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Rori Lee

About My Character

Race: Human
Ancestry: Eldanar
Date of Birth: Eatonis 31 999
Apparent Age: Early twenties.
Occupation: Performer, Trickster, Thief
Class: Rogue
Level: 2
Organizations: The Acquisitioners
Aspect: Fun (?)

Acrobat. Charlatan. Entertainer. Trickster. Thief. The young woman named Rori Lee peddles her tricks on the streets of the lord's city during the day and graces its stages at night as one of the retained thespians of the Metropolitan Theatre Company of Alexandria - though in spite of being part of the troupe for a few years now, she can't seem to get any of the leading roles, often cast as a background character in many of its productions...and not being utterly devoid of talent, one could only wonder whether it is just a streak of bad luck that keeps her forever overshadowed by her peers on the stage.

Ill-fortune? Or is it simply by design?

If anyone asked, she'd be the first to say that she has long since embraced her ridiculous circumstances, of which there have been many, from the moment she was born. Lorelei Clarisse Etienne de Beaucharnais came into this world twenty-odd years ago as the youngest child, and only daughter, of Lord Augustine de Beaucharnais, a childhood friend of and cousin a couple of degrees removed from Baron Valence of Selentia, and his Eldanari wife, Brianna. And with a ridiculous name came a ridiculous childhood, raised in a household that was so painfully Selese, she knew the names of the movers and shakers of the Republic's court games, and their respective specialties, before she was even taught the simplest mathematics. That wasn't to say that she didn't take to it like a shark to blood-infested waters; she was a clever, intelligent and inquisitive child, and her education on the intrigues and intricacies that often dominated the dining rooms and galas of her father's estate was as detailed as the typical curriculum she was made to learn as a privileged youth. But as usually with the case of a young woman with that kind of upbringing, by the time she was eight years old, the inevitable finally occurred:

She got bored.

As her parents would swiftly discover, a bright, curious and haughty child could cause and attract the most ridiculous trouble and that finally culminated when a few of her father's acquaintances decided to pay a few local mercenaries to kidnap the girl and throw a wrench in the works of a lucrative trading agreement Lord Augustine had been tasked to negotiate. Already a handful to people she knew all of her life, it wasn't surprising that falling in the custody of her kidnappers made her even more obnoxious and difficult. Once the gang was far enough from Selentia, its members decided enough was enough and abandoned the girl for a few hours in the middle of a crowded marketplace with hopes that scaring her with a strange environment would finally push her in line and give into their demands to at the very least behave.

Instead, she used her pitiful state to her full advantage and managed to "convince" a Tsuran street performer to take her to the mayor's house - at least, that was how she would tell the story. In truth, she tried to wheedle, cajole and when those didn't work, bully the performer into doing her bidding and once he made fun of her pitiful persuasion tactics ("I was born and raised Tsuran," he said, "I'm practically immune to that nonsense."), she broke into such a vociferous demonstration of heartbreaking waterworks that it was downright embarrassing to her and everyone else who witnessed it, and he finally relented ("Next time, start with that," he said, with no small degree of exasperation and amusement). Given the late hour, however, he took her to where his band of fellow performers were staying and promised to deliver her to the mayor in the morning.

Needless to say, she never made it to the mayor's house; she became enamored of the performer and his band, the lives they led and the stories they told, and driven by nothing but the selfish desire to remain in their company for just a little while longer, promised them a reward if they would simply deliver her back to her father in Selentia.

The band, however, had their own share of troubles that culminated into a few crazy adventures. Her way back home ended up being the most convoluted, elaborate and roundabout way to return to the country and by the time they reached the halfway point in their journey after dodging creditors, criminals and all sorts of unsavory persons after their ringleader's hide (not to mention the kidnappers who managed to lose Lorelei and attempted to get her back several times), her father's personal search party, led by a loyal vassal and the young son of the captain of his household knights, finally caught up with them...and of course promptly thought her new friends were her kidnappers, as a few years have passed by then and nobody was certain as to who took her anymore. To spare their lives, Lorelei agreed to return to Selentia quietly and parted ways with the group.

One would think that would be it - that she would return home without further incident to be just another player in its constant political games. But having developed a taste for the adventurer's life, in which she has never been subjected to the debilitating boredom that caused her to act out in the first place as a child, she was surprised to discover that the prospect of returning home had devolved from a distant, hopeful dream to the most ill-fitting outcome she could ever contemplate. With the rest of her father's agents lulled in a false sense of security by her compliance after several days on the road, she stole the young lieutenant's horse and ran off.

And she hasn't looked back since.

This is the point when her life truly begins, on the road, searching for her friends while relentlessly evading her father's agents determined to bring her home to their lord.

Roleplay Hooks

  • Bon Vivant - A fan of music? The theatre? Looking for the best parties in the lord's city? Never one to let a good time pass her by, Rori more often than not knows the best places to go and what to see. Some of these diversions may not be strictly legal, but hey, whatever happens in Alexandria stays in Alexandria....right?
  • Gambler - What's life without risk? ...sometimes a lot of risk? Rori will gamble almost anything and nothing is off the table, to the point where the habit is almost compulsive and uncontrollable. It has led her to some interesting places and she's not shy at all in dragging someone down with her.
  • Trouble, In General - Overconfident, haughty, vain, but relentlessly fueled by mischief, cleverness and good humor, Rori can turn anything into a game, oftentimes turning light conversations into fencing matches that tend to culminate in some form of incident or another. Don't blame her too much, she can't help herself. She was born Selese after all.
  • Hunted - Occasionally, she'll be chased by knights and whenever this happens, she makes sport of it, also. Maybe she's finally done something bad enough to be arrested...or is it something else entirely?