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Common: Wizards, sorcerers, rogues, Taarans Locations: Learned halls and mages' societies
An arcane group focused on the acquisition of powerful artifacts, posing as academic eccentrics. Opposed to the Acquisitioners.
The Collectors specialize in the theft of powerful objects, with many lusting after both academic and arcane fame. Their means are often subtle, though they're unafraid to harness whatever means necessary. They are the opponents of the Acquisitioners and various Elunan groups across the globe.

To the public, the Collectors appear generally as a sort of club for academics and eccentric collectors. The innocuousness of their name lends to this perception. Their true name for themselves is something in Infernal, and rarely spoken--it's said that saying it aloud invokes the chill of an old and wretched artifact. The first one Draken (their founder) stole, in fact.


RPP-Related Skills: N/A