had to take it. Roaring, she reverses, sweeping her earthbreaker -

- through an image. It hits nothing solid (and the lack of impact sends Miril nearly an extra ninety degrees through her rotation, though she recovers quickly; she LOOKED like she was going to hit) but the last image does break away.

GAME: Fidget casts Hideous Laughter. Caster Level: 4 DC: 16
GAME: Telamon rolls 1d20: (1): 1 (EPIC FAIL)
<OOC> Telamon says, "It laughs robotically. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. (It also cannot take any actions and is proned out)"

"Which one of the implants gives you mommy issues, if you lie down I can remove it for you!" Fidget mocks the poor distorted creature, while drawing her arms up her chest and to her chin, where she breathes out a thin purple mist of magical tendrils that slink forward and enwrap the creature's head, slipping into its nostrils and infecting what's left of its mind with a laughing fit.

GAME: Telamon rolls 1d20: (18): 18

The guard falls over, laughs for a moment, but then stops... lying there, before stirring again. Well, it kept it still for a moment.

GAME: Schara rolls 1d20+9+1: (4)+9+1: 14
GAME: Tlanexhuani rolls weapon3-1: (19)+9+-1: 27
GAME: Tlanexhuani rolls damage3+2: aliased to 1d8+6+2: (6)+6+2: 14
GAME: Telamon rolls 1d20+10: (15)+10: 25
GAME: Telamon rolls 1d6+3: (6)+3: 9

Schara is now able to take aim at the real golem in the room, this time sending a gout of flame at the golem, only to find that it barely warms up the metal of it. "It's resitant to fire, do not attempt to burn it further!" She warns the others.

"No." The elder bluescale's word is for himself as he realizes his hesitation isn't wrong. The guards are not the real threat. He turns to face the artifice woman in the chair. "You will stop this!" he snaps at her as he steps rapidly towards, bringing his hammer high before bringing it around. He is crafter caste. He builds artifice.

He can also disassemble it. With the same hammer, even, as the blow rings true with the sound of metal upon metal.

The third guard turns suddenly, and slams its scimitar into Miril -again-, wounding her savagely. Evidently the assault on Lancet has galvanized the 'modified' guards into protecting their 'mother' from attack.

GAME: Warrick rolls weapon1-2+1: (20)+7+-2+1: 26 (THREAT)
GAME: Warrick rolls weapon1-2+1: (6)+7+-2+1: 12
GAME: Warrick rolls weapon1-2+1: (8)+7+-2+1: 14
GAME: Warrick rolls damage1+1: aliased to 1d10+0+1: (7)+0+1: 8
GAME: Telamon rolls 1d20+8: (3)+8: 11

Warrick grabs a fistful of bolts out of his quiver as he sees his allies form up, cast spells to impede and- a breath of fresh air reinvigorates him as Simony's call to Navos gets everyone back on their feet. And- the images are gone!

"Focus fire on the mage!" he calls out, but not really needing to as the party clobbers and burns them. A couple of shots fly out, one managing to land center mass in their side as another slams into the far wall. "You will pay for what you've done!"

Indeed, the guards now swarm the heroes in a desperate attempt to get them away from Lancet. The first guard's sword strikes at Tlanexhuani's back, but fails to penetrate the armor or the makari's thick hide.

GAME: Simony casts Burst of Radiance. Caster Level: 5 DC: 15
GAME: Simony rolls 2d8+5: (6)+5: 11
GAME: Telamon rolls 2d8+3: (8)+3: 11

The albino grits her teeth as Lilibet moves out of easy hammer range, just as the last copy of her shatters. She snorts and actually laughs, as she runs around the periphery of the battle, her hands moving as she summons the power of her deity. Simon ducks between two of the controlled guardsmen to pat Miril on the behind. The light from her hand transfers to the Giantborn, and once more, Miril's wounds close, as the pain drops away like a splash of cold water.

The war golem is mauled by the heroes, but she does not fall. Sparks fly, as Lancet falls back. "Protect me," she hisses, pulling out a vial and dumping it on one of the larger rents in her torso. The metal begins to flow back together, damage mending rapidly.

GAME: Miril rolls 1d20+6+2: (7)+6+2: 15

Miril is struck during her follow-through, and curses in Jotun - though Simony is quick to step up. "Thanks," Miril says, and she'd give her a high (well, low-)five if she wasn't busy with both hands full of tetsubo.

Instead she presses Lancet, forcing her closer to the wall - a couple strikes, though one's a feint and one fails to connect, at least keep her arm momentum going.

<OOC> Fidget says, "Use Arcane Bond to remember Hideous Laughter. Cast Hideous Laughter at #2"
<OOC> Telamon says, "You really don't want him getting back up, huh? :)"
<OOC> Fidget says, "Oh, is he still prone?"
<OOC> Fidget says, "In that case, target #1 actually."
GAME: Telamon rolls 1d20: (1): 1 (EPIC FAIL)
<OOC> Telamon says, "Really?"
GAME: Simony rolls weapon2-4: (1)+5+-4: 2 (EPIC FAIL)

GAME: Simony rolls weapon2: (11)+5: 16

Fidget frowns, thinking of another joke - it's not strictly required to cast the spell, but it helps somehow, "Your Momma's so fat, when she sits around the house, she actually possesses the house and turns it evil!" she tries, again sending spellthreads across the room to her audience of one. The creature begins to wheeze with mechanically toned laughter and buckles over, curling up into a shaking ball on the floor in front of Tlan.

GAME: Simony rolls damage2: aliased to 1d6+1: (4)+1: 5
GAME: Miril rolls 1d20+6+2+4-4: (14)+6+2+4+-4: 22
GAME: Miril rolls 2d6+6: (12)+6: 18

The second guard tries to rise. Emphasis on tries. As it staggers to its knees, Simony and Miril pummel the horribly mutilated guard into blissful unconsciousness.

GAME: Schara rolls 1d20+9+1: (7)+9+1: 17
GAME: Schara rolls 1d8+1: (7)+1: 8
GAME: Tlanexhuani rolls weapon3-1: (13)+9+-1: 21
GAME: Tlanexhuani rolls damage3+3+2: aliased to 1d8+6+3+2: (1)+6+3+2: 12
<OOC> Telamon says, "You have not used your reroll tonight, Tlan; do you want to do so on that damage roll?"
<OOC> Tlanexhuani would love to if allowed.
<OOC> Telamon says, "Sure :)"
GAME: Tlanexhuani rolls damage3+3+2: aliased to 1d8+6+3+2: (7)+6+3+2: 18

"It seems everything here has some tendency to resist energy in a manner or other." Schara notes from the door. The artificer steps inside to get a better look at the golem while folding up the metal barrel on her left arm. Only to reveal another, smaller barrel where the wrist would be, which suddenly looses another shot with a crack of noise permeating the room, and the projectile piercing through most of the plating on the golem.

Tlanexhuani does not like the way the enslaved guards harm themselves for her. He has seen others fall for the sake of others, and did not like it then. He does not like her utter hubris. Just as the bluescale learned of artifice, he learned of what its hubris caused. This one represents so much that he does not like.

"STOP!" The words he shares are simple and growled as he steps up, swinging his hammer around with both hands. This must end, before any others are hurt-or worse. This time, the impact into her torso is not the ring of vibration, but the scream of tearing; the hammer face strikes a rend and its momentum carries it further to collapse into the cavity beyond.

GAME: Telamon removes the timestop.

Lancet is flung back into the wall, her chest a crumpled ruin. "Insolent... insolent... ins--" and then the green light from her eyes goes out, and she collapses, unmoving.

Similarly, the guards go still, and collapse. They are still breathing, but it's clear they are puppets on cut strings now. Perhaps they can be mended. Or not. Who knows?

The door inside leads to another staircase, which leads up onto a main floor. The keep is oddly still -- no sign of the green glowing runes now. Several constructs are seen standing inert or idle, and other 'modified' guards are found unconscious.

It seems that the challenge of Fort Lancing has been met, and you have triumphed.