After Archery

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It's a nice day outside, and it's not very late in the day which means that the Fernwood isn't terribly busy at the moment. Rhyn orders up some food and drink from the kitchen and finds a quiet table in the corner for her and Merek to sit at. She sits with her back to the wall where she can easily see the door, and places her bow beside the table where she could quickly grab it up should trouble start. Rhyn leaves her cowl up, but seems more relaxed once the food and drink comes. "So, how'd you go from studying artifice to studying magic? That sounds like it could be an interesting story."

Merek makes his way about, so he can find a drink and some food, while he settles about at a seat. "Eh, nothing crazy, it is just a change in focus," he says, while he nods a bit to Rhyn.

Rhyn shrugs, and takes a deep drink of her ale. A satisfied sigh follows as she finally begins to poke at her food. "Normally I wouldn't have come to share a meal after something like that, but I appreciate the fact that you tried. Not many would have."

Merek lifts up a whiskey when it arrives, then he looks to Rhyn, while he offers a nod as well. "Thank you," he says, while he leans back a bit, "It was nice to do," he adds.

"I know I had a good time, but then I enjoy having a chance to put my skills to use. The strange creatures in the wilderness that I've been hunting make for better sport, but it's good practice just the same." Rhyn takes a bite of her food and seems to find it acceptable. The sildanyari woman glances around the room briefly but they really do seem to be pretty much alone. "Considering what I've seen waiting outside Alexandria's gates I have to admit I'm growing more and more concerned about what's happening out there. Lots of creatures that just... shouldn't be."

Merek looks over to Rhyn, while he takes a drink, examining the woman a moment. "Oh? Such as?" he asks, lifting his brow a bit. He then places his attention upon his drink, "I mean, I suppose that makes sense," he says, trying his best to keep from discussing the whole thing.

"Deer growing flowers from their horns. Bears with porcupine quills. Snakes with their skeletons on the outside of their bodies." Rhyn shudders slightly and shakes her head. "I've never seen anything like it. Why do you say that it makes sense? I can't make heads or tails of it." She doesn't seem to realize that he's trying to avoid the subject, or maybe she just doesn't care.

"I've seen crazier," Merek mentions, while he takes a drink of his whiskey. "Do remember we are dealing with a crazy vampire and his master," he says, while he looks to his food, taking a bite of steak.

"I had heard of this vampire. Something about him kidnapping people. I didn't hear that he was working for someone though." Rhyn leans forward with interest. "What does a vampire have to do with strange things happening out in the forest though?"

"I don't know for sure," Merek mentions, while he lifts his drink up to take a sip, "But he's doing a lot of magic," he says, then he lifts his shoulders a bit.

"A sorcerer?" Rhyn question isn't really for Merek, but rather a question that just sort of slips out of her mouth. "Have you seen him cast any spells in particular? I mean, maybe you could tell more about him by what spells he knows? I don't know that much about magic, but I know that I can tell a lot about an archer by the way they draw their bow and where they carry their arrows."

Merek looks over to Rhyn, lifting his brow a bit. "He knows how to dominate folk, and to cause a lot of illness," he says, then he lifts his shoulders as he nods a bit to the woman.

Rhyn waves a hand somewhat dismissively. "A vampire can dominate people easily enough, particularly if he's a stronger one. It's a natural ability for them. I guess causing an illness might be magical." She considers this for a long moment. "Vampirism is a transmittable disease, is that the sort of thing you're talking about?"

"Nah, I mean like the plague he's assisting in spreading? You know, made news?" Merek mentions, blinking a bit at Rhyn owlishly.

The woman looks embarrassed. "Sorry, I live out by wilderness pointe. I don't get into Alexandria proper very often. If he's just helping spread it though... maybe he's not the one causing it. Don't get me wrong, he probably is; vampires are evil bastards but! It's possible that whoever he serves is the spellcaster and he's just you know; a vamp." Rhyn lifts her head enough to allow Merek to see her face so that she can arch an eyebrow at him.

"Yes, I'm aware his master's the one in charge," Merek mentions, while he takes a drink of his whiskey, then he nods to the woman also, "What is your name?" he asks.

"Rhyn Salvern? Did you miss it back there at the archery competition?" Rhyn blinks at Merek but sticks out her hand for him to shake.

Merek nods a bit, offering a hand so he can shake, "Pleasure," he says.

Rhyn's handshake is firm and professional and when it's done she pushes the hood of her cowl back, showing off her lovely features and her crimson-red hair. "Back at you. It's nice to meet someone with a head on their shoulders. Most the people I meet seem to be... less than all there." She laughs gently.

"Ah, thank you," Merek offers, then he nods a bit. He seems content as he shifts his longcoat about him, "I will likely be on my way, if that's alright, things to do," he says.

"Don't let me keep you." Rhyn rises to her feet to offer her hand to him again; a polite goodbye. "You take care."