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Nothing could go wrong with Sir Chorin Deglauss. Or so it was in his early days. Unfortunately, his research attracted one Draken Ulfguar, a man who'd fought his way up through the academic ranks through bribes and dark magic. His heart belonged to Illotha and through her, he began to shadow the works of his fellow academics--including Sir Deglauss. Initially, his only purpose was fame, though it would grow into something darker.

Although the Acquisitioners don't know it, it's through his works that Deglauss became more and more chaotic in his final years. His concoctions spun the man's charisma out of control--and into chaos.

Over time, Draken attracted followers of his own--academians and mages looking for shortcuts to power and academic recognition. Many of them follow Taara or Deimos. What they don't realize, however, is that after Draken died, the organization was passed on to a fellow Illothan. And then another.

It's knives all the way down, with the Acquisitioners, and Elunans in general, in their sights.


They specialize in the theft of powerful objects, with many lusting after both academic and arcane fame. Their means are often subtle, though they're unafraid to harness whatever means necessary. They're generally the opponents of the Acquisitioners and various Elunan groups across the globe.

To the public, the Collectors appear generally as a sort of club for academics and eccentric collectors. The innocuousness of their name lends to this perception. Their true name for themselves is something in Infernal, and rarely spoken--it's said that saying it aloud invokes the chill of an old and wretched artifact. The first one Draken stole, in fact.

Leadership and Areas of Influence

The membership is secretly Illothan-led, a fact that not many of the members know, even in the upper tiers. Most everyone assumes the Taarans have charge of it, given Taara's famous hatred of the Silver Goddess, and its nearly vengeful tactics.

The membership is world-wide, but stretched thin. It concentrates in areas of academic and arcane influence, particularly among those more desperate for a shortcut to power, or fame--through the acquisition of an artifact, or the reknown that comes from publishing about one.